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Seeking an internship that blends meaningful travel and professional growth? Look no further than Sri Lanka! Internships for undergraduates in Sri Lanka offer unparalleled opportunities to contribute to local communities while gaining valuable experience in diverse fields. Go beyond textbooks, step into real-world projects. Internship opportunities in Sri Lanka aren’t limited to observation.

Combine travel and training in Sri Lanka! Gain invaluable hands-on experience under expert supervision with our medical internship/elective program. Dive deeper into healthcare in a different cultural context while experiencing the wonders of Sri Lanka, renowned for its top-notch healthcare system within South Asia. This is your chance for unforgettable professional and personal growth, all rolled into one life-changing adventure.

Your internship program in Sri Lanka isn’t just about work. Explore ancient temples steeped in history, trek through lush rainforests teeming with life, and connect with warm and welcoming locals. This internship is your chance to broaden your perspective, challenge yourself, and return home transformed, carrying the essence of Sri Lanka in your heart.

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Rehabilitation for patients in Sri Lanka

Medical Internship in Sri Lanka

Boost your CV and broaden your horizons with a healthcare internship in Sri Lanka. Gain valuable experience by shadowing medical professionals in renowned public hospitals like our partner with 5000 beds. This strictly observation-based program lets you immerse yourself in a thriving healthcare system while experiencing vibrant Sri Lankan culture. Elevate your medical school application by participating in our clinical internship opportunities in Sri Lanka (medical students only). Work alongside experts in diverse clinical areas for an average of 5 hours per day, gaining insights unique to the region.
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