Nepal is an enchanting country not just for its renowned natural beauty but also its spiritual side that has attracted wanderers for centuries. The small landlocked nation sandwiched between India and Tibet is full of ancient cities, snowy peaks, and a timeless cultural heritage. Volunteering Work Abroad, Holidays will truly experience a side of Nepal normal tourists aren’t privy to and live up the local culture up close.

Despite its raging tourism sector and a generally stable government, a large section of the populace live below the poverty line. The country has faced immense economic challenges since the devastating earthquakes of 2015 and is still trying hard to find its footing. Volunteering abroad in Nepal offers travelers a great opportunity to give back to the country, turning a vacation beyond personal spiritual enrichment and into something productive and meaningful.

Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal

Our volunteer abroad programs in Nepal are centered in and around Kathmandu, the fabled capital surrounded by mystical peaks, serene monasteries, blessed with a cosmopolitan culture and cuisine. Volunteering Abroad in Nepal directly help in remedying the socio-economic issues of the country by offering locals helping hands and also income that comes through volunteer bookings. Our key volunteer Holidays, Gap Year projects in Nepal are our Monk English Teaching and Women Empowerment Programs. Other programs of interest include Medical and Nursing volunteering (ideal for pre-med or pre-nursing students) and volunteering at a Dog and Animal Care shelter. Family Volunteering in Nepal is also possible for parents and children of any age group.

women empowerment
Family Volunteering

This amazing family holiday enables you and your children to support and educate children or renovate schools. On the weekend you will visit Chitwan Jungle. Read more

Medical programs
Medical Electives

Learn by watching experienced doctors' practice at leading clinics and hospitals in a supervised setting. Great for aspiring medical students to gain real-world knowledge and experience. Read more

Teaching English to Monks

Teach foundational English to children of monks at monk schools in and around Kathmandu. A truly unique project where you do not need to be a teacher to join.Read more

Special Need
Teaching English

Work with children and young adults in local schools and help with English and other subjects as well as providing compassionate care.

Read more

Gap Year

Choose from several exciting gap year programs specially curated for students taking a sabbatical before returning to college. Our gap year programs are tailor-made to inculcate life skills like teamwork and leadership while assisting local people with knowledge you already possess.
Read more

Engineering Internships

Collaborate with locals to rebuild and renovate the Agro Based project near Kathmandu to create job opportunities for locals thereby creating a source of income for the locals.
Read more

NGO and Social Work Internships

Volunteers will get involved in exciting and impactful local projects through our tie-ups with local NGOs. Read more

women empowerment
Women Empowerment

Volunteers will work on local initiatives that support and educate women in the community to develop their English skills, build their confidence, and grow their leadership capacity. Read more

Dentistry Electives

Shadow with experienced dentists at local dental clinics to learn about the best practices and the day-to-day operation of a dental clinic. Read more

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The charming city of Phnom Penh is the capital and also serves as our base of volunteer operations. Volunteering Journeys Cambodia volunteer abroad projects include Teaching English, Working with NGO’s, helping Special Needs individuals, and Medical & Nursing Internships. Whether you are a gap year student, career breaker or a family or a mature volunteer, you can apply to any of our volunteer in Cambodia projects.

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