Volunteer in India

Volunteer in India

Incredible India!

There are few places in the world quite as enigmatic, colourful and diverse as India and you’ll get the chance to be inspired by the sights, sounds and flavours of this majestic country when you volunteer in India.

Our India Programs are based in South India’s tropical gem Kerala, famously known as ‘God’s own Country’ being surrounded by palm-lined backwaters, spice and tea hills and a vast coastline that is slowly becoming a surfing paradise. Being away from the frenzy of North India, Kerala is truly exotic and laid back making it a perfect for first time travellers coming to India who want the culture but not the chaos.

Our volunteer house is in the very boho and quaint town of Fort Kochi in Kochi (also known as Cochin), Kerala. Kochi has been voted in the top 10 cities to visit in 2020 by the Lonely Planet. Fort Kochi is simply delightful and you will fall in love its vibe in no time. With lanes filled with influences from a very rich history that began with Kerala’s flourishing spice trade, the greenery filled streets of present day Fort Kochi are lined with colonial era mansions, churches & temples, trendy cafes, emerging art scene, and fragrant spice markets. The best part if the eclectic a mix of locals living in harmony mainly Catholics, Muslims and Hindus, giving you a true flavour of the myriad of culture, religion and life in Kerala.

We have several programs in India ranging from teaching children, working with women’s education (empowerment) to assisting disabled children – all of which address social disparities and fundamental rights that individuals have to education and care. Our Medical Internships(ideal for medicine and nursing students) or Dental Internships exposes students to healthcare in India and opens doors to network with experts in field.

Check the video for our program in India to see why you need to volunteer in India.

Behind our volunteer programs in India are a passionate team of local women making this program a women’s empowerment initiative in itself.  Everyone from the Program Manager to our individual project coordinators, chefs and drivers are not only focused about community development but will support you throughout your time in Kerala making your transition into India smooth.

We understand India can be intimidating and daunting for many. For this reason we have selected Southern India and Kerala which is super laid back, where locals are gentle and friendly and where crime is very low. If there is any place to start exploring India, Kerala is where you should start your journey into India.

Being our most popular program you will most likely meet volunteers from many different parts of the world whilst staying in our Kerala volunteer house. The volunteer house has facilities like WiFi, a kitchen area, a common lounge room, a gorgeous rooftop as well our office area so you can come and talk to us anytime.

Once you apply to any of our India programs we will be in touch with you immediately to prepare you. A comprehensive Kerala guide will be sent to you by our Program Manager. We will also put you in touch with your project coordinators who can prepare you for your volunteering placement. Your airport transfers, home cooked meals, project transport and accommodation will be pre-arranged. On arrival you will be given an area orientation, culture talk, and health and safety briefing. Above all our friendly local program team are always around to guide you and ensure you get the most out of your experience in India.

With areas of need widespread across the board there are many of ways to get involved as a volunteer in Kerala. Check out all our India Programs below.


Kochi Voted as the Top 10 City to Visit in 2020!

Our volunteer programs in India are based in Kochi (or Cochin) which is listed in the Lonely Planets top 10 cities to visit in 2020. Its super laid back and chilled out vibes, boho cafe scene, and colonial era backstreets will get you hooked in no time! Come and explore the culture of this tropical port city and volunteer and give back to the local community. We guarantee you will go back with an experience of a lifetime with us in India”

Ridhi Patel, Founder, Volunteering Journeys

Why Volunteer in India?


Amazing People

India is a unique country where people of many different religions and cultural backgrounds live together in unity. Experience this diverse culture for yourself and immerse yourself in these incredible communities.

Language and Culture Travel India- Kathakali

Diverse Culture

India is a unique country where people of many different religions and cultural backgrounds live together in unity. Experience this diverse culture for yourself and immerse yourself in these incredible communities.


Exotic Destination

Experience the exotic and volunteer in one of the most colourful, diverse and culturally interesting places on the planet. From the backwaters of Cochin to the Himalayan Mountains, there’s so much to see when you volunteer in India.


Tasty Cuisine

Travelling in India is a taste explosion and it’s one of the highlights. But don’t be fooled by the dishes that you’ve tried in the West. When you volunteer in India you will get to taste real, authentic Indian cuisine.

Volunteer in India Programs

Teaching English in India
Come join us in beautiful India and teach English to children in local schools or community centres.A truly rewarding program thats suits individuals, couples, career breakers or under 18s.

Women’s Empowerment in India
Help with gender inequality and work with local women to teach them English, healthcare, life skills and income generation skills. Suitable for over career breakers and over 50s in particular !

Yoga and Volunteer in Kerala
Combine two passions to create the perfect India travel experience; volunteer with local communities and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul through the power of yoga. You will be living and volunteering in the idyllic yoga capital of India – Kerala (South India)

Family Volunteering in India
Bring the whole family and volunteer for anything from 1 to 2 weeks whilst travelling, learning and growing together. This program is based in the family friendly and safe location of Kerala (South India). Suitable for families with young children and those interested in community work such teaching in schools, childcare, painting/refurbishing schools, adult or women’s education program.

Medical Placements in India
Join us in stunning Kerala (South India) and get hands-on medical experience in any medical area of your choice. Working with medical experts in field you will be exposed to a lot and learn from preventative and curative care. Suitable for medical electives.

Disabled Care Volunteer in India
Join this rewarding program in Kerala (South India) where you can help with disabled care (teaching and playing with children with physical and mental disabilities) and helping to tackle mental health issues head on while providing direct care, and psychological help for children, as well as their families.

Dentistry Internship in India
Gain real experience working in dental clinics with local dentists in their surgeries. There is a lot to learn from dental treatments and patients in India. This program is based in Kerala South India where you can get to work and explore a very unique part of India.

Midwifery in India
Set in the stunning city of Kochi, you will be placed in a hospital in Ernakulam City where you will get to observe in maternity and neo natal wards.

Nursing Placement in India
Our Nursing placement gives you the chance to work under specialist nurses in hospitals and we can also send you for public health check ups. A truly awesome program for aspiring nursing students.

High School, Teens or Under 18s in India
If you are under 18 and in high school you can join us in India. We can accept pre-med students and teaching volunteers under 18 years.

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