English Teaching Volunteer in India

English teaching volunteer in India


Our English teaching program in India is based in Kochi, Kerala. Kerala is known to be one of the most progressive states in India with very high literacy rates (almost 99%).This percentage however is calculated by the ability to read ad write in the local language Malayalam only. This makes our English teaching program a necessity especially for underprivileged children attending local government schools where the medium of teaching is in the local language. 

In government schools there are very limited budgets and therefore lack quality teaching staff and proper infrastructure. Rote learning is the main method of teaching in these schools and this results in the lack of deep understanding of certain subjects and does not encourage the use of social skills amongst students.

As a result children from underpriviledged families prefer to take up jobs at a very young age rather than struggle with education in difficult classroom settings or due to rote learning which some find difficult. School drop out rates after high school are still very high in Kerala. Moreover because of rote learning from an early age many do not have develop confidence in later life also. This combined with poor English language skills means they can not get well paid office jobs that require English or work in tourism which is one of the fastest growth sectors in Kerala.

Our teaching program in India achieves the dual goal of aiding local government schools in Kochi, that have poor infrastructure and resources, and to help underprivileged children to get support with their education.

With the help of volunteers we can often make contributions to schools to improve facilities like creating library rooms and introducing the use of e-learning with computers and ipads. 

As old fashioned methods of rote learning are still practiced students understanding of certain subjects like English is very weak. Students struggle in school as they do not have education reinforced at home as most have parents who are not educated or who can afford to encourage learning at home. Reading books for instance is considered a luxury and most children would never be in the practice of reading story books.

Through this program we hope to build up children’s understanding of English by alternative teaching techniques, giving them resources and support and thus developing confidence and making them enjoy education rather than fearing it. We hope that with the skills and motivation volunteers give them, students pursue higher education and get well paid jobs that often require English language skills.

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What is involved

As a teaching volunteer in India you will be helping children ranging from 4 years to 16 years of age. You will be working in local schools in Fort Kochi – a quaint little port town in Cochin, Kerala. There are no luxuries here, we’ll tell you that now. But what you can’t beat is the smiling faces of the kids who are so passionate to learn from you. And all the amazing, interesting, humble people you meet along the way – Well they will just make your volunteer experience unforgettable from start to finish.

In a day you can expect to work in one or two different primary schools (morning and afternoon sessions) where you will be assigned to a classroom where you will be taking English lessons. As most of our volunteers are not qualified teachers we will make sure you volunteer in classrooms with only 2 to 15 children or you could be helping weaker students with one to one sessions in English. You can also teach subjects like Math and Science. If you are a qualified teacher we can assign you to children aged 12-14 years.

Once you arrive to Kerala, we will give you all the support you need starting from appropriate training with our teaching coordinators, daily project meetings and providing you with appropriate resources to help you. In return we expect you to be enthusiastic and enjoy the experience of teaching in India.

To help us monitor progress, this teaching program does require you to thoroughly plan for any lessons you will be conducting. Allow yourself atleast 1-2 hours a day for preparing for the next days sessions. Our local teaching coordinators will guide you however we do expect you to do your own research and use innovative ways to teach the children the syllabus that is given to you.

In the past volunteers have conducted classes using iPads and computers, done art based learning and outdoor sessions. Before your arrival our teaching coordinators will be sending you a plan of your first few days on the program which will include topics you will be covering. Based on this you can also bring materials such as old story books and various teaching aids such as flash cards that are useful for young learners, as well as your iPads or computers that can help you whilst you lesson plan.

Please note that between April and May there are summer holidays in India for all schools. During this time we conduct special summer camp for children where teaching volunteers are always needed.

We expect all volunteers to come with an open mind, some patience and flexibility as things may not always go according to plan in India.

Some details

2022 2022 2022 2022 2023 2023
January April July October January April
8, 15, 22, 29 2, 16 2, 9, 16, 23 8, 15, 22 7, 14, 21, 28 8, 22
February May August November February May
5, 12,19, 26 7, 21 6, 13, 20 5, 12, 19, 26  4, 11, 18, 25 6, 20
March June September December March June
5, 12 11, 18, 25   17, 24  3 4 , 25 10 , 17, 24

What your first week looks like

Arrival day

Your arrival weekend will be relaxed. We will pick you up from the airport and bring you to your accommodation. Depending on your time of arrival, our team will meet you and give you a local orientation so you can get to know the area you are living in. The next day you will be given health and safety briefing, culture orientation and project training before we take you in for your program.


Your project coordinator or a member of the team will be taking you to the project and after introductions you can get started. All your meals breakfast, lunch and dinner will be the accommodation unless you are at the project site or outside. In the evenings most volunteers spend it either exploring local sights, relaxing at the accommodation or preparing for projects.


Our local team will suggest many activities for you to do! Your weekends will be free for you to explore Kerala or India. We highly recommend you to utilise your time so you can get to see more of the country that you are visiting. We usually make recommendations based on past volunteer experiences. Its always better to book excursions in country with other volunteers.

Weekend activities

Backwaters of Kerala

Backwaters of Kerala
Be sure to visit the famous backwaters of Allepey and stay overnight on a traditional houseboat

Munnar Tea Plantations

Green tea plantations. Munnar, Kerala, India
For a adventure hike with incredible panoramic views, the Munnar Tea Plantations are not to be missed.

Varkala Beach

Varkala beach
We also recommend taking a trip to Varkala Beach, which is a couple of hours from Kochi but absolutely stunning.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal
Visit the Taj Mahal with our 3 day Delhi and Taj Mahal Weekend Experience. Email us for details.

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