Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with our yoga and volunteer program in India. You will be living in the stunning and charming town of Fort Kochi in Kerala. An absolute gem of a destination in South India, popularly referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’, Fort Kochi has a rustic colonial era and laid back vibe, tropical backwaters lined by coconut trees, gorgeous beaches, serene tea plantations, rich culture and delightfully sumptuous cuisine.This makes it an ideal location to practice and learn yoga in India.

Not only will you learn or practice yoga from experienced yoga teachers who will help you discover or rediscover your spiritual side, but you will also spend your time giving back to local communities and helping sustainable and rewarding volunteer projects arranged by our team here at Volunteering Journeys. Our volunteer projects that you can choose from include women’s education and teaching children, so you can find something that fits in with your skill sets and personal interests.

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Designed for yoga lovers or beginners alike, our yoga and volunteer in India program will help you deepen your understanding of yoga and will help you find your true self on both a physical and spiritual level. During your time on our yoga program you will receive daily lessons in ‘Hatha or Ashtanga yoga’, a type of yoga which combines physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation with various cleansing practices. With the guidance of our expert teachers, you will learn importance techniques to improve your yoga practice forever. And all the while, you will also get the opportunity to travel and help others. As a volunteer in India you could be teaching in local schools and community centres or helping women’s empowerment projects where you will teach English and other life skills,or helping disabled children with basic games and activities. Volunteer projects will be spread between mornings and afternoons.
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