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Create a strong social impact with every step when you volunteer abroad. Make new friends, learn, or share your skills, and add an enriching experience in your CV to advance your career. Giving to others while going the extra mile to conserve nature and minimize your carbon footprint gives your vacation the purest sense of purpose.

We work in a few select locations in Asia, South America and South Africa. Our programs embrace inclusivity and diversity, whether you join us in India for women’s empowerment, in Cambodia or Peru for medical internships, in Sri Lanka for elephant conservation, Maldives or Costa Rica for sea turtle projects or in South Africa for wild animal research.

At Volunteering Journeys we are committed to people, safety and environmental sustainability in all our programs abroad and prioritize it above all else. Our teams are transparent and reachable round the clock to assist you when you journey with us.

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Cambodia will allow you to explore the heart of Southeast Asia, a nation replete with lush natural landscapes from dense forests to rice paddy fields, bustling cities, and the majestic architectural remnants of the great Khmer empire dotting every bit of the country.

The charming city of Phnom Penh is the capital and also serves as our base of volunteer operations. Volunteering Journeys Cambodia volunteer abroad projects include Teaching English, Working with NGO’s, helping Special Needs individuals, and Medical & Nursing Internships. Whether you are a gap year student, career breaker or a family or a mature volunteer, you can apply to any of our volunteer in Cambodia projects.

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      Why Volunteering Journeys

      Sea Turtle Conservation

      Responsible and impact based programs that are non discriminatory


      Comprehensive orientation programs for both volunteers and local project partners.


      Sustaining local livelihoods by fairly compensating local staff, accommodation hosts, and partner

      When you volunteer with us, you are no longer just a tourist. You are a part of our family and the local community. Your volunteering activities bring you intimately close to local culture and issues while leaving a positive impact.
      We offer programs in some of the most striking locations across Asia, South Africa and South America. We are competitively priced and flexible with our programs. Our team of partners and locals are friendly and professional with a high regard for ethics and responsible volunteering.
      Our programs include extensive orientation sessions to make your program transition effortless, comfortable, and lots of fun.

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      Our programs align closely to United Nations (UN) 17 Sustainable Goals. We aim to create a culture of cohesion and eliminate cultural barriers to meet or exceed as many of these sustainable goals as possible. Each of the programs in our active charter fulfills one or more of the UN Sustainable Goals.

      • no-poverty
      • quality-education
      • sustainable
      • climate-change

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