Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some extra bits of information that may be useful to you…if something is not answered get in touch with us!

Pre Arrival:

To apply you simply fill in the application forms online You need to pay a $199 deposit with your application form. This is non refundable. Once we get your deposit with the application form we will email you a confirmation and block your spot on the program. You will be emailed a pre-departure brief specific to your destination that will help you with your planning and preparations for your upcoming volunteer experience

Health & Safety:

This depends on which country you are traveling from. You should visit your local travel medical clinic at the local GP centre and take vaccinations they suggest. You should consider the following vaccinations: Hepatitis A & B; Diphtheria; Tetanus; Yellow fever; Rabies; Tuberculosis; Malaria


We give sufficient information so you feel comfortable and confident to travel to your chosen destination.

  • Pre-departure Preparation You will receive your country relevant pre departure guide that covers all the basics on what to bring, culture and project related information. This will also have the contact of your local contact in count
  • On arrival and during the trip You will get an area orientation and program specific training. A health and safety briefing is also included where necessary.
  • Staff Support All our programs will have a local Country Manager who will be your main point of contact amongst others staff members who will be supporting you on the projects at all times. Although you will work independently, we will support for if you are feeling nervous untli you feel comfortable.

Cost & Other Bits:

You will have to pay for your DBS Check, airfare, medical and travel insurance, vaccinations and your Visas. You will also need some extra money for your personal expenses and excursions in country.

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