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Seeking an internship that blends cultural immersion with professional growth? Look no further than Vietnam! Internship opportunities in Vietnam offer international students a unique chance to gain valuable experience while exploring a vibrant nation.

Step beyond textbooks, intern in Vietnam and delve into real-world projects. Whether you’re passionate about education, healthcare, or environmental protection, there’s a program waiting for you. From assisting with marine conservation efforts to supporting local businesses, you’ll actively participate in hands-on experiences that make a difference.

Our medical and educational internship programs are highly popular and accessible all through the year. Interning in Vietnam is different from other countries in the South East Asian region owing to its complicated history, and influence of various cultures across the centuries. It’s a country that treasures its ancient heritage while embracing modern technology and commerce.

This isn’t just an internship; it’s a journey of self-discovery. Immerse yourself in Vietnam’s rich history, explore ancient temples, and savor delicious cuisine. Connect with warm and welcoming locals, forge lifelong friendships, and return home with a broadened perspective and a heart full of unforgettable memories.

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Medical Internship at Vietnam

Volunteer in Vietnam
Embrace cultural immersion and hands-on learning with a medical volunteer program at Tam Tri Da Nang Hospital. Experience diverse departments, from OB-GYN to Surgery, alongside qualified professionals. Witness firsthand the unique healthcare landscape of Vietnam while making a real difference. Assist with essential tasks like health checks, wound care, and medication distribution, gaining valuable insights into a developing healthcare system. Expand your perspective and build cultural understanding through meaningful interactions with patients and local doctors. A few common activities you will experience during internship include these and more:
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