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Nepal is one of the most underdeveloped countries in the world and the country is still trying to recover and rebuild since the earthquake of 2015. Together with hardworking and compassionate volunteers, and our local partners, Volunteering Journeys can do something to help. Our Building Project in Nepal allows Engineering graduates and students to learn about construction and building work in a developing country with limited resources. Not only is our building project great for enhancing your CV but it can also be a life changing experience that allows you to travel and learn about the world at the same time. On a personal level, many find this internship in Nepal to be a soul searching adventure, one that adds meaning and depth to your life. And whether or not you’ve had experience with building or structural desgin, you could be an invaluable resource to the local team of engineers.

As a nation with so many environmental conditions, after the earthquake, rebuilding and rehousing using eco friendly and environmentally efficient ways has become more important. The work that our students do here really does make a measurable difference. And that’s one of the biggest rewards with a project like this; you can see the direct benefits of the time you devote and you can connect with locals in an unbelievable way. Whether you in the middle of a university degree or just looking for an immersive travel experience during the summer, this Volunteering Journeys Building Project in Nepal will teach you more than you can imagine.

This placement has a 4 week minimum and a 6 month maximum. If you are interested in any specific time frames for your university requirement please get in touch with us.

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What is involved

The Volunteering Journeys Building Project is based in rural Nepal which were hugely devastated by the earthquake. It was the biggest earthquake in over 80 years and thousands of families were left to sleep on the streets with no water or electricity. Supplies were flown in from all over the world but a few years on local engineers are now looking for students to assist them in converting energy efficient and earthquake resistant constructions, conserving natural resources and energy reduction through architectural redesign work, generating energy from renewable resources and creating green and eco friendly community spaces.

If you choose to join this engineering internship in Nepal you will spend your time working with the local engineers and communities to help them rebuild schools and homes with much more environmentally friendly and energy efficient methods. Tasks may include visiting project sites and staying on site as required, preparing site plans and specifications including costing estimates, investigating natural resources, wildlife and plants in the area, analysing environmental reports on land conditions such as drainage and energy usage, preparing graphic representations of proposed plans using computer aided design and drafting, creating dummy models of eco friendly houses and sites, creating  environmental impact reports and so on. This is a just a glimpse into what’s involved in our program but we do ask that our volunteers and students remain open minded and flexible, as other needs may crop up from day to day. You will also need work remotely and at times with limited resources. The possibilities of what you may be doing when you’re here are endless; the most important thing is that you’re willing to learn and give back.

With such a varied amount of structural redesign involved, you will soon learn a lot. But rest assured, this will also make a huge difference to the the community of Nepal. And as you’ll be conveniently housed near Kathmandu valley, there will be much to explore this incredible country at the weekends and during your own free time.

Some details

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What your first week looks like

Arrival day

Cultural immersion in Nepal
Your arrival weekend will be relaxed. We will pick you up from the airport and bring you to your accommodation. Depending on your time of arrival, our team will meet you and give you a local orientation so you can get to know the area you are living in. The next day you will be given health and safety briefing and project training before we take you in for your program.


Volunteers on their first day in Nepal
Your project coordinator or a member of the team will be taking you to the project and after introductions you can get started. Two meals breakfast, and dinner will be the accommodation and lunch is generally at the project site or outside. In the evenings most volunteers spend it either exploring local sights, relaxing at the accommodation or preparing for projects.


Environment Project in Nepal
Our local team will suggest many activities for you to do! Your weekends will be free for you to explore Nepal. We highly recommend you to utilise your time so you can get to see more of the country that you are visiting. We usually make recommendations based on past volunteer experiences. Its always better to book excursions in country with other volunteers.

Weekend activities


Boating at Pokhara Lake (1)
Pokhara is a heaven for nature enthusiasts and adventure freaks. Camping, paragliding, and mountain biking.

Bhaktapur Heritage

Bhaktapur Nepal
Bhaktapur is known for the antique charms of Nepal. The wood carvings of the temples & monuments are truly amazing.

Chitwan Jungle Safari

The densely marshy terrain of Chitwan, spread over 332 sq miles, is a habitat to a large variety of reptiles, mammals, & birds.

Mountain Trekking

Everest with Amadablam poonhill
Nepal is a trekker’s paradise and is known for the astounding trekking routes. Our team can help you book these.

Testimonial Videos

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