When you volunteer work abroad in Sri Lanka, you will be in awe of Sri Lanka’s friendly people, its rich British colonial heritage, and beautiful landscapes, which make it an irresistible and enchanting destination. This small island nation is ideal for travelers who savor a slow and idyllic vacation exploring the breadth of the country at their own pace. This vibrant country is home to lovely tea plantations and some of the most beautiful beaches and National Parks which are home to wildlife like Elephants and leopards, and magnificent sea life such as whales, dolphins, and sea turtles.

Sri Lanka is still a developing nation and only recently ended its civil war that ravaged the nation and took a toll on its economy and public welfare for decades. The Volunteering Opportunities includes wildlife conservation projects, schools, disabled care shelters, and public healthcare projects. Elephant deaths from farmers killing elephants to protect their homes and farms (the Human Elephant Conflict) is a big animal rights issue that can be addressed through public awareness and responsible wildlife volunteering.

Volunteer Opportunities in Sri Lanka

Our main Volunteering programs in Sri Lanka are based around the historic city of Galle, famous for its forts, lighthouses and distinctly colonial architecture. Here you can volunteer at a dog shelter giving care to neglected street dogs, teaching children in local schools or teaching monks English at a Buddhist Monastery, or do a medical internship at one of the largest government hospitals in Southern Sri Lanka. Our Medical Volunteering In Sri Lanka are particularly suited for advanced level medical students who want to get experience in public sector hospitals.

Our elephant conservation programs based near Wasgamuwa are hugely popular with volunteers. As a volunteer in this program you get to participate in real conservation activities such as monitoring elephants in the wild, managing human-elephant conflict and building sanctuaries.

Sri Lanka

Our teaching volunteers in Sri Lanka help with English teaching and other activities that assist the understaffed and underfunded schools in the region. Read more

Monastery Monk Teaching

Teach English to Buddhist Monks in Sri Lanka. This is a program like non other an absolute experience of a lifetime for anyone wanting to do more than the ordinary. Read more

Medical & Nursing
Medical and Nursing Electives

We offer supervised medical and Nursing electives and internship programs for students who have an interest (but no experience) in the field, to advanced 5th year students looking for specific specializations. We work with the largest public hospital in Galle.

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elephant care
Wild Elephant Conservation

We offer a wild elephant conservation program at Wasgamuwa where you will implement ways to prevent human-elephant conflicts and assist with research and monitoring of elephants. This animal conservation program is truly one of a kind and a must do if you are a nature and wild life lover!
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Physiotherapy Internship

Our physiotherapy program gives volunteers and physiotherapy students a real-world feel for working with a physiotherapist by shadowing them at hospitals and clinics.
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Dog Care

Our volunteers work at dog clinics and shelters assisting the staff with various tasks such as feeding, nail cutting, ear cleaning, medicine administration and caring for sick and injured dogs.
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Join our family volunteering program in Sri Lanka where you can volunteer and travel with your children or loved onesRead more

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