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Volunteering Journeys is a social enterprise that provides meaningful, responsible, and experiential travel experiences through volunteering abroad in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Peru, South Africa, and Costa Rica. At Volunteering Journeys, we constantly strive to build strong bonds with the communities we serve. We are environment conscious and embrace an ideology of sustainability at every level of our volunteer program execution such as Wildlife Volunteering & Wildlife conservation internships in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Peru, South Africa, and Costa Rica. We promote responsible travel by connecting enthusiastic volunteers with welcoming locals who will lovingly host you and give you a deep and wide understanding of local social or environmental needs that you can contribute to. We are being ethical by recognizing climate change and taking the effort to measure, reduce and offset your carbon footprint (by funding carbon neutral projects) whenever you volunteer abroad with us.

Read more about our Climate Change Policy here.

We value individuals of all ages and nationalities without reservation. We believe in creating a fun, challenging, and memorable environment for volunteers and local organizations in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Peru, South Africa, and Costa Rica to collaborate. We have the utmost respect for our local ambassadors and avoid showing them in poor light through photographs or video logs that depict poverty or suffering. Instead, we celebrate small victories that are achieved through teamwork and compassion.

Why you should volunteer abroad with us

  • Enduring local partners
  • Comprehensive orientation
  • Sustaining local livelihoods
  • Safe & inclusive environment
  • Well-trained & proactive staff

We have active volunteer programs spread out across Asia (in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Philippines & Maldives), South Africa and South America (in Peru and Costa Rica) in some of the most sought after and culturally rich destinations in the world. You will find a culture of fun and learning whether you choose any of our social projects such as Teaching English or Women’s Empowerment in India, Medical Internships in Cambodia or Philippines, or our marine or animal conservation projects such as our Sea Turtles protection in the Maldives and Wild Elephants research in Sri Lanka.

Volunteering Journeys volunteer abroad programs are affordable, sustainable, and designed to create a lasting impact in the communities and environment we serve. Our volunteer programs have helped hundreds of volunteers return to their daily lives with a renewed zest for life and a deep sense of fulfillment.


Our Goals

Volunteer Journeys is an organization born out of an innate desire to contribute to making the world a positive place for all living beings which includes humans, animals, marine life or the environment. We believe in a culture of giving back and responsible travel with a goal of meeting or exceeding the framework defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our programs are designed to meet tangible and measurable goals which leave a lasting impact on the communities we serve.
Our programs are a result of months of careful planning, research, and coordination with local partners and organizations. Each program is designed with clear short and long-term objectives that are compliant with UN Sustainable Goals.
Responsible and Impact based volunteer abroad programs that are non discriminatory
Comprehensive orientation programs for both volunteers and local project partners.
Sustaining local livelihoods by fairly compensating local staff, accommodation hosts, and partners

Volunteering Abroad Program Destinations


Sustainable Development Goals


Our programs align closely to United Nations (UN) 17 Sustainable Goals. We aim to create a culture of cohesion and eliminate cultural barriers to meet or exceed as many of these sustainable goals as possible. Each of the programs in our active charter fulfills one or more of the UN Sustainable Goals.


We strive to alleviate global hunger in all forms by being

zero hunger

Provide food security and sustenance for underprivileged

good health

Focus on educating people on the benefits of leading a

quality education

Our English teaching programs aim to provide

gender equality

Our women empowerment programs are

clean water and sanitation

Everyone on the planet has the right to clean water

decent work and economic growth

Our programs directly help many members of the


We champion social change through our programs


Our goal is to make the locations we operate as

climate action

Our climate change internships and other climate


Our sea turtle and ocean conservation volunteer


Conservation of terrestrial ecosystems such as


We promote a culture of peace and inclusivity within

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How to volunteer abroad with us

volunteer abroad

Why Volunteering Journeys


Responsible and impact based programs that are non discriminatory


Comprehensive orientation programs for both volunteers and local project partners.


Sustaining local livelihoods by fairly compensating local staff, accommodation hosts, and partner

When you volunteer abroad with us, you are no longer just a tourist. You are a part of our family and the local community Your volunteering activities bring you intimately close to local culture and issues while leaving a positive impact.
We offer programs in some of the most striking locations across India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Peru, South Africa, and Costa Rica . We are competitively priced and flexible with our programs. Our team of partners and locals are friendly and professional with a high regard for ethics and responsible volunteering.
Our programs include extensive orientation sessions to make your program transition effortless, comfortable, and lots of fun.

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