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Volunteer in Cambodia is much more than Angkor Wat, the mighty ruins of an ancient temple complex that has captivated tourists for years. This Asian country is boasts beautiful beaches, unbroken rain forests, and an idyllic rural landscape dotted with gentle rivers, caves, rice fields, and ornate ancient temples. Our Volunteer in Cambodia programs are based in Phnom Penh.

Cambodia’s recent history has not been pleasant. The country has been pushed to the brink of poverty along with human rights issues such as child trafficking and persecution of minority groups. Other issues include environmental degradation and poaching of exotic wildlife. As a volunteer in Cambodia, there are many internships and volunteering opportunities for you to positively impact the country while making the most of an adventurous vacation.

Volunteer Opportunities in Cambodia

Ever since the Khmer Rouge, an organization that incited country-wide genocide for 31 years, came to an end in 1999, the country has been in rehabilitation. During the Khmer Rouge takeover, creativity, self-expression and education were condemned as acts against the government and Cambodians are still in a transition from communist rule to a liberal society, and volunteers are much needed to help in almost every sector as the people of Cambodia are trying to gain heir own voice and exercise their right to self-expression. Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia is where we offer our life changing volunteering programs. These include Teaching English, Working with NGO’s, helping Special Needs individuals, and Medical & Nursing Internships.

Volunteering Journeys programs in Cambodia are flexible programs for participants looking to help in various projects with no or little prerequisites. Commitment is two week minimum at some projects and 4 weeks at others.


Teaching English in Cambodia is becoming extremely popular as the country becomes more tourist-friendly and business leaders seek to hire bilingual employees. Volunteers will be teaching English in local schools and community centres. Read more

Medical & Nursing
Medical and Nursing

Our Nursing and Medical electives programs in Cambodia are ideal for medical or nursing students. They help you build real-world global experience and gain knowledge about healthcare systems that are unique to this part of the world. Read more

Physiotherapy / Mental Health

Here you’ll work alongside physiotherapists at the rehabilitation centre, and gain practical work experience while helping treat patients with physical or mental disabilities, diseases, or HIV. Read more


Midwifery internships abroad will allow you to assist local healthcare professionals with various administrative and sanitation duties, experience and help with pre-natal consultancies, births and and post-natal care. Read more

NGO Internships

Ideal for students looking for international development work experience in Human Rights Support, Women Empowerment, Micro-Finance Raising, or NGO Administration. Read more

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Cambodia will allow you to explore the heart of Southeast Asia, a nation replete with lush natural landscapes from dense forests to rice paddy fields, bustling cities, and the majestic architectural remnants of the great Khmer empire dotting every bit of the country.

The charming city of Phnom Penh is the capital and also serves as our base of volunteer operations. Volunteering Journeys Cambodia volunteer abroad projects include Teaching English, Working with NGO’s, helping Special Needs individuals, and Medical & Nursing Internships. Whether you are a gap year student, career breaker or a family or a mature volunteer, you can apply to any of our volunteer in Cambodia projects.

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