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NGOs, or non-governmental organizations, are nonprofit charities that operate independently of governments and usually on an international level. They offer aid to people, help animals, and work with environment conservation groups. NGOs strive to bring a better quality of life to underserved communities through various humanitarian programs, workshops, and campaigns.
NGO Internships abroad are a great way for college students, recent graduates, or anyone considering a career change to gain valuable work experience in a different country. Internships focus on hands-on training while building other skills such as business aptitude and working with people from different backgrounds and age groups. Internships at NGOs are especially beneficial for students who are studying or just graduated.

NGOs are often on the lookout for volunteers who are highly motivated and self-driven. As a volunteer with an NGO, you gain work experience abroad while the NGO gets much needed help in their operations. Your contribution while partnering with an NGO can involve a wide range of tasks. This includes office work, fundraising, public relations and volunteering at local programs such as women empowerment, animal care, school renovations, and more.
We are partnered with some of the most respectable NGOs in Asia, South Africa and South America who have demonstrated a high level of integrity and quality of work in recent years. Your placement in a specific role will be decided based on your skills and interests, and the requirements of the organization at that specific time.

NGO Internships Abroad Locations

Volunteer in Nepal

Internship in Nepal

If you are unsure which program you want to volunteer for, choosing to work with a local NGO is always a good bet. Nepal has many well established NGOs that are involved with Women’s Empowerment and children’s rights. Our partner NGOs will be thrilled to have you on board for a few weeks to help them out. You not only get to make new friends from a truly international community of NGO volunteers but also assist with administrative tasks, research, generating reports and assisting in several of the local programs undertaken by the NGO in the community.
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Internship in Nepal

Internship in Costa Rica

Community Development NGOs in Costa Rica have always played a key role in the development of the country and upliftment of its rural and underserved communities. NGOs work on several initiatives each year to improve people’s quality of life. However, many are in need of assistance if they are to fulfill their goals as per plan. You can expect to get involved in a wide range of activities such as report generation, liaising with local bodies, participating in local awareness campaigns, research, IT support and administration work or more.
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Internship in Maldives

Internship in Maldives

Maldives is a vibrant island nation rich in marine life with miles and miles of tranquil blue waters surrounding it. Over the years the influx of tourists for recreation has increased exponentially leading to complex issues within the marine ecosystem. Our Marine Conservation Internship program in the Maldives offers a unique opportunity to work with top marine biologists. As an intern, you will get to perform research and assist in tasks that enable conservationists to safeguard the marine life on the island.
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Womens Empowerment in India

Internship in India

Women in India face a wide range of social inequalities. A large number of women, particularly in rural areas do not have the opportunity to complete their education or enter the workforce because of an early marriage and a very conservative family environment. The aim of the Women’s Internship project in India is to work with these women and girls and empower them with education and also assist with income generation project development.
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Elephant Conservation Internship in Sri Lanka

Internship in Sri Lanka

Elephants in Sri Lanka are symbols of strength and spirituality within the local culture. Elephants are revered but also find themselves in conflict situations with humans while foraging for food near rural areas. Understanding this human-elephant conflict deeply and identifying actions that create an amicable relationship between man and animals,studying elephant behaviour and habitats is the main purpose of our Wild Life internship program in Sri Lanka.
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Volunteer in Cambodia

Internship in Cambodia

Discover the beauty of South East Asia and be dazzled by this magnificent country and its people when you work as an intern for NGOs in Cambodia. After the end of the Polpot regime in the recent past, the country has been pushed to the brink of poverty along with other life-threatening human rights issues such as child trafficking and persecution of minority groups. You will work with local NGOs who have years of proven experience working with local communities.
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