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Women around the world face tremendous hardships, especially in developing countries due to many social and economic factors. Gender inequality and lack of access to a quality education is a huge impediment in their upliftment and growth. The divide is evident right from classrooms, workplaces, and homes which clearly shows that women have fewer opportunities to shape their lives and gain personal and financial independence. Women in rural and semi-urban communities are the most impacted. They are often forced into early marriages or discontinue education cutting off a lucrative channel of gainful employment. They also bear the brunt of domestic abuse and rearing children way too early in life. Our Women’s empowerment volunteer programs abroad are a proven way to enrich their lives and propel social change.

Our women’s empowerment volunteer abroad programs aim to help women achieve a level of independence, opportunity to learn and live a dignified life equal to men in society. On the volunteer program we focus on skill building, women’s education,and income generation. Through the skills they learn, women will develop confidence, a new identity, ability to get jobs or earn higher income, and secure a better future for themselves. Our women’s empowerment programs contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal that aims to reduce poverty and gender inequalities while increasing the quality of education and economic growth. You can join us in several countries such as India, Nepal, or Costa Rica that are listed below.

Women’s Empowerment Volunteer Abroad Locations

Women's Empowerment in India


Indian women are plagued by several serious hindrances throughout their lives that delimits them from living a fulfilling life. These include limited educational opportunities, financial exclusion, and insufficient access to sanitation facilities. The main obstacle that must be addressed is the education of women if we wish to see them grow and thrive on a level playing field as men. Our women empowerment volunteer abroad programs in South India enrich the lives of these women by giving them self confidence and skills.
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Women's Empowerment in Nepal


Nepal is a beautiful country nestled in the Himalayas and has enchanted travellers for centuries. It is a major tourism hub and a majority of the country’s population heavily depend on this revenue to sustain their livelihoods. Unfortunately, women in the country are often forced into early marriages or endure hardships working in low-paying jobs that offer no security.A majority of this women population have no exposure to the world outside. Our program in Nepal gives them a chance to learn English, earn respectable jobs while living a dignified life.
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Women's Empowerment in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

As in many countries, women in Costa Rica are faced with discrimination and inequalities in many facets of their lives. These inequalities affect women’s human rights and economic empowerment. Many of the women can earn a dignified living if they had better access to education. Our women empowerment programs here focus on empowering women aged 20-60 by teaching them English. This will help them in communicating easily with foreigners and earn gainful employment as tourist guides, translators, and managers of reputed restaurants and clubs.
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