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About Volunteering Journeys

Volunteering Journeys is a social enterprise that provides responsible and experiential travel through volunteer programs. Our volunteer opportunities are for those who want personalized and our well-serviced volunteering programs in developing communities in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand, South Africa and Peru. We specialise in South Asia’s trio of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, because this is where we have deep roots and the most ground expertise, local knowledge and professional networks to provide truly authentic volunteering programs that serve the needs of our communities, while delivering incredibly gratifying experiences for our volunteers. All of our programs, be it teaching children, empowering women, renovating schools, or volunteering in a local hospital or turtle farm, are handpicked to meet this dual objective.


We know that everyone looks for ways to enrich their quality of life, and we believe that we can all do this by broadening our horizons as people. Using Volunteer Travel, we can help you to make deeper connections, through close and personal interactions, which enhance your understanding of other people’s lives, of places and situations. These extraordinary insights will lead you to a new and richer world where you may discover ideas and possibilities for a better you. Every volunteer program we offer is designed with four key values in mind:


We encourage living in local settlements and sharing space with other volunteers for an immersive experience of life, natural environment, and local flavour.


We believe the more we learn, the more we grow and our programs help to develop awareness of the people and world around us.


We are responsible for everyone we connect with. Our programs are driven by the community, and we also match our volunteer needs to those of the community.


We enjoy what we do and we keep our itinerary flexible to accommodate for different needs. We want you, the community and anyone working with us to have fun.




We don’t operate like a corporate and we like to keep it that way. We’re a boutique provider of quality experiences and personalised services.


No two people are ever the same so we don’t offer off-the-shelf programs for volunteering abroad. Our flexibility allows us to tailor each programme to suit your needs.


Our handpicked volunteer programs are community-led and deliver real impact to the local communities we serve. Our comprehensive on-the-ground training program ensures each volunteer has the opportunity to maximise the individual impact they make on the projects.


Safety is a huge priority for us. We conduct detailed training on safety procedures for each volunteer during their orientation and have strict local safety guidelines in place for each of our locations. We also provide 24/7 emergency support and escalate any issues that may come up in a timely manner.


We work closely with every volunteer so you’ll never be a number to us and we offer you 24/7 support during your time out with us.


As passionate and experienced travellers ourselves, we understand that providing a high level of service, both in the planning stages as well as on the ground, can make all the difference. We invest heavily on strong local teams to ensure that when someone comes from the West to the East – they get a true local experience.


Our programs are designed to encourage personal development. We believe that the more we learn, the more we grow so we’re always focused on providing you with as many learning opportunities as possible.


We strive for quality and we work with those who want to have a good time and help the world, are passionate about life and travel, and share our values.



Ridhi Patel is the founder of Volunteering Journeys and she has led the development of every project since it all kicked off in 2014. Her story gives us just a glimpse of how hands-on our organisation is. With 5 years of experience working in investment banks plus 5 years in social project development and volunteer management around India, Ridhi has developed the necessary skills to lead and inspire. But what drives her the most is her passion for sharing the importance of responsible travel and life-changing experiences with others.

“My journey started in 2009 when I quit my career in banking in London and took time off to volunteer for three months near the Kruger Park in South Africa. I felt that I had something to offer, I just wanted to give back to society and thought it would be a good idea to see a new place at the same time.

Having travelled a fair amount before that, as a tourist just passing through places, I had never really connected with any place. Living abroad for those three months with people from different cultures and backgrounds, completely out of my comfort zone, changed my perspective on life. I found abilities within me which I never thought I had. And, to be able to give, receive, to share with seemingly different people is a feeling that’s hard to explain. It is almost as if a happier world had sprung forth from within. I started looking at life and its possibilities afresh.

I decided to move back to my home country India and set up volunteering programs for those who wanted to change their lives and those of others. I have worked within the volunteer industry for 6 years now and have never looked back. I hope that the volunteering journeys I have designed for you, will bring you the same happiness, help you grow as a person and inspire you to share what you find with others on the journey.”

Ridhi Patel


Meet our Awesome Team

The key to our success is the people we choose to work with. Our team has bilingual locals who are experienced in their field, knowledgeable about their local areas and are passionate about helping their community. It’s the people who make us here at Volunteering Journeys and here are some of the friendly faces that you’ll get to meet soon.

Founder & Partner
Volunteering Journeys Kerala Team Geetha
Kerala Program Leader
Rishad and Falik
Rishad & Falik
Program Managers
Kolkata Program Leader
Nepal Program Leader

Join Us!

If you have a passion for helping your community grow, have expertise or ideas in program development, sales or marketing, or simply love volunteering and experiential travel we would love to hear from you. You can become an ambassador for us or join our team. We are an equal opportunities employer and do not discriminate against race, gender, sex, religion or colour. Mail your details to hello@volunteeringjourneys.com


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