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February 4, 2024 | Medical

Embarking on a nursing volunteering journey abroad isn’t just a professional choice; it’s a transformative odyssey of healing and compassion. In developing countries, volunteer nurses become beacons of hope who help doctors and nurses in hospitals and clinics, most of these understaffed. The experience is open not just for students pursuing a medical or nursing profession, but caters to anyone who is committed to the cause and has interest in Healthcare.

Volunteering as a nurse in developing countries is a potent blend of empathy, expertise, and adventure, where each intervention not only heals bodies but also leaves an indelible mark on the collective spirit of communities yearning for care.

Our medical electives are offered in developing countries such as the Philippines, India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Peru, Costa Rica or South Africa.

Basic Requirements for the Nursing Program Abroad


Nursing volunteers in Nepal

Volunteering as a nurse abroad typically involves specific requirements to ensure a successful and impactful experience. While these can vary based on organizations and destinations, common requirements include:

Medical Experience: A medical degree isn’t mandatory, given that program requirements differ across locations. Tailored for school leavers considering future medical studies, we provide pre-med volunteer abroad options.

Time Commitment: Many of our medical elective abroad placements necessitate a commitment of 5-7 hours daily at our partner hospital or clinic. Your mentor, typically a doctor or a designated department, will guide your experience. As an observer, you may be called upon to assist with essential tasks like taking vitals and treating minor wounds.

Cultural Sensitivity Training: Given the diverse settings volunteers may work in, training on cultural sensitivity and awareness may be required to navigate unfamiliar cultural contexts respectfully.

Language Proficiency: Depending on the destination, basics of the local language or a common international language may be necessary to communicate effectively with patients and healthcare professionals.

Benefits of Nursing Volunteering Programs


Global Impact: Volunteer nursing abroad allows you to make a tangible difference in communities with limited healthcare resources, providing essential medical care where it’s needed most.

Cultural Exchange: Engaging with diverse communities enhances your cultural competence, fostering a deeper understanding of global healthcare challenges and solutions.

Professional Growth: Working in varied and resource-limited settings hones your adaptability and problem-solving skills, contributing to your professional development as a nurse, medical, or healthcare professional.

Why Choose Volunteering Journeys?


Medical and Nursing Internships in Peru

Choosing Volunteering Journeys for nursing volunteer programs abroad offers a unique blend of expertise and experience. With a proven track record in organizing impactful programs, our programs are carefully planned with credible hospitals and clinics for a well-structured and meaningful volunteering experience. Our commitment to excellence extends to providing opportunities in diverse destinations across many continents.

At Volunteering Journeys, we understand that every nursing volunteer is unique. That’s why we offer tailored placements, ensuring that your skills and aspirations match specific programs. Our team is always on hand to help you with any aspect pertaining to the program, be it logistics or program-specific assistance. This personalized approach enhances the overall experience, allowing volunteers to make a significant contribution while gaining valuable insights into global healthcare challenges.

Moreover, our emphasis on cultural immersion and local partnerships fosters genuine connections between volunteers and the communities they serve, making the volunteering journey not just professionally rewarding but also personally enriching.

Programs at Volunteer Journeys


Medical Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Our medical volunteer programs in Sri Lanka focus solely on observation. For electives, we request your preferred clinical area. Due to high demand, we recommend applying early to secure your spot. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate, and we’re happy to assist with elective-related paperwork. Please note, our medical volunteer experience in Sri Lanka is specifically tailored for medical and nursing students.

Medical Volunteer Nepal

Our programs in Nepal cater to both medical students and qualified healthcare professionals across various disciplines, including OPD services, Pediatrics, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Imaging, Pathology, Endoscopy, General Nursing, Ambulance Service, Medical Library Assistance, or Dental. Engaging in this volunteering initiative provides an opportunity to acquire hands-on medical experience in a real-world setting, deepen your understanding of healthcare in a developing country, and contribute under the guidance of seasoned experts, making a meaningful impact on those in need.

Medical Volunteer India

For our programs in India, we assign medical and nursing students, with a minimum of some university experience, to the private hospital in Cochin city. Here, you’ll gain exposure to a diverse range of patients and cases prevalent in Kerala, guided by a compassionate team of doctors and nurses.

Medical Volunteer in Cambodia

This program is ideally suitable for medical students, nursing students and health care students who want to learn about medical systems in a developing country. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about tropical diseases and uncommon medical situations like insect and snake bite treatments.

Medical Volunteer Philippines

Volunteer at a local health clinic in the Philippines to support understaffed rural clinics near Tacloban City. Ideal for those seeking to experience the local healthcare industry or apply their medical skills in a rewarding environment. The Rural Health Unit (RHU) clinics are vital sources of free basic healthcare for surrounding rural communities.

Medical Volunteer Costa Rica

Healthcare volunteering suits pre-med students or those considering medicine-related majors. Volunteers assist in schools, elderly homes, chronic pain clinics, and disability programs, supporting patient well-being and administering medicine. You perform essential healthcare tasks and shadow local medical professionals for observation and assistance.

Medical Volunteer Peru

We specialize in medical volunteering, focusing on midwifery, physiotherapy, doctor’s assistants, and malnutrition. In Cusco, Peru, you’ll gain real-life experience working with local doctors and patients, enhancing your career and broadening your medical perspectives in South America. This program requires a minimum commitment of 4 weeks and is well-suited for Spanish speakers.

Medical Volunteer South Africa

Our South Africa medical volunteer program welcomes participants at various levels—medical and nursing students, both enrolled and pre-med. Offering comprehensive insights into South Africa’s medical system, the program caters to beginners and advanced students, covering a range of specializations. Volunteers work at a prominent community health clinic in the Western Cape.

How can I join the nursing or medical volunteer program?


Choose Your Ideal Destination: Select the country you wish to travel to and define your learning goals and contribution objectives.

Submit Your Application: After deciding on the perfect program, visit the “Apply Now” section to complete your application form.

Seek Guidance (if needed): If you have any queries or require assistance, feel free to contact our Program Advisors at They are ready to address all your concerns.

Complete Registration: Proceed with the registration process, including the payment of the application and program fees. These fees encompass various services, such as Pre-Departure Guidance, Airport pick-up, accommodation, meals, dedicated in-country support, and program participation.

Document Submission: As part of the registration, you’ll need to upload specific documents, with clear guidance provided to you at the appropriate time.

In 2024, a whole array of medical and nursing trips awaits, promising an unforgettable journey of compassion and transformation. As you embark on these extraordinary adventures, you’ll not only broaden your medical knowledge and skills but also foster a deep sense of empathy and global awareness.

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