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Family Volunteering

Family Volunteer Holidays

Volunteering with your family allows you to change lives whilst enhancing your own. Expand the mind and open the hearts of each family member with our unique volunteering opportunities abroad and instil the importance of responsible travel and philanthropy, whilst also building deeper bonds through important family teamwork. Plan a holiday with a difference and make travel exciting and rewarding for the whole family, no matter what age you are; our volunteering experiences can bridge the gap between generations and bring you all closer together and giving memories of a lifetime.

Connecting and living amongst local communities and helping them in any way is one of our main goals. Through volunteering we hope to add purpose to your travel whilst adding value and meaning to your life. And with some of the most beautifully located volunteer bases, you can still embark on the most exciting, exotic travel destinations for the perfect family experience.

Our family volunteer programs take place in child friendly locations in India, Nepal , Sri Lanka and Peru, and are short term programs that are designed to fit in with your children’s school semesters and holidays. Our family volunteering programs start from 1 week to 3 weeks with flexible start dates, making them ideal for families travelling with children under the age of 18. We work closely with you to tailor the program to suit your interests, age groups and needs.

Our family volunteers can choose programs helping children with English teaching in school and after school clubs, working with disabled children, animal care projects, and school renovation projects. And with everything from transfers and accommodation to daily meals and project travel included in the program, doing something meaningful as a family has never been so easy. Our local teams will guide you throughout your time and we can help you plan your excursions before or after your volunteer experience.

Why Volunteer as a family?

Amazing Destinations

Travel to off the beaten path destinations and make family travel exciting for any age group. Our locations are carefully handpicked so that you have easy access to popular hot spots or tourist sites.


Short Term Projects

We offer short term summer programs with flexible start dates to fit in with school terms and other commitments. You can volunteer for one week up to two weeks. In between you can add in tours in the region you are in.


Family Bonding

Our volunteer programs are all about teamwork, helping you build trust and bond with your family, bridging the gap between generations. Its also a great way to connect with your loved ones and holiday at the same time!


Broaden Horizons

Help poor and disadvantaged communities by volunteering as you travel; the work you do will help to change lives for the better whilst broadening your horizons as a family. Children in particular learn about the world.


Changing Lives Together

“It was the perfect balance: making a contribution but not being asked to do too much, with Volunteering Journeys staff with us every step of the way to help, support, clarify, etc. I was also impressed that they didn’t feed us a line about how we were changing the world in a week; I knew going in that *we* would be the ones most changed, and the staff’s perspective’s was the same: we were making an impact by showing we cared and sharing experiences, which hopefully meant something to a lot of people.”
Bob Macauley (Volunteered in February 2016)

Family Volunteer Programs

Family Volunteering in India
Bring the whole family and volunteer for anything from 2 weeks – 1 month whilst travelling, learning and growing together. You will live and work in the quaint Fort Kochi helping our education programs with children. Ideal for families with young children.

Family Volunteering in Nepal
Family Volunteering in Nepal is ideal if you want to immerse in a country with lots of tradition and cultures and an environment that will mesmerise you. Volunteering will be in local schools that is suitable for families with young children!

Family Volunteering in Sri Lanka
Bring your family for an unforgettable holiday to exotic Sri Lanka and help a local community program teaching English or with sea turtle conservation. This trip is perfect for families with young children starting from age 5 onwards!

Family Volunteering in Peru
Our Peru Family Volunteering experience gives you a chance to volunteer at an after school club or a dog shelter with your young ones. We immerses you into a truly Peruvian life with a homestay accommodation and memorable excursions such as Macchu Picchu and Rainbow Mountains. Suitable for families with children 8 years of age and above.

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