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November 24, 2023 | Medical

The COVID-19 pandemic which swept the planet with merciless fury in 2020 and early 2021 is finally abating. The restrictions imposed on travel and volunteering activities are easing globally. Volunteering organizations across the globe are gearing up to jump headlong into serving their beloved communities again. Popular volunteering programs are scheduled for reopening later in 2022 and will probably pick up steam to reach Pre-COVID levels in 2024.

Volunteer organizations are taking all necessary steps for a safe and productive program calendar in line with local governments and health guidelines. When you volunteer, be prepared for new preventative measures and protocols that are bound to be introduced for your safety as well as the protection of the local communities you will serve.

As you prepare to head out into the world again, we roundup a definitive list of the best volunteering programs you can sign up for in 2021 and beyond.

Disclaimer: Volunteering Journeys is not affiliated with any of the organizations listed and is curating this list for informational purposes only. The dates and activities listed here are subject to change based on local conditions and the volunteer organizations discretion.

Discover exhilarating experiences in South America

Play a key role in supporting important wildlife and community projects with a wide range of volunteer programs in South America in 2021-2022. Programs are now taking registrations in popular destinations such as Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Ecuador.

Each of these countries offers unique volunteering opportunities. You can sign-up for activities that involve wildlife and nature conservation or work closely with local communities for efforts that involve education, women empowerment and more.

A few programs you can explore in each of these countries are listed below:

 Peru: Animal care shelter, Teaching English, Medical and nursing volunteering, Jungle
conservation, and construction/renovation projects.

 Costa Rica: Sea turtle projects, Teaching English, Animal care shelter, and Medical and nursing

 Brazil: Teaching English, Sports, Community development, Construction and renovation, and

 Ecuador: Environmental education, NGO support, Music, School support, Animal care, Teaching
English, and Working with street children.

 Colombia: Child and Elderly care: Community development, Construction and renovation, and
Sports development.

 Guatemala: Construction and renovation, Wildlife rescue, Turtle conservation, Teaching English,
Physiotherapy support and more.

A few programs such as Healthcare and Teaching English are perennially available across all countries in South America. Research about the program of your choice in your desired location to locate the best volunteer organization who operates in the region.

Explore Asia like never before!
Traveling solo, as a family, or a gap year student – Asia has an adventure in store for everyone. It is one of the most geographically diverse and historically rich continents making it the perfect crossroads to discover new cultures, contribute to a great cause, and cherish friendships for a lifetime.

Asia is a boon for travelers seeking adventures as well as on a path to helping communities grow and thrive. You can explore any of the options below for a fulfilling program in the Post-Covid timelines of 2020-2021.

Be sure to lookup any specific program you’re interested in more detail to identify the best times to travel as well as the most reputed volunteering partner to make your wishes come true.

A few programs you can explore in each of these countries are listed below (and Volunteering Journeys is of course primarily in Asia and specialises in some of the locations below):

India: English Teaching, Medical and nursing volunteering, Community development, Construction and
renovation, and Childcare.

Nepal: Childcare, NGO support, Monk school teaching, Medical electives, and Sustainable agriculture.

Cambodia: Rural community development, Special needs care, Teaching, Turtle conservation, and Childcare.

Sri Lanka: Elephant-human conflict resolution, Rural community development, Special needs care, Teaching, and Medical electives.

Maldives: Sea turtle projects and Teaching English

Experience the magic of South Africa

South Africa is one of the nations that quickly sprung to action to get a handle on the COVID-19 situation while it had other countries in a grip of fear and economic turmoil. Proactive handling of the situation means that volunteer opportunities are plenty with minimum restrictions or local clauses concerning the government and health authorities.

South Africa is a perfect destination for both thrill seekers as well as those focused on community welfare work. Its vast coastline offers unlimited opportunities to coach youngsters in Surfing and watersports while its urban sprawl in major cities is a great place to involve yourself with teaching and women empowerment programs. If thats not exciting you can join some epic wildlife programs where you will be living in the wild (literally!).

South Africa offers many popular volunteer programs all through the year. Volunteering Journeys offers some of the below projects in South Africa that are super popular:

 Sports coaching and development
 Wildlife programs (working with the African Big 5)
 Childcare and Teaching
 Surf, skate, and swim workshops
 Working with street children

 Wildlife conservationVolunteering opportunities are mostly centered in and around major urban centers like Cape Town,Durban, Kruger, and Johannesburg.

Be sure to visit the website and make detailed enquires with your volunteering organization of choice before you pack your bags!

Uncover exciting online volunteering options:

Its perfectly understandable that the pandemic has left a lot of us jittery to make plans already although the zest for helping people is still as strong as ever. In such a scenario where you want to help but are limited due to ill health, anxiety, or country-specific restrictions – consider online volunteering options.

Many top volunteering organizations worldwide have setup an online model to sustain their efforts. You can quickly sign-up and jump right into the action by teaching English or other skill development training programs. Your efforts from the comfort of home can make a big impact in the lives of women who can use it for work or income generation in the aftermath of the pandemic. Search online for rewarding online volunteering opportunities and get started right away to boost your resume while interacting with interesting people from across the globe.

Write to us at or browse our programs page to see the complete list of
programs we are offering in each location during this post-pandemic phase.

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