Volunteer in Cambodia

Volunteer in Cambodia

Colourful Cambodia!

Cambodia is a beautiful Southeast Asian country, surrounded by Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. It is always a fantastic time to visit Cambodia, and the busiest times of year for tourists fall between November and February, when the country’s temperature is at its lowest. Logistically, it’s incredibly easy to get your visa to use to visit the country, you can simply organise online before you travel or in one of the major airports. How you plan your trip is completely up to you, you could choose to fly into Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, or Siem Reap where the ancient site of Angkor Wat is located. Both of these places are where we hold our life changing volunteering programs. We organise teaching programs in both Phnom Penh and Siam Rep, and also a medical volunteering program in Phnom Penh, giving you some exciting options to make your Cambodian volunteering trip something special that you can remember forever.

Volunteer in South Cambodia: Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia, formerly known as Chaktomuk, so will make an excellent location to complete your volunteering project in! Phnom Penh was founded in 1434 and is located along the banks of the Tonlé Sap and Mekong River and many would argue that it is the country’s center of economic development and areas of politics. Aside from this, the city is an exotic paradise that will conjure up images of monks in their vibrant flame coloured robes, the ancient temples that are awaiting exploration and a busy atmosphere that is like no other.

Approximately 1.5 million people live in the capital city, and there are cafes and bars to try out for yourself and endless places to visit all over Phnom Penh. Here you will also find the National Museum of Cambodia, the Royal Palace, the Vann Nath Gallery and many more exciting places. If you’re looking for a volunteering opportunity with plenty of cultural aspects included, this is the perfect place to visit. There are a number of French colonial buildings still present today and Phnom Penh is famous for its beauty and historical architecture to appreciate.

Volunteer in North Cambodia: Siam Reap is an area with exquisite Chinese-style buildings, and incredible scenery that bring in tourists and explorers from all across the globe. You can visit the museums, fishing villages and quirky shops as you venture into this stunning place. Nowadays, as Siam Reap is so close to the 12th century Angkor temples, it’s home to many hotels and hostels ready to accommodate the endless flocks of tourists who visit every year. Although Siam Reap is one of the poorer areas of Cambodia, it relies on income from tourism to thrive. Situated along the north eastern edge of the biggest fresh water lake in South East Asia, Tonle Sap Lake, this picturesque location allows for a relaxing trip, whatever the reason for travel. Here there is lively nightlife to be found in the evenings and all sorts of cuisines can be enjoyed, including but not limited to Mexican food, Indian food and even Italian food! With more than 70 bars, 180 restaurants and various markets and stalls to discover, Siam Reap is the perfect place to volunteer.




We invite volunteers from all over the world to come to Cambodia to learn about development issues and culture by providing their skills, interest and time to a local organization. Volunteers will be placed in one of our partner organizations all over Cambodia based on their field of interest. I truly believe that volunteering can bring incredible benefits to both my local communities and also to the volunteers themselves.”

Brem V, Cambodia Program Manager, Volunteering Journeys

Why Volunteer in Cambodia?

Cambodia apsara-dance

Friendly Locals

The majority of Cambodians follow the religion of Theravada Buddhism. This means they often adopt the principles of karma, meditation and living a moral life of good deeds. This calm, friendly, wise outlook on life will be apparent when you visit Cambodia, and may make you not want to leave!

bayon-temple- Cambodia

Endless Temples

You’ll find temples covered in overgrown jungles, over lakes and even some decaying from years left untouched. There are over 100 temples to explore in Siem Reap alone, making Cambodia the most fulfilling destination if you want to get lost in the history of the country.


Amazing Food

Cambodian people are great lovers of food! Some may say it holds similarities to Vietnamese food, but you’ll learn to appreciate it in a whole new light after travelling to Cambodia. You’ll learn that rice is a big hit!


Paradise Setting

A mixture of lakes and rivers, temples and forests and highlands, you will be mesmerized by the setting of Cambodia. Just don’t forget to bring your camera, you might need it…

Cambodia Volunteer Programs

Teaching English in Cambodia
Join us in Phnom Penh and help teach English to communities in schools and local learning centres.

NGO Placements, Social Work and Human Rights in Cambodia
Work with local NGOs in fundraising, proposal writing, organizational development, administration, and community development.

Medical Electives in Cambodia
Join us in Phnom Penh and Siam Rep supporting hospitals and local clinics. Ideal for health care and medical students and medical professionals.

Psychology and Mental Health Placements
Work in special needs schools and help with mental health and psychology needs of students. This is a wonderful program for psychology students who want work experience internationally

Nursing Internships in Cambodia
Get great exposure in the nursing field helping in local hospitals in Phnom Penh.

Midwifery Placement in Cambodia
Join us in Phnom Penh’s local hospitals with midwives and doctors and get some great midwifery work experience abroad!

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