South Africa is a picturesque country with sprawling garden route towns, historic national parks, and a stunning coastline famous with surfers worldwide. The bigger cities like Cape Town are crucibles of cosmopolitan culture and cuisine. The country offers rewarding opportunities for travelers, whether you are the adventurous kind or someone with a penchant for exploring urban culture.

Our Volunteer Abroad Programs in South Africa are centered in and around South Africa. It is aptly named the “Rainbow Nation” for its fight for several decades to overcome aparthied and other racially discriminatory practices. Although aparthied is a thing of the past, the country still suffers from economic disparities, gender-based violence, and illegal wildlife trade. Our Volunteering Abroad in South Africa tackle some of these issues.  As in any other developing country, South Africa needs volunteers who can help with achieving the short and long-term objectives of humanitarian and animal welfare programs.

Volunteer Opportunities in South Africa

Our Volunteer Abroad Programs in South Africa are extremely popular as there are a diverse set of volunteering opportunities, ranging from teaching English, sports coaching and medical electives to animal and wildlife conservation programs such as the Big 5 animal conservation program. A big draw to Our Volunteer Abroad Programs in South Africa is the range of other activities that you can undertake whilst you are participating on our volunteering programs. You are free to go on safaris, explore the energy of the cities, or surf and sail along the pristine coastline. Our Volunteer Abroad Programs in South Africa are ideal for gap year volunteering, family volunteering and anyone looking for an adventure filled Volunteering Abroad experience!

Sports Coaching

Teach your favorite sports like Volleyball, football, surfing or swimming to local children and youth to contribute to a healthy lifestyle and boost their morale. On our sports programs you will take on the role of a mentor for these young men and women.

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elephant care
Wildlife Conservation

This exciting conservation project offers you a unique experience in the African bush and allows you to observe and be a part of the research and monitoring teams on the reserve. The focus of this project revolves around some of the key Big 5 species elephants, lions, hyenas and leopards. You will also be involved with monitoring breeding initiatives comprising of buffalo, Livingston eland and nyala. Habitat work also plays an important part of the monitoring process.
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Family Volunteering

Spend quality time with your family and get to see a different side to South Africa. As a volunteer family you can help with many local projects like teaching or childcare, animal care and wildlife conservation. We will work with you to customise your family holiday in South Africa.
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Teaching Programs

Our volunteers help with English teaching and other activities that assist the understaffed and underfunded schools in the region. You participate in creating tailored curriculums for students assigned to you. Read more

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