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Our Animal Care and Wildlife Animal Conservation volunteering abroad programs are the perfect conservation opportunity to protect endangered species from extinction. Animals across the globe are in need of conservation and general care, both wildlife species and domesticated animals. As a volunteer, you participate in programs that bring about lasting change, plus learn more about assisting with local Wildlife Animal Conservation initiatives. You get to satiate your thirst for adventure and exploration while involved in Wildlife Animal Conservation efforts in some of the most majestic forests and sanctuaries. Wildlife volunteering we offer are research based programs such as the wild elephant program in Sri Lanka or the Big 5 Wildlife program in South Africa where volunteers can gain a better understanding of the status of endangered wildlife species by helping conservation experts to conduct surveys to physically count how many herds are present in an area, or which factors may be affecting the population status, habitat loss and human influences, and to monitor movement or behaviour of the animals.

Volunteers can also be involved in Wildlife volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary such as our Lion Sanctuary Project in South Africa or Elephant Project in Thailand where you assist with injured wildlife or animals that have been rescued from illegal trading, poaching and related animal or human atrocities. The sanctuaries rehabilitate the animals and when possible, release them back into the wild. Wildlife that has been rescued from illegal trading and breeding centers often can not survive on their own in the wild due to their captive upbringing. These animals are given the opportunity to live out the rest of their lives in the best way possible at the sanctuary. Many animal shelters especially for domesticated animals like dogs and cats are not funded by the government and are short staffed and in need for helping hands. Our animal care program in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Costa Rica, Peru offer dog and cat lovers an opportunity to provide company to these pets, assisting shelters in finding them permanent, loving homes, feeding the dogs and cats, walking them and cleaning enclosures. If you are a veterinary student you can also get hands-on experience on our Dog Veterinary program in Sri Lanka, Peru or Nepal.

Wildlife & Animal Care Volunteering Abroad Locations

Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Wildlife Conservation in South Africa

Our Big 5 Wild animal conservation program offers a unique experience in the African bush and gives you the opportunity to observe and be a part of the research and monitoring teams on a reserve in South Africa. The focus of this project are primarily elephants, lions, hyenas, and leopards. You not only get to see the animals in their natural habitat, but you will also be living in close proximity to many wild animals in the bush. Our animal care project in South Africa is with a sanctuary for lions born in captivity that cannot be rehabilitated into the wild. The sanctuary provides lions in distress a haven of security and compassionate care. On the Veterinary volunteer program you get a hands-on approach to learning come in close contact to African Wildlife, agricultural livestock and domestic animals.
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Dog care in Sri Lanka Staff with dogs

Dog Care Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Our Animal care volunteering in Sri Lanka is with a dog shelter in Southern Sri Lanka that tend to sick and disabled dogs, help with vaccinations, and help in outreach programs. The program is great for both animal lovers as well as veterinary students who wish to gain practical knowledge which may be different from the setting in their own country.
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Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Wild Elephant Conservation in Sri Lanka

Our Elephant Conservation Volunteer Program in Sri Lanka is an award winning program that offers volunteers a rare opportunity to work alongside local conservationists, educators, community partners and local villagers deep in the heart of the Sri Lankan wilderness. This is a true conservation project where wild elephants are not touched or interfered with at all as they are in their natural habitat. It is a genuine research-based project involving elephant tracking, monitoring, observations, and education to the local communities, including running campaigns and awareness programs.
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Vet Program Costa Rica

Dog Care Volunteer in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famous for its impressive environmental policies and untainted biodiversity. Its bustling cities are vibrant and the experience of volunteering in this beautiful nation is unparalleled. Unfortunately, just like any other developing nation many important issues such as animal welfare and protection of endangered species often slip through the cracks thereby leaving needy animals and conservationists in a lurch. Volunteers on the Wildlife Program in Costa Rica work in animal rescue centers aimed at helping rescued and endangered animals. You will assist the local teams with daily animal husbandry tasks such as cleaning enclosures, preparing food, feeding, maintaining enclosures, and designing materials for environmental enrichment. You may also choose to volunteer with wild animals in a nature reserve or the option to volunteer with turtles and other marine wildlife.
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Dog Care in Sri Lanka

Dog Shelter Volunteer in Nepal

In Nepal, stray animals such as cats and dogs are treated vastly different from their counterparts in the west. They are left to fend for themselves and are often the hapless victims of abuse and brutality that leaves them permanently maimed or leads to an undignified death. The raging pandemic across the world is not helping and affecting their survival and safe rescue to secure animal shelters. Our stray animal and care shelter in Kathmandu offers a ray of hope to these long-suffering animals. As a animal volunteer at the program, you contribute by helping in rescue missions, feeding, bathing, cleaning the animals as well as cleaning the shelter.
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Volunteer in Peru

Dog Care Volunteer in Peru

Our Peru dog care program is a unique offering that blends compassion with adventure. Many animals that are injured or disease-ridden often go unattended either due to lack of proper shelters or a dire shortage of skilled veterinarians who can diagnose and treat these animals. Veterinary doctors at community clinics or government funded clinics are often overwhelmed by the number of cases that come in on a daily basis. That's where Volunteer Journeys volunteers make all the difference. Our veterinary project in Peru is a mix of assisting with a veterinary clinic as well as helping at a co-located dog shelter.
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Volunteering with Elephants in Thailand

Elephant Care Volunteer in Thailand

On our Elephant Care program in Thailand you will get an exciting opportunity to learn about and be part of a new elephant home leading the way in the move towards animal, rather than human, centred elephant interaction. Set in the stunning Surin, the elephant home has been created to move away from the traditional and out of date elephant riding / human centred interactions to an experience where visitors get the opportunity to learn about, care for, and work alongside the local mahouts – one which puts the elephants well being first and allows people to see them for the wonderful creatures that they are.
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