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Extensive research and studies have shown that participating in a sport can help in the development of a child’s self-esteem and confidence. Simple gestures such as a high-five or a pat on the back builds confidence and improves bonding between children. Sports help children develop social skills and self-confidence which would benefit them even when they grow older. It internalizes a spirit of teamwork and collaboration. They learn to interact with people from different ages which gives them an opportunity to make lifelong friends. Most importantly, any sport can teach life lessons about accepting and coping with losses rather than feeling completely defeated.

Our Sports Volunteering Program aims to impart sports training as well as life skills such as teamwork and endurance to students from our partner schools. The program runs in conjunction with already existing or newly introduced sports coaching programs. Volunteers are expected to be knowledgeable about the sport they wish to train and work with local sports coaches to formulate an effective training plan. Coaching sessions are generally held in the mornings or early in the evenings. This means that you have the rest of the evening as well as the weekends all to yourself to explore the local area and make new friends!

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Surf lessons in South Africa

Volunteer in South Africa

Surfing in South Africa is an exhilarating experience, regardless of your level of proficiency as a surfer. As a surf volunteer, you will work with children from the community to help improve both their surfing abilities and general life skills. You will have an experienced surfing trainer alongside you most of the time in case you need help or simply need a bit of warm-up training yourself. This program is a great opportunity to work and play at the same time!
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Sports Internship in Peru

Volunteer in Peru

Peru’s school children and youth can immensely benefit from quality sports training. Whether it is to help them compete in a professional manner or simply learn a new sport; the demand for sports coaching is strong within the schools and youth centers in Peru. Existing coaches in the school system often face challenges to manage large student batches and split time coaching different sports. Volunteers will have the choice between coaching in basketball, soccer, track and field, or volleyball.
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