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Healthcare Volunteering in Costa Rica


Health care volunteering is perfect for healthcare students who are in their pre-med stages or are thinking of majoring in medicine or a related field. Volunteers in health support schools, elderly homes, chronic pain clinics, and programs for individuals with disabilities. On this program, you will be supporting nurses and staff for the patient's well being helping administer medicine and taking care of patients.
On this program volunteers will be able to help with essential healthcare tasks and may shadow local medical professionals to observe and assist them with their work. It’s a great opportunity to see clinical practice in action and enjoy the cross-cultural exchange of ideas and learnings that comes from volunteering in another country’s healthcare system.

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What is involved

Costa Rica offers free healthcare to its citizens, but resources are limited and help is always needed. What medical volunteers are able to do on the project depends on a number of factors including local regulations, training, qualifications, how well you speak Spanish, your ability to show initiative and how long you spend on the project. Duties for unqualified volunteers will generally include:

  • Distributing and sorting medication
  • Assisting with rehabilitation exercises
  • Helping with meals and bathing
  • Making beds and cleaning
  • Providing companionship to patients

Qualified professionals who can commit to 4 weeks and have advanced Spanish may also be able to:

  • Shadowing doctors in the treatment of patients
  • Helping sort medical supplies
  • Helping in emergency situations
  • Helping in health awareness workshops
Medical Check up in Peru

Some details

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What your first week looks like

Arrival day

Senior volunteer in Costa Rica
On arrival at the airport we will pick you up and transfer you to your accommodation. Depending on your time of arrival, the team will meet you and give you a local orientation, health and safety briefing, and project training before we take you in for your program.


Volunteer in Costa Rica Day to Day life
Your project coordinator or a member of the team will be taking you to the project and after introductions you can get started. Your two meals breakfast and dinner are included. Lunch is at the project site and you can pick up something locally. In the evenings most volunteers spend exploring the area, relaxing at the accommodation or preparing for projects.


Volunteers enjoying surfing
During your free time in Costa Rica, we encourage volunteers to explore as much as possible. There are some phenomenal pristine beaches where you can surf or swim, volcanoes and biodiversity such as rainforests and waterfalls. Volunteers generally book trips in country with other and our local team can help you book weekend trips.

Weekend activities

Monteverde Rainforest

Monteverde Rainforest Costa Rica
This is the most famous cloud forest in Costa Rica with hiking, zip lining,& long suspension bridges.

Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast Costa Rica
The central Pacific coast is home to beaches & national parks. You can also visit North & South coast.

Tabacon Hot Springs

Tabacon Hot Springs
Because of the active volcanoes in central Costa Rica, there are lots of natural hot springs.


Costa Rica sunset surfing
Costa Rica has some of the best surfing beaches in the world suitable for beginners or pro level!

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