Costa Rica is a small nation in Central America which has become a poster child of ecotourism with over 24% of its land area covered with a well-established system of national parks and protected areas. It’s home to spectacular beaches, lush jungles, and a rich variety of flora and fauna. Costa Rica’s unofficial slogan is Pura Vida, which translates as “pure life”. Volunteering Abroad in Costa Rica is one sure way to truly experience it.

Our volunteering programs in Costa Rica are based in and around San Jose, the vibrant and bustling capital of Costa Rica. This is a charming place where you can explore historical monuments or exhilarating adventures including a great surf scene on the coasts. Besides this, Costa Ricans are extremely friendly and you will love the lip-smacking cuisines that are suited for everyone’s taste buds.

Volunteer Opportunities in Costa Rica

Exploring the country as a volunteer rather than as a tourist is a fun and memorable way to experience its culture and people while leaving a positive impact on its people. Costa Rica still battles with development issues such as poverty, domestic violence, trafficking and poaching. Helping the people fight any of these is a great way to contribute while you’re on vacation. The country has numerous exciting volunteer opportunities for all age groups that include working with local communities, teaching and women empowerment programs, healthcare and medical placements, marine and sea turtle conservation. Volunteering Abroad in Costa Rica are flexible programs for participants looking to help in various projects with no or little prerequisites. Commitment is two week minimum at some projects and 4 weeks at others. We also encourage Volunteer Work Abroad in Costa Rica, family volunteering in Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica
Medical programs
Medical Programs

Learn by watching experienced doctors' practice at leading clinics and hospitals in a supervised setting. Great for aspiring medical students to gain real-world knowledge and experience..Read more

Family Volunteering

Spend quality time with your family and experience a different kind of holiday that gives back. You could be teaching and imparting other useful life skills or assist with sea turtle conservation.Read more

sea turtle
Sea Turtle Conservation

Our Sea Turtle program is one of the most popular programs we offer in Costa Rica. Our volunteers help sea turtles obtained from different sources by tending to injuries, feeding, tank cleaning, and releasing them back to the oceans.
Read more

English Teaching

Our volunteers help with English teaching and other activities that assist the understaffed and underfunded schools in the region. You get to work closely with local schools and educators to bridge learning gaps. Read more

Animal welfare
Animal and Wildlife Care

Our partnership with local animal and wildlife shelters let you work directly with rescued or sick animals under the supervision of experienced caretakers. You make a difference by assisting with tasks such as feeding, cleaning shelters, and assisting during minor surgeries and bandaging. Read more

women empowerment
Women's Empowerment

You will work on local initiatives that support and educate the women community to develop their English skills, build their confidence and grow their leadership capacity. Read more

NGO Partnerships

Working with experienced and reputed NGO's in Costa Rica is a rewarding experience and looks great on your Resume'. Your volunteering tasks could involve anything from teaching, conservation, renovations, to assisting at local clinics Read more

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