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Our special needs and mental health volunteers abroad assists people living with special needs, due to which stigmas in society are high and they struggle with tasks that ordinary people don’t even think twice about. Even the most basic medical and educational needs are difficult to meet for these children and adults suffering from physical and mental disabilities. It is especially challenging in developing countries where resources are already scarce and if they are in low income families. Disabled facilities in most countries provide food, accommodation, and basic medical and educational facilities. The sad reality is that these facilities are grossly underfunded and the allocated funds and perks often never make it to the needy. Most importantly those with special needs miss the love and compassion they most crave above all else

Special needs and mental health Volunteering is an emotional and life-altering experience. Mental and Physical disabilities in these individuals can range from mild to severe and a bit of extra attention and mentoring can make a significant difference to their education and lives. As a volunteer, you’ll play an important role in providing individual assistance in learning tasks that would be otherwise inaccessible to these people. Volunteers work with the local staff to help care for the children and adults. Your daily tasks may include playing with the kids, creating activities for them, and helping with other tasks like feeding and cleaning up. Volunteers may also help them during their rehabilitation and therapy exercises under supervision. Check out the locations below where you can join as a mental volunteer.

Special Needs Volunteer Abroad Program Locations


Volunteer in India

Having a child with a physical or mental disability creates negative social stigma for families in India and low income families find it very difficult to diagnose and support disabled children with the care they deserve. Most times mental disabilities like autism or ADHD are left undiagnosed until a very late stage. This special needs care volunteer project is best suited for volunteers with a caring and compassionate nature who are patient, hardworking, and willing to offer support with a range of duties.
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Volunteer in Cambodia

Cambodia recently launched a strategic plan to take care of those with special needs. Although several disabled people have benefited from broader improvements to the system, many still go without adequate state aid. Special Needs homes funded by the government are often lacking in infrastructure and face acute resource crunch all through the year.
As a volunteer, you will be based out of Phnom Penh where you will spend the day playing with the kids, creating activities for them to do and also to help with other tasks like feeding, moving and cleaning up.

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Volunteer with disabled children in Nepal

Volunteer in Nepal

Many children in Nepal are affected by severe challenges and negative home environments, as well as physical and learning disabilities, even the slightest progress is an encouraging sign on the road to establishing a secure future for these children. Over the years dozens of volunteers have worked with us to bring a smile and make a positive difference in their lives. You can help needy special needs children by volunteering at our Special Needs care homes in Kathmandu.
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Volunteer in Peru

In Peru there are many people of all ages and conditions with disabilities, living in every part of the country. Some have been disabled since they were born, and some were disabled after they were born due to certain circumstances such as road accidents, polio, or strokes. Disabilities include both physical and mental. Your efforts as a volunteer can truly make a difference for children and young adults at our partner disabled care center in Peru.
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Volunteer in Costa Rica

Disability in children in Costa Rica has denied them opportunities to live comfortably in society and improve their lives. Most of them are from poor families and live in rural areas of the country where there are no accessible facilities to assist them. The few special needs care centers setup by the administration often lack infrastructure and able staff to provide a good quality of life for disabled children and adults. When you volunteer with the special needs care program, you directly help the children by teaching, creating fun and informative activities, feeding, or helping around with other tasks.
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