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School Renovations


There is no feeling in the world that tops putting a genuine smile on a child’s face. Underprivileged children the world over often have little or no access to a quality education. Those who do end up in schools with crumbling infrastructure (quite literally!) where the school grounds and buildings are in a poor state. This not only creates a negative aura for learning but also poses a very real safety risk.

Our school renovations programs are engaging and fun. You can expect to paint murals, refresh classrooms from inside and outside, start vegetable gardens or assist in basic repair work. All materials will be provided to you and our staff will guide you to ensure safety. Most of our renovations projects are basic and will not require you to be expert builders! All you need is enthusiasm and willingness to work hard and get your hands dirty!

School Renovation Volunteer Program Locations

School Renovation Volunteering

Volunteer in India

The government and public schools for poor and underprivileged children in India are overwrought with all kinds of roadblocks. From poorly funded infrastructure to underpaid teachers, the list of troubles plaguing them is endless. One common problem across public schools in India is the shoddy maintenance of infrastructure such as school buildings and classrooms. Our school renovations program in India aims to contribute by teaming up with local craftsmen and volunteers to rebuild crumbling structures, repaint walls, and fix anything else that will make the children feel welcome and happy to come to school!
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School Renovation Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteer in Nepal

The aim of the school renovation program in Kathmandu is to give the children a nurturing and positive environment to study and succeed in life. The public schools in Nepal can always use a facelift to beautify and fortify its physical infrastructure. Your contribution to school renovation programs helps save costs while meaningfully contributing during your vacation. The program involves basic to intermediate tasks such as painting walls, repairing roofs and using your creativity to decorate classrooms and breakout areas.
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