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Sea turtle and marine conservation volunteer abroad projects are fun and combine your beach vacations with meaningful work which goes a long way in the concentrated efforts globally to prevent these enchanting marine creatures from going extinct. All seven sea turtle species are endangered today and without conservation turtles may soon be pushed to the brink of extinction. The most endangered species of sea turtle is the Kemp’s Ridley with less than 10,000 remaining in the wild. Sea turtles exist in an already fragile ecosystem where the hatching survival rates are low due to predators on both land and sea. Add to this the serious threat posed by human activities such as poaching, climate change, and pollution; it’s evident that they cannot survive and propagate without timely marine conservation efforts.

Our Sea Turtle and Marine Conservation volunteer abroad programs will bring you to exotic locations that are nesting sites for turtles. By joining hands with trained biologists and local conservation groups you can help to secure the future of these creatures and also help raise awareness in the local community you will be living in. Volunteers work alongside trained biologists and go on beach patrols, witness nesting turtles, and hatching babies, assist with care of disabled turtles, feeding turtles and cleaning turtle hatcheries. Saving turtles and releasing older babies back into the ocean is a truly scintillating experience! From saving sea turtles in Costa Rica to working with turtles in the Maldives, there are plenty of sea turtle conservation projects waiting for you!

Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Locations

Costa Rica Sea Turtle Conservation

Volunteer in Costa Rica

The sea turtle population has seen a shocking decline in recent years due to overfishing, poaching, pollution, and destruction of nesting beaches. Working alongside local NGOs and communities around the Pacific coast, your daily volunteer tasks include going on beach patrols, caring for injured sea turtles, protecting eggs from poaching, and releasing baby sea turtles back into the ocean. If you love being at the beach, want to contribute to marine conservation and doing hands-on work, volunteer with sea turtles in Costa Rica!
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Maldives Sea Turtle Conservation Research

Volunteer in Maldives

Our Maldives sea turtle program is based off the scintillating Naifaru island in Lhaviyani Atoll. In the Lhaviyani Atoll marine researchers have already identified over 400 sea turtles. The marine research team on the island collects data on the local turtles to learn more about the population here in the Maldives. Volunteers are required to assist these activities and work on a small turtle sanctuary on the island, mainly for green sea turtles. With the local team you will be involved in gathering, nursing, and rehabilitation of the endangered sea turtles.
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