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Teaching English abroad is a great way of improving your interpersonal skills and adding some attractive, hands-on voluntary experience to your CV. But whether you’re joining with our expert English teaching volunteer team for vocational growth or personal growth, there’s one thing that every voluntary teacher will take from their experience; and that’s a new way of looking at the world. Immersing yourself into a whole new culture and experiencing everyday life from the eyes of underprivileged communities allows us all to open up our minds and find compassion deep within ourselves. So not only do we get to impart important life skills to the children and young adults of this world who need our help the most, but we get to learn an awful lot along the way.

Our English teaching programs are available in India, Nepal, CambodiaThailand, Sri Lanka,South Africa or Peru so you will have your pick of the world. From the run down slums of Mattanchery in Kerala- India, to the rural areas of Phang Na in Southern Thailand, every placement will have purpose. And no matter where you choose to take your skills and enthusiasm, someone somewhere will benefit from learning English in your classroom.

But let’s not forget, it’s not all work during your teaching English program either. Because our volunteer teachers are encouraged to travel, see new things, meet new people and inevitably make new friends for life. From the moment we place you, we will have everything organised on your behalf so you can focus on the volunteer task at hand and spending your spare time exploring a new place. Suitable living arrangements, meals, transfers and transport, training, and project travel will all be taken care of so you can spend your evenings and weekends doing the thing that you came here for. To travel, learn and grow.

Our teaching programs are designed to help you broaden your horizons through work in local schools, community centres, rural schools, and local charities, where you will connect with local teachers and local volunteers in supporting sustainable long-term literacy projects. Many of you may enjoy volunteering in multiple locations such as India and Thailand. Check out our special combination programs where you can combine different locations and also combine volunteering with travel in our amazing teaching volunteer locations in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, CambodiaThailand, or South Africa.

Why Teach Abroad?


Improve Teaching Standards

Work alongside teachers and project partners in local schools to help improve teaching standards in poor communities.


Help Underpriviledged Kids

Education shouldn’t be an inaccessible luxury; it should be a human right. Help underprivileged children and young adults get the education that they deserve.  


Immersive Travel

Live and breathe a whole new culture and spend your free time travelling, seeing new things and visiting new, exciting places.


Develop Your Skills

English teaching abroad will hone your skills with invaluable hands-on experience that will really help to advance your career and inspire deep personal growth.


Make a Difference

“We work in several local government schools in the Fort Kochi area that do not facilitate quality English learning that children need for getting into college or for their future career. Our volunteers fill in this gap by taking English classes for weaker students individually as well as in groups. We give them teaching materials that are bought by us and also donated by our volunteers which aid their learning”

Geetha Raj, Kerala Program Leader, Volunteering Journeys

English Teaching Programs

Teaching English in India
Come join us in beautiful Kerala on India’s tropical Malabar Coast or in the historical city of Kolkata (East India) and teach English in local schools or community centres.You will be working with primary school children with basic English classes.

Teaching Monks in Sri Lanka
Get a unique experience teaching English to Buddhist Novice Monks in Sri Lanka. This is a truly rewarding and enriching program.

Teaching English in Thailand
Join us in Phang Na and help teach English to Thai, Muslim and Burmese communities in schools and local learning centres.

Teaching English in Sri Lanka
Help to impart a crucial life skill with children and young adults who are desperate to learn, grow and develop.

Teaching English in Cambodia
Help develop English for children in Cambodia. Work alongside teachers or in small groups to teach English and explore beautiful Cambodia.

Teaching English in Nepal
Join us in magnificent Nepal where you can help with education of school children and in community centres.

Teaching English in South Africa
Teach English in the Limpopo region where English is critical to helping local communities grow and develop, especially within the tourism industry.

Teaching English in Peru
Share your passion in teaching with the friendly, smiling children and help to impart an important skill to help communities thrive. You will be based in the gorgeous Cusco from where you can visit Machu Picchu on the weekend!

Women’s Education in India
Change the lives of women in India and volunteer to help educate women who have not had a chance to complete their education or who want to learn English to get jobs or simply to feel empowered. This is a hugely popular program for those who prefer working with adults.

Yoga and Volunteer Teaching in India
Combine two passions to create the perfect India travel experience; volunteer with local communities and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul through the power of yoga.

Multi Country Combinations

Teaching English in Thailand and India
Join us in two amazing countries teaching English and travelling

Teaching in North & South India
If you want to get the best of India join us in Kolkata and Kerala – two distinctly different parts of India and help with education programs with local communities. One of our best program if you want to see two different sides to India!

Teaching in India and Sri Lanka
Join us in Kerala, South India and then Sri Lanka for an unbelievable experience of teaching. Both these locations are one of the best volunteer destinations we have got! Don’t miss out!

Teaching in India and Nepal
Join us in Kolkata (India) and then Nepal where you will work with local slum communities to advance education for children and youth. A truly rewarding experience.

Teaching in Thailand and Nepal
Thailand and Nepal has the most friendly people you will ever meet! Explore the magnificent mountains surrounding Nepal and the gorgeous beaches of Thailand as you teach children in local schools in these two countries.

Teaching in Asia Explorer 1
Discover three amazing and different South Asian countries- India, Thailand and Sri Lanka as you help with education programs.

Teaching in Asia Explorer 2
Discover three South Asian countries- India, Sri Lanka and Nepal and experience different cultures and education systems as you work and travel.

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