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Volunteer in Thailand

Volunteer in Thailand

Amazing Thailand!

Thailand is a warm and friendly country and no doubt you’ll fall in love with the place and the people as soon as you arrive. They call it ‘The Land of Smiles’ and there’s no other place in the world as open-hearted or welcoming, so volunteering in Thailand is the perfect way to make new friends and fully immerse yourself in a brand new culture. Thailand is also a country which seems to have something special for every type of traveller; from its exotic food, spectacular beaches and dreamy islands, dramatic temples and colourful history, to the bustling cities and the most exciting nights out, you’ll soon find a place to fit right in.

Volunteer programs in Thailand

We have volunteering, adventure and wellness opportunities across Thailand. Our volunteering programs for teaching and community volunteering program is based in Surin, while our Elephant volunteer program is based in rural Chiang Mai. Volunteering in Thailand allows you the perfect opportunity to chance multiple locations through volunteering.  Whether you want to work with elephants on your volunteer placement, teach English to local children, or make a difference with local communities, you’ll be able to create your perfect volunteering trip in Thailand. For medical and nursing volunteers we have a fantastic new program in Surin working in local clinics and learning from Thai Medical experts.

Our Thailand Wellness opportunity is based in Bangkok. Here you will get to living in Bangkok for 9 days with a choice to learn yoga, Muay Thai, or Crossfit each day. Our Thailand Adventure package takes you to the beautiful islands around Thailand.

Surin: Located in North East Thailand, Surin offers you the chance to experience true Thai culture. Surin is home to big elephants, luxurious silk and fragrant rice. It’s also the perfect base to experience the pletiful Thai history, with many Khmer ruins in the area and temples such as Wat Burapharam.

Chiang Mai: This Northern capital city offers you the perfect chance to experience Thai history and culture. You can tour the streets of Chiang Mai city while learning about the history and culture of Lanna Kingdom, enjoy beautiful trekking through the local valleys, experience bamboo rafting with local villagers and see great sites and temples such as Chiang Mai’s m, Wat Phra Singh and the breathtakingly beautiful Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple.

Koh Tao: is known for its clear blue waters and excellent diving spots, all nestled amongst white sand beaches. The perfect place to take some time out of the city and relax and collect your thoughts on your journey to wellness.

Wherever you go in Thailand, when you volunteer with Volunteering Journeys you can be assured of experiencing real ‘Thai’ ways of life. Volunteering in Thailand will give you the opportunity to go beyond the tourist traps and experiencing this amazing country in an authentic way. Check out the range of opportunities in Thailand and start your journey in the ‘land of smiles’.




In the Tsunami of 2014, the Andaman Coast of Southern Thailand was devastated. Communities were uprooted and many died in the tragedy. We are working with a local grass root organisation that is helping to rebuild communities in North Andaman side of Thailand. Only a few hours away from the touristy areas of Phuket, Koh Samui, and Khao Lak, a very different experience awaits you. Here, in the beautiful Northern Andaman region of Southern Thailand, friendly communities invite you to experience their traditional way of life and diverse eco-systems in an authentic and non-intrusive way.”

Ridhi Patel, Founder, Volunteering Journeys

Why Volunteer in Thailand?


Friendly People

Thailand is ‘œThe Land of Smiles’ and the Thai people are extremely welcoming of foreigners. It’s in their nature to make you feel at home and they have no qualms about striking up conversations with strangers, so you’ll never feel alone’¦


Beautiful Beaches

Not only is Southern Thailand bursting with picturesque beaches and spectacular coastlines, but it’s also home to some of the best scuba diving and snorkelling spots in the world, so there’s plenty to do at weekends. You can head off to Phuket or Krabi on weekends.


Natural Heritage

You’ll be based by the North Andaman coast, where two of the oldest ecosystems on earth still survive, the coral reefs and the Southeast Asian Rainforest. Our Volunteer Projects are close to the Khao Lak National Park where you can enjoy amazing diving and snorkelling.


The BEST Street Food

Street food in Thailand is the best way to experience real Thai cuisine and it’s often be coined as the best street food in the world. Fresh food and live cooking make it better than a lot of restaurants! So make the most of this culture and embrace cheap eats!

Thailand Volunteer Programs

Thailand Wellness Program
Get a taste of Asia and explore Thailand while you learn yoga, muay thai or crossfire. In addition to the relaxation that the wellness experiences will provide, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the vibrant culture and attractions of Bangkok and partake in snorkelling and diving at some of the best spots in Thailand.

Elephant Care in Thailand
Join us in Chiang Mai and help with conservation efforts to protect and work with elephants in an elephant village! A must do for animal lovers! Suitable for individuals and groups

Medical Placement in Thailand
Working in local health clinics and living in Surin, Northern Thailand will not only give you authentic Thai experience but you will learn a lot from expert medical teams and contribute to much needed healthcare needed in the region. Ideal for Public healthcare students or medical students who want to work with outpatients.

Teaching English in Thailand
Join us in Surin and help teach English to Thai and Burmese communities in schools and local learning centres. A great program if you love to work with children.

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