Gap year volunteer abroad programs are gaining in popularity across the world. The simple reason being the wealth of knowledge and real-world experience it imbibes in its participants. Gap Year volunteering abroad is a time to explore new places such as India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Peru, Costa Rica & South Africa make lasting relationships, and involve yourself in helping people or the environment, or animals in need. Gap year volunteering does not require any specific qualifications or experience. You can choose from a variety of programs and locations that best suit you.

We recommend choosing a volunteer program in your gap year that relates in some way to your future career aspirations. This not only looks great on your CV for prospective future employers but will truly bring about the passion in you when you begin working on programs. Most of our gap year programs involve helping women and children and predominantly require you to teach English or basic computer skills at our program locations worldwide. You can also volunteer on marine conservation projects with sea turtles or with wildlife or animal care volunteer projects. Medical projects are also available for gap year medics.

Gap Year Volunteer Locations

India Gap Year Abroad Programs

Gap Year in India

India is a great destination to pursue a gap year program. It offers a wealth of opportunities for things to do, places to go, and sights to see. It’s a perfect place for a gap year program with a tight budget as living costs are low and you can truly explore the breadth of the country without spending too much. Taking a gap year in India offers you the chance to do something meaningful to help people while adding sought after skills to your CV in the long run.There are many volunteering opportunities in India, from English teaching, medical work to women empowerment programs.
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Gap Year in Nepal

Gap Year in Nepal

Volunteering in a gap year program is the best way to explore Nepal and to learn and begin to understand the culture, customs, and people. Our gap year programs offer the right balance between gaining real-life skills that are marketable while truly exploring the country up close. A mention of gap year volunteering not only looks great on your CV but will set you on the right path to gain self confidence in interacting with different types of people. Popular programs involve teaching english, childcare, or taking up medical or nursing volunteering.
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Gap Year in South Africa

Gap Year in South Africa

Taking up a gap year program in South Africa is a rewarding and mind expanding experience. The country is a melting point of natural beauty and a rich culture. The country has recovered fairly well from several challenges it faced in the last 20 years but poverty and wealth gaps are still widespread. Investing time in a gap year program enables you to truly help people in need and give them a solid footing to take on life’s challenges. Gap year volunteers can work in education and social work or health care and animal conservation.
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Costa Rica Gap year Sea Turtle Conservation

Gap year in Costa Rica

Home to captivating landscapes, exotic animals, stunning beaches and vibrant cities, Costa Rica is a truly fascinating country for a gap year. People taking up gap year programs get to split their team in a balanced way in taking part in volunteer activities as well as exploration. Costa Rica suffers due to urban poverty, gender inequality, and child labor issues. Many volunteer programs work to protect the nesting turtles that return to the beaches of Costa Rica each year while many others help the rural populations with education, women empowerment and other initiatives.
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