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Sign-up for our medical volunteering programs abroad if you are a medical or healthcare student who is aspiring for a medical career but needs real-time training and mentoring. You don’t necessarily have to have a medical degree, as requirements are different for each program. There are even pre-med volunteer abroad programs specifically for school leavers who are considering studying medicine in the future. We also offer customised placements for those seeking medical electives or medical internships abroad.

Most of our medical electives abroad placement require that you spend 5-7 hours at our partner hospital or clinic as an observer of the daily routines of medical staff. You will be assigned a doctor or a department who will mentor you and may call upon you to assist with basic tasks such as taking vitals and treating minor wounds under the supervision of the local doctors. Our medical electives are offered in developing countries such as Philippines, India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Peru, Costa Rica or South Africa.

Medical Volunteer Program Locations

Medical Volunteer in Maldives


Medical volunteering in Maldvies is a unique opportunity for medical students or experienced professionals to work alongside trained medical staff at the busiest hospital in the Lhaviyani Atoll. Through shadowing hospital staff across a range of departments, volunteers gain vital international experience working at the Lhaviyani Atoll Hospital on Naifaru treating patients from all over the atoll, experiencing the challenges and rewards of working in medicine in a developing country.
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Peru’s health system is based on a pluralistic model comprising both public and private service providers. The country spends less than 5% of its GDP on healthcare. A large number of public hospitals are often understaffed. This is especially true in rural areas and regions with a larger slice of the local indegenous population. Our medical electives experiences in Peru is aimed at volunteers either studying medicine or have relevant field experience.
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Vietnam is truly a timeless charm in Southeast Asian country. It is renowned for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities. its tropical beaches, ornate monuments and Buddhist pagodas, and its incredibly bustling cities. The cuisine of the Vietnamese people has tantalized people across the globe and continues to lure people with its range of delicacies and flavors.
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Medical Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a free and universal health care system. It scores higher across many indicators such as life expectancy and a lower maternal and infant death rate than its neighboring countries. The country is in constant need of more doctors and nurses within its public health ecosystem. Our medical electives program volunteers are based in public hospitals in southern Sri Lanka and get exposure to the wide range of patients under the supervision of experienced doctors.
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Medical Volunteer in Nepal


A large section of Nepal's underserved communities do not have quality access to healthcare owing to health staff shortage and lack of general supervision from the health ministry at a higher level. Public hospitals often find themselves understaffed and the existing doctors overstressed. As a medical volunteer you have the unique opportunity to work under the supervision of practicing medical professionals within modern private hospitals.
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Medical Volunteer in India


In India hospitals and clinics established by the government for the public can be found even in the most far-flung places, the quality of service leaves much to be desired. Corruption and misallocation of funds destined for highly-trained medical staff and equipment are rampant. Medical elective volunteering in India will be in a renowned private hospital in Kerala. You get to gain practical medical knowledge through rotations in various departments.
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Medical Volunteer in Cambodia


Cambodia has seen some major and continuous improvements in its health infrastructure in recent years. Although this is commendable, the Cambodian population and healthcare system struggles with many of the diseases common to the tropics and developing world, in particular TB, HIV and malaria. Medical volunteering among these doctors is a great way to observe them in action if you are an aspiring medical student bereft of hands-on experience.
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Medical Volunteer in Philippines


Medical volunteering in the Philippines gives a medical student a unique opportunity to closely study the workings of local rural clinics and community health. Doctors at clinics on the islands often find themselves understaffed. This medical volunteer program is ideal for those looking to work and learn about community health and also gain experience in small clinics in a developing country.
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Medical Volunteer in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famous for its free healthcare coverage program that covers all its citizens. People here, even from deprived communities enjoy a much higher quality of living compared to many other developing nations. Although healthcare is free, the resources are limited and skilled help is always appreciated.On the Medical volunteer program, you will be working side by side with Costa Rican doctors and nurses to treat patients in clinics or hospitals.
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