Wildlife Conservation

Animal Conservation: Work with Wildlife! 

Work with amazing wildlife across the globe

If you love nature, then our conservation internships offer you the perfect opportunity to make a lasting impact on the planet. You’ll also be able to combine these rewarding internships abroad with wide-ranging, amazing travel experiences which will make sure you’ll have an unforgettable volunteering experience.

Across the planet, our amazing wildlife is feeling the impact of global warming, pollution and illegal hunting. These have led to devastating population declines of leopards, lions, cheetahs, sea turtles and elephants. Our conservation internships have been designed with wildlife experts across the globe to make a real impact in reversing these issues. You’ll be able to make a lasting, positive difference to some of the planet’s most amazing species including lions, giraffes and elephants, all while in beautiful locations such as South Africa and Thailand.

Make a lasting impact on the planet with an animal conservation internship

If you’ve always loved elephants, wanted to experience working as a safari guide, or wanted the chance to get close to beautiful giraffes or majestic jungle cats, then we have the perfect animal conservation internship abroad for you. Our conservation internships include working with Africa’s Big Five in South Africa through animal tracking and health monitoring and volunteering with beautiful Elephants in Thailand, all truly unforgettable experiences that will allow you to make a positive, real impact on the planet. How amazing to be able to say that!

Our wildlife conservation programs are designed for anyone who has a love and a curiosity for animals and no previous experience is necessary, so it’s a great way to boost your CV, learn something new and develop new travel experiences. While working with industry experts, you’ll have the opportunity to work with new colleagues, make new friends and really experience the local community.

Working with Africa’s Big 5: If you love nature, then this is the ideal program for you. You’ll be experience and help with the conservation of lions, rhinos, leopards, giraffes and Cape buffalo, all while working with wildlife experts in a nature reserve in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. You’ll make a real impact in wildlife conservation that will benefit the animals for years to come.

Working with elephants in Thailand:  This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about and experience a new elephant home in Mae Weng valley in Thailand, who is at the forefront of animal-centred elephant interaction. A truly life changing experience, you’ll be able to live alongside the elephants while caring for them. You’ll also spend as much time as you would like with these beautiful animals during your internship with elephants– a truly amazing experience!

Animal internships in Africa: Our animal conservation internships in Africa are perfect if you want to experience true wildlife and work with conservation experts first hand. This is a safari guide course, where you’ll be able to work in animal conservation for a minimum of four weeks, all while being able to combine with travel across stunning South Africa.

Why Wildlife Conservation?


The Big Five

Wildlife conservation at the Reserve means that you can manage and monitor The Big Five; lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards and rhinos. 


Full Training

Get fully trained and learn how to track game at night, monitor predator health, manage breeding animals and much more. 


Community Projects

During your time on the program, you will also get to assist in local community projects; a great way of getting to know the local people.


Fun Activities

There are so many exciting things to do on safari including fishing, bush camping, quad biking, cage diving, hiking, safari drives and more.  


Protecting Great Creatures

“Exciting and interesting things frequently happen on a game reserve. No volunteer week will ever be the same. Your primary responsibility is managing the lions, with the rest of the day filled with tasks and duties based around the reserve. You may also have the chance to assist with many ongoing short and long term projects.”

-Megan Anne Heard, Safari Head, South Africa Program

 Wildlife & Animal Programs

Wildlife Conservation in South Africa
Working with Africa’s Big 5- This is based in Port Elizabeth. This amazing program involves working in a game reserve assisting conservation efforts. Some community work is also involved but its mainly working in field with rangers in the reserve. There is a requirement of a minimum stay of 2 weeks on this program and you must be over 18 years of age.

NEW!! Animal Internships with Safari Guide Course in Africa
Our Wildlife programs and courses are designed for everyone who is interested in nature, whether they intend to pursue a career in conservation or simply love being in the bush. These are 28 day programs and available on select dates in Kenya and South Africa.

Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand
Set in a real rural setting outside Chiang Mai, the elephant program has been created by local elephant owners through their commitment to a move away from the traditional and out of date elephant riding / human centred interactions to an experience where visitors get the opportunity to learn about, care for, and work alongside the local mahouts. Its really hands on and suitable for animal lovers!

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