Medical Internships

Medical Internships Abroad

Get real world experience working in medical facilities in India, Nepal, Cambodia ,Thailand,  Sri Lanka or Peru. We offer medical electives abroad to pre-med and medical students of any medical discipline, so that you can put your skills into practise, learn new skills along the way, and broaden your horizons through the power of immersive travel. Not only are our medical placements designed to give you supervised medical work experience to give you the edge in your particular field, but they are also designed to help you find a deeper meaning in your career and allow you to absorb a new culture and a new way of life.

Our programs are suitable for university students training to be doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, or occupational therapists. With each placement, you will get the unique opportunity to get learning in a completely different setting. Whilst your skills may be universal, healthcare and medicine varies greatly from country to country and our medical electives can open your eyes to a world you may have never experienced before.

During your time with Volunteering Journeys and our medical partners, you will have time to explore your surroundings and go sightseeing at weekends. We also encourage community living through shared accommodation and we organise breakfast and dinner in the local cuisine so you get to enjoy an authentic travel experience and live just like the locals.

Medical placements are suitable for pre med and medical students in any field including Nursing, Paediatrics, Physiotherapy, Cardiology, Ultrasound, Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Accident & Emergency, Dentistry, General Surgery, Maternity & Midwifery, Occupational Therapy, and Pharmacy.

Depending on the number of medical students, we also organise community medical camps where you can get experience of going into the local schools and communities for health check ups with local doctors.

Why do Medical Placements Abroad?


Make a Difference

Work alongside the best medical professionals to really make a difference to people’s lives.


Real Life Experience

Put your skills to practice in real life situations and learn through a hands-on experience. 


Great People

Get to know people who are just like you; students with the same goals in life, with the same passion for travel.



Explore and sightsee at the same time for a unique travel and volunteer experience combined.



“You will be surprised to see that medicine and nursing are quite advanced in developing countries like India and Sri Lanka, and students can apply a lot of their learning and skills here. The majority of hospital placements we provide are in reputed private hospitals and clinics as working in public-sector hospitals requires local language skills that you may not have.”

Ridhi Patel, Volunteering Journeys Director.

Medical Programs

Medical Placements in Peru
Set in the amazing country of Peru, you will be living and working in local clinics and medical facilities in Cusco. This is a great elective that also gives you a chance to learn Spanish, visit Machu Picchu and of course get real world medical experience.

Medical Placement in India
Get Medical Work Experience in hospitals & clinics in India and enhance your learning in any medical field of your choice. Ideal for medicine students.

Medical Placement in Thailand
This is a truly special program where you work in a small clinic in Northern Thailand and get to learn from medical experts and get some really hands on experience. We highly recommend this program to those who want to an authentic experience of travel, and want to contribute to medical and healthcare in Thailand.

Medical Placement in Sri Lanka
Medical Volunteers get practical work experience in hospital and local community centres in Sri Lanka. This is ideal for pre-med and medicine students.

Medical Placement in Nepal
Medical Volunteering in Nepal is based in Kathmandu where you get practical medical and healthcare work experience in local clinics and hospitals.

Medical Placement in Cambodia
Get hands on experience working with local doctors in Cambodia. Ideal for students who want medical work experience in South Asia.

Nursing Internships in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal or Cambodia
Get a nursing work placement giving you real world exposure of nursing practices in Asia. You will be working in local hospitals assisting local nurses in the work they do.

Dentistry Placement in India
Our dental clinic internship India and ideal for dentistry students who want to gain practical work experience in dental care abroad.

Midwifery Placement in India, Sri Lanka, or Cambodia
Help midwives in Asia and get practical work experience in midwifery. This is a really hands on project and you will get excellent exposure in your field.

Mental Health & Psychology Placement in India
Get practical and career enhancing psychology work experience abroad in India working with disabled schools and community centres. Ideal for students.

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