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February 13, 2024 | Volunteer Programs

Thinking about spending your summer differently? How about ditching the usual routine for a stint of volunteering abroad? It’s not just about changing your scenery; it’s about changing lives. Summer volunteering lets you swap the beach towels for a purposeful cause, making a real impact where it matters most.

Why go?

Volunteer in Vietnam

Global Passport: Explore stunning countries across continents. Our programs are offered in Asia, South America, and South Africa! Your volunteer contributions make a difference while you experience new cultures and make lifelong friends.

Friend Magnet: Share incredible adventures with like-minded volunteers from around the world. Build meaningful bonds that last a lifetime and extends beyond casual acquaintanceship. Its a friendship that ignites the spark to help communities.

Career Catalyst: Gain valuable skills and insights relevant to your field, discover hidden talents, and boost your CV for future applications.

Make a Mark: Contribute to meaningful projects in a short timeframe. See the impact of your work firsthand and feel the good vibes!

From building schools in Nepal to protecting turtles in Costa Rica, your summer volunteer adventure awaits! Ditch the tourist trail, immerse yourself in local communities, and discover the true beauty of different countries.

Ready to make this your most memorable summer yet? Explore our countless volunteer programs and find your perfect global adventure!

Our Top Summer Volunteering Programs Abroad

Scroll down and discover the summer volunteerimng opportunities that await you:

1. Wildlife Volunteer Abroad


Wildlife Conservation South Africa Bush

Volunteer in our Animal and Wildlife programs to actively preserve biodiversity and protect species from threats like habitat loss and poaching. Gain hands-on experience working closely with professionals, understanding the daily tasks involved in wildlife care.

Participate in research-based programs like the Wild Elephant initiative in Sri Lanka or the Big 5 Wildlife project in South Africa. For those seeking hands-on involvement, join our Wildlife Sanctuary projects in South Africa or Thailand.

Animal lovers can contribute to domesticated animals’ well-being in our Animal Care programs in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Costa Rica, and Peru. Offer companionship to dogs and cats, aid shelters in finding permanent homes, and support with feeding, walking, and cleaning enclosures.

2. Dental Volunteering Programs


Dental students in India

Passionate about dentistry? Explore our volunteer programs in India and Nepal, where you can make a meaningful impact while refining your skills. Dental students, under the guidance of the dentist and staff, will perform tasks like assisting at the front desk, sanitizing dental tools, and inputting data during examinations.

In India, collaborate with seasoned professionals to witness and address diverse oral health challenges faced by local communities. Our program in Nepal, offers  a unique dentistry volunteer opportunity amidst breathtaking landscapes and warm hospitality.

3. Medical Volunteer Abroad


Medical Volunteering Abroad

Embark on a transformative medical journey this summer with our tailored programs designed for medical, pre-med, dental, and nursing students. Under the mentorship of seasoned practitioners, elevate your expertise through hands-on experiences, seamlessly aligned with your educational qualifications.

We offer medical volunteer programs in several countries. Each location offers unique opportunities to learn and excel at the craft while forming lifelong personal and professional networks. Choose from Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Cambodia, Philippines, Costa Rica, or Peru.

4. Marine Conservation Volunteer Programs


Diving on the marine conservation internship

Embark on a summer marine conservation adventure in both Costa Rica and the Maldives through our Sea Turtle and Marine Conservation volunteer programs. Join us in safeguarding marine ecosystems, from coral reefs to endangered turtles, while gaining hands-on experience under the guidance of marine experts.

In Costa Rica, work alongside skilled biologists to safeguard nesting sites, witness the magic of turtle hatchlings, and contribute to the care of injured turtles.

For an equally mesmerizing experience, participate in our program in the Maldives, where you’ll team up with trained biologists to protect nesting sites, ensuring the well-being of these incredible marine creatures.

5. Volunteer Teaching Abroad


English Teaching volunteer Programs

Embark on a life-changing journey by joining our impactful summer teaching programs. We offer English teaching programs at all our volunteering locations. Immerse yourself in local communities across our global network, working in primary schools, after-school centers, or community centers. Equip underprivileged children with the tools they need to thrive by teaching English and other essential subjects like basic computer literacy.

With a balanced schedule of 3-4 hours daily on weekdays, you’ll have ample time for personal exploration while making a real difference in the lives of children.

Explore Asia like never before!


Volunteers in Cambodia Asia

Asia has an adventure in store for you this summer! It is one of the most geographically diverse and historically rich continents making it the perfect crossroads to discover new cultures, contribute to a great cause, and cherish friendships for a lifetime.

A few programs you can explore in each of these countries are listed below:

Volunteer in India: Nestled in the idyllic haven of Kerala, Southern India, our programs include Women’s Empowerment, Teaching Children, Disabled Care, Yoga & Volunteering, and Medical or Healthcare Internships. For those passionate about climate change, our exclusive eco-farming volunteer programs in Assam (East India) provide a unique opportunity for environmentally conscious volunteers.

Volunteer in Nepal: Our programs  include Teaching Monk Children English, Women’s Empowerment, Disabled Care, Teaching English, Medical Internships and Dental Internships, Engineering Internships and NGO Placements for social development. We also have a family volunteering option in Nepal ideal for family vacations during the school holidays.

Volunteer in Thailand: Venturing through various regions in Thailand, our projects are concentrated in the Surin province, celebrated for its magnificent elephants, aromatic jasmine rice, and ancient Khmer-era ruins. Immerse yourself in our core volunteer opportunities in Thailand, spanning the impactful Elephant Conservation program to immersive Medical Internships.

Volunteer in Cambodia: Nestled in the enchanting locale of Phnom Penh, our hub for volunteer programs, explore diverse programs such as Teaching English, Collaborating with NGOs, assisting Special Needs individuals, and engaging in Medical & Nursing Internships.

Volunteer in Sri Lanka: Discover our volunteer programs in Sri Lanka centered around beautiful locales of Galle and Wasgamuwa. Galle, a historic city boasting colonial architectural wonders, invites you to engage in Monk Teaching, Dog Care, and Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy Internships, along with Medical Internships and Electives.

Volunteer in Maldives: Delve into the charm of volunteering in the Maldives, stationed on the captivating island of Naifaru. Immerse yourself in our meaningful sea turtle and marine conservation programs, offering volunteers the chance to play a vital role in the protection of endangered sea turtles.

Experience the magic of South Africa


South Africa Volunteers on table mountain

Embark on a remarkable journey with summer volunteering opportunities in South Africa. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or dedicated to community welfare, this destination has something special for you.

Along its expansive coastline, dive into coaching youth in surfing and watersports, while the bustling urban centers provide excellent avenues for engaging in teaching and women empowerment programs.

Volunteering opportunities are mostly centered in and around major urban centers like Cape Town, Durban, Kruger, and Johannesburg.

Volunteer across South America


Career Break volunteer in Peru

Engage in impactful programs supporting crucial wildlife and community initiatives through a range of volunteer programs across South America. Secure your place now for programs in popular destinations like Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Ecuador, each offering unique opportunities.

Peru beckons volunteers to the historic city of Cusco, nestled in the Peruvian Andes and once the heart of the Inca Empire. Engage in impactful projects, from Teaching and Child Care Programs to Medical and Nursing Electives, Dog Shelter and Veterinary Programs, and internships for those seeking longer-term commitments.

Costa Rica, a nature lover’s paradise, welcomes volunteers to experience its unparalleled biodiversity and vibrant culture. Engage in community development projects like Education, Women’s Empowerment, and Healthcare or Medicine in San Ramon de Alajuela and neighboring towns. Alternatively, participate in wildlife conservation initiatives such as Sea Turtle Conservation and Environment-based programs along the Pacific coast and Fortuna Area.

As the summer sun sets on your time abroad, you’ll head home with more than just a tan. You’ll carry the stories of the people you’ve met, the communities you’ve touched, and the difference you’ve made.

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