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November 21, 2021 | Teaching

When anyone says the words ‘Spring Break’, most people immediately think of parties, staying up late, drinking alcohol and generally letting your hair down. Even though that’s all well and good in moderation, doing something more meaningful with your spring break can not only leave you feeling amazing but it can also help you make the world a better place. Has that got your attention? To challenge and inspire yourself, have a read of these 20 ‘Alternative Spring Break Ideas for Students’, to help you realize the options available to you. So go on, push your boundaries and choose something special for you…

  1. Go on a volunteering trip with your family

One of the things that often puts people off volunteering is the thought of having to do it alone. However, there are other volunteering options where you can bring the whole family! This is great if you know you love the idea of volunteering in another country but aren’t ready to step out on your own yet. This is a truly incredible thing to do because not only are you going to get closer as a family and improve personal connections with each other, but you’re also going to make even more of a difference together because two heads are better than one. Or four or five, depending on how large your family are! Check out the options on our website here, for more information about how you can arrange a family volunteering holiday.

2.Raise money for a cause you care about

Instead of spending your spring break spending all the money you’ve worked hard to earn over the months leading up to it, why not take part in a volunteering project where you can ask people to sponsor you to raise money for a cause you care about? These days it’s so easy to set up a Just Giving page to start saving those pennies for whichever charity you care about! Perhaps if you’re doing marine conservation, you should raise money and awareness for a charity that’s working to protect marine life. Or if you complete a women’s empowerment volunteering project, you could raise money for a charity that is fighting to protect women’s rights. The choices are endless! The trick is to work out which causes you care about most, so you’ll find it easier to raise money and hold your enthusiasm. People will be inspired by you!

3. Volunteer abroad with animals

If you love animals, completing a project centred around an endangered species could be an excellent use of your spring break. There are endless options – you could work with turtles, elephants, dogs, lions, the list goes on and on! Click here to have a look at our wildlife conservation projects to give yourself an idea of the options.

4. Spend your summer teaching English
Was English your favourite subject in school? Well, this could be your opportunity to make it someone else’s favourite subject! There are so many countries you can teach English in, including (but not limited to!) Thailand, Bali, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka or South Africa. This will not only make you feel like you’ve spent your spring break doing something amazing, but it will also add something fantastic to your CV which will make you appealing to potential employers! Click here to browse our English teaching options.

5.Build a school in a developing country

Completing a construction volunteering project during your spring break is a great alternative to sitting around all summer, as you’ll naturally get fit and be able to spend just as much time in the sun. You’ll improve the education of so many children by helping to build them a school they can be proud of. This will allow local teachers to gain some structure to their lessons, in classes where they can teach more easily and safely. For more information on these sorts of projects, click here. 

6.Volunteer to work on your personal growth

Planning to Complete a worthwhile project abroad instead of your usual ‘spring break’ plans isn’t only good for improving your CV and others lives, but it will also help you to develop and grow as a person. Lots of people forget that volunteering and meeting new people helps to give you a much wider perspective, and amazing new values that you can keep with you for the rest of your life. Arranging an alternative spring break plan could be the best thing you ever do and can make you the best person you’ve ever been.

7.Teach on a topic you care about, e.g. women’s rights

If you have always wanted to make a difference or speak about a topic you care deeply about, this is the perfect time to do it! Explore all the options to find something you truly wish to spend your summer months working on and discussing. The values you teach could stay with those people forever.

8. Make a video documentary of your trip

At the end of every summer, so many people have lots of photos to look back on and reminisce. Why don’t you take it one step further and create a video documentary of your alternative spring break plans? Whether you’re volunteering in a village or nurturing an endangered species, you can make an amazing video to share with others, who then may also decide to take a trip like you!

9. Use the time wisely and prepare for your career

Taking part in a project that can benefit your career is also an incredible alternative spring break idea. You can complete medical or dental electives to put your skills into practice and learn how things are done in another country. Our programs are suitable for university students training to be doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists or occupational therapists. So whatever your ideal profession, you should be able to find something perfect! Click here for more information about the types of projects you can sign up for on our website.

10. Play sports all summer in another country! 

If you love playing sports, teaching sports could be even more rewarding! You can be a part of teaching children how to swim, play volleyball or even cricket! You don’t need to be a qualified sports coach or incredibly fit, you just need to be positive and enthusiastic and ready to put in the effort. Click here to find out more about one of our options in Sri Lanka!

11. Live on the beach while volunteering!

The beauty of completing a volunteering project in a country of your choice, is that often you get to live practically on the beach! You’ll have time off in the evenings and on the weekends often to explore the area and chill on the beach. These will be some of the memories that shape your whole spring break! Imagine where you’d most like to live for the summer and do some research. You won’t regret it!

12. Instead of spending another summer with your friends from home, make new friends!

Another fantastic benefit of considering an alternative spring break idea is that you can meet a whole new group of friends. These people are likely to share similar interests to you and will make you feel at home away from home! With technology these days you’ll be able to keep in touch after your trip is over and meet up again in the future. Click here to read some of our previous volunteers’ stories and reviews!

13. If you don’t want to make a huge commitment, volunteer for 2 weeks!

If you like the idea of having your usual spring break, but also want to do something amazing, you can take part in volunteering projects that go on for just two weeks. This way you can have the best of both worlds! There is a great option in Thailand that goes on for two weeks, click here to find out more information! 

14. Visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to go…

Perhaps you have an idea of a country that you have always wanted to visit but never been able to before. Well, now is your time to go! Whether that is India, Thailand, South Africa, Bali Sri Lanka, Mozabique, the Maldives or Nepal – the list is never ending! Whatever travelling dreams you may have had, spring break is the ideal time to make these dreams a reality. Have a flick through some of the options on our website, you might surprise yourself with which countries grab your interest!

15. Work within a community to help make a difference

To get the most out of your spring break, you can get involved with local charities while you are abroad to help local people improve their lives and ultimately be happier. These charities do lots of things, for example working with slum communities with their health and hygiene issues. Or perhaps working on mental health awareness with talks to local communities in support groups. Or if you venture to India, gender inequality is still a large issue in some of the poorer areas. Your work can help to educate people and work towards the dream of worldwide equality.

16. Take a summer volunteering trip with a friend. There’s no rule that says you have to go alone!

If you don’t want to take a trip alone, why not arrange something with one of your best friends?! Making memories together can be an amazing way to plan an alternative spring break, and two people can make even more difference than just you alone! The main thing to do in lead up to your trip is to decide a cause that both of you care deeply about. Then all you need to do is start planning! If you’re stuck for ideas, check out some of our options. 

17. Learn something new about yourself and your interests

One reason for choosing to volunteer instead of going on your typical spring break is to teach yourself more about your personality and your interests. Sometimes, it takes going to a different country and experiencing things hands on to realise what’s most important to you. The opportunities are endless – you just need to go out and find them.

18. Do something completely opposite of what you’d normally do

Perhaps you’re a person who loves routine. Perhaps you love knowing where you’re going to sleep each night and wake up each morning. However, if you’re tired of the same old scenery, organising an alternative spring break plan is the perfect idea for you. Or if you’ve grown tired of the ordinary routine you find yourself stuck in at home, simply browse our site for some opening ideas to consider…

19. Have a detox retreat and practice yoga in a tranquil environment

The hustle and bustle of daily life can grow exhausting after a while, and if you want to completely escape this during your spring break, why not take part in a yoga retreat? Designed for yoga experts and total novices, this yoga volunteering project in India will be perfect for everyone. When not practicing yoga, you’ll also help with local communities and help poor, disadvantaged families who need it the most. Do something different this spring break!

20. If one place isn’t enough for you, why not visit two beautiful locations to volunteer?!

If your main problem is simply not being able to decide where to go for spring break, why not visit more than one location?! We offer a range of options, for example teaching in more than one country. This way you can spend your time in a meaningful way, but also get a bit of variety and a wonderful change of scenery midway through your project. Have a browse of our multi-country deals where you can build a perfect combination of countries and experiences. For example, teach in both Thailand and India!

Hopefully this list has given you some valuable inspiration that can help you plan an alternative spring break. If you have any other suggestions of countries to visit or projects to get involved in, please leave us a comment!

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