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Imparting knowledge and education to the underprivileged is the core goal behind our Teaching volunteer programs. Our teaching programs focus on English and sometimes may include basic computer literacy and other subjects. As part of our teaching programs, you will work at local primary schools, after school centers or community centers to teach English to underprivileged children which will eventually help improve their self-confidence and willingness to continue higher education which will help them to come out of the poverty cycle.

Our childcare teaching volunteer program is highly interactive and fun and involves engaging little children in activities that build their social and cognitive abilities. Your daily activities might include caring for children, playing games, helping them with their homework, teaching English, drawing pictures, teaching music and lots more! Teaching and Childcare volunteering take up a maximum of 3-4 hours on weekdays, this means that you have the rest of the evening and weekends to explore nearby local places.

Teaching Volunteer Abroad Program Locations


Volunteer in India

Our Teaching volunteer program in India is based in Kerala, Southern India. Whilst Kerala is known to have the highest rate of literacy in India, a lot of government schools do not get funding and lack teaching resources. At times there are no teachers for subjects like English. Many students from low income backgrounds struggle with English as this is not their native language. With English language skills they can secure better paid jobs in the future.
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Teaching Volunteer in Cambodia

Volunteer in Cambodia

Our teaching programs in Cambodia are based out of Phnom Penh and the surrounding communities. The general level of education in Cambodia is much lower than other developing Asian countries, leading to a high level of poverty and unemployment, and many families not being able to afford an education. When you volunteer to teach English in Cambodia, you’ll play an important role in helping increase opportunities for locals to learn the English language, which is a requirement for employment in many industries.
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Volunteer in Nepal

The education system in Nepal is still rudimentary leaving large sections of its underprivileged population without access to quality education which could help them seek gainful employment. You can directly help in empowering people in this region by teaching English and other subjects as per requirements. As a teaching volunteer you will be working in a Monk School or a government school in and around Kathmandu.
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Teaching and Childcare Volunteering in Sri Lanka

Volunteer in Sri Lanka

We work with various schools in the Galle region in Southern Sri Lanka that are not well-funded and in need of volunteer help. Many government schools and community centers in Sri Lanka require native English speakers to teach English as these establishments are sometimes not able to provide quality education due to no teachers available, lack of resources and teaching equipment. Classrooms are basic and rote learning is the norm.
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Peru - English Teaching volunteer

Volunteer in Peru

Volunteers in Peru will be placed in the tourist hub of Cusco. Many children aspire to work in the tourist sector when they grow older and for this English is mandatory. As English is not the primary language for most students our volunteers work as English language assistants at one of our many partner schools or after school clubs. This can help them get well paid jobs and opportunities in the future.
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Volunteer in Costa Rica

We offer our English teaching volunteer programs in and around the capital city of San Jose in Costa Rica. To secure better paid jobs in the future English is mandatory. Many from low income families often struggle to learn English as this is not taught due to schools not having English language teachers or no access to quality education.
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Volunteer in South Africa

South Africa is a country with a relatively healthy educational structure compared to many other African nations. However there are many low income areas where schools have no funding and very few teachers. As a result there are many students do not get attention and struggle with classes. Teaching volunteers are needed to lead or assist English sessions in schools, community centers or after school clubs to children aged 6-16 years old.
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Volunteer in Maldives

We offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to teach children off all ages, and experience the Maldivian education system. You will work with both local and international staff and be right at the center throughout the process of planning and teaching classes, across a variety of subjects. Through working at our schools, you will immerse yourself into our community, working with other organizations and volunteers to organize community events with the children as your focus. By volunteering with our children, you will be making a real difference to their future.
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Teaching Volunteer in Thailand

Volunteer in Thailand

Teaching in Thailand is a wholesome experience. You contribute by imparting English education in some of the most beautiful places in the country where education is not accessible easily. As tourism is growing in these regions locals are keen to learn English so they can get better paid jobs in tourism. You will be placed at any one of our partner schools in Surin, Northern Thailand.
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