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We firmly believe that we must address the disastrous changes to our climate caused by climate change and reckless industrialization in ecologically fragile zones. Local governments and key policy making bodies must work hand in hand to mitigate environmental damage and if we wish to see a brighter future for forthcoming generations. The first step to achieving this to adequately research and analyze the various contributing factors and the existing framework to protect the environment against deforestation and construction activities in green corridors.

We offer a one of its kind internship opportunity for students to research and work with key governing bodies overseeing conservation efforts as a result of climate change. Signup for our specially curated environment conservation internship program to gain intimate knowledge about environmental policies, challenges, and how you can help us mitigate these changes. We have partnered with the world’s only Carbon Neutral certified tea estate in Assam, East India to offer our volunteers a comprehensive Environment internship. Alternatively you can join our Environment Volunteering in Costa Rica.

Environment & Conservation Program Locations

Environment Conservation Volunteer in India

Volunteer in India

Located in Assam, Jalinga tea estate is the only Carbon Neutral certified tea estate in the world with no usage of chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.This extensive and hands-on program will involve studying soil erosion, medicinal plants, effect of seasons on crop yield, and much more. Students will gain practical knowledge about organic cultivation and compost making. Head over to our programs page here for more details on the program!
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Costa Rica Environment Program

Volunteer in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famous for its rich natural resources. Volunteers from around the world come to experience Costa Rica's lush rain forests and rich biodiversity. In fact, Costa Rica is one of the more bio diverse countries and strict laws and NGOs help preserve this great natural oasis of which volunteers can be a great help. Volunteers work in various projects aimed at preserving the fragile ecosystem in protected areas, parks and foundations.
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