14 Best Places to Teach Abroad

November 20, 2021 | Environment

There are so many beautiful countries you can travel to for a holiday, whether you choose to go on your own or with a group of friends. However, sometimes it’s good to add a sense of purpose to your trip, like something useful you can add to your CV when you’re done. Teaching abroad can be the perfect way to achieve this! It’s a fantastic way to explore the world while also giving yourself a goal that you can aim towards. Teaching English is one option that you should be able to find loads of information about online. We offer English teaching opportunities in India, Thailand, South Africa and Bali so have a browse of our website if you’d like to learn more. We’ve made a list of 14 of the best places to teach abroad so make your search that little bit easier…

  1. Teaching Internships in India We offer brilliant teaching internships that are perfect for existing teachers and those with a TEFL qualification, to gain more teaching experience in a brand new environment. These opportunities combine your love of travel with your passion to teach! If you don’t already have a TEFL course, there is an online course we offer i
    n addition to this course that you can complete with an added extra cost. You’ll leave with professional teaching experience that can help progress your career and give you knowledge that you can keep with you forever. Don’t miss the chance to help chance India’s education system for the better, by working in run down schools that truly need your support.
  2. Teach in Japan Japan continues to be one of the most popular countries to teach abroad. There are opportunities to work as teaching language assistants where you can support existing teachers, rather than having to take on the responsibility of teaching alone. This can make it particularly appealing for many eager volunteers! Many placements will focus on reading and writing, more than speaking. If you do your research right, some programs will even help pay your deposit or rent for the first few months. You can even earn a decent wage if you look into the right organisations. Get researching now!
  3. Teach English in Thailand We offer an amazing chance to teach in Thailand, but this program isn’t all work and no play! Schools finish at around 3.30pm, giving you the rest of the day to explore the area and relax in your accommodation. Phuket and Koh Samui are nearby for you to enjoy at your leisure. You’ll have regular meetings with your teaching mentor, giving you a clear sense of direction and to make you get the most out of your teaching experience. Teach the local Thai children English and help shape their education for life, giving them a better chance at securing good employment in the area, or further away. You will fall in love with the country for its stunning beaches, friendly local people and attractions suited to every sort of traveler. Taste some of the best street food in the world if you continue your travels around the country after you finish your teaching experience. Browse some more of the options on our website to extend your trip and make it a life changing experience to remember always.
  4. Teach in Taiwan Located off the Southeast coast of China, Taiwan is a fantastic place to teach abroad, as it’s one of the countries you can earn the most for your time. You can get the benefits of living in a Chinese culture with tropical climates and high living standards. You will find colourful street markets to explore in your free time, explore gorgeous beaches and world-class shopping experiences. In order to teach in Taiwan, you must be qualified to teach in your country of residence and you may require 1-2 years of teaching experience beforehand. However, always do your research and look at all the options before signing up to something. You might find the job of your dreams in Taiwan, and with the generous potential wages on offer, you may be very happy you did sign up!
  5. Teach in The Philippines English teaching jobs are often found in Manila, the country’s capital and largest city. Teachers are hired throughout the year, so keep an eye out for opportunities! The country is known for gorgeous beaches and superb diving experiences, so you’ll have plenty to fill your time while you’re not busy in the classroom teaching keen young minds! You can enjoy the wonderful food, exciting nightlife and the amazing people themselves, as Filipinos are known for their culture of cheerful optimism. One of the best ways to earn a high amount of money is tutoring in The Philippines, so this often means one-to-one tutoring. However, if you want a more lively teaching experience there are plenty of other options too.
  6. Teach English in South Africa  Our program aims to educate those living disadvantaged lives in South Africa, to improve their wellbeing and to help them become more employable. You will be given the chance to work with eager young people, to teach them in an encouraging environment as a team. You’ll be able to leave feeling like you’ve really made a difference in their lives, a difference they will never forget. Expand your horizons by teaching in a completely new environment and help improve your teaching skills in the process. You’ll have time off on the weekends to explore the local area, and throughout the week you’ll have home cooked meals prepared by our chef!
  7. Teach in Vietnam Work in a beautiful environment to teach children of all ages in Vietnam, and let your adventure begin! A popular destination for backpackers and travelers from all over the world, Vietnam is beautiful and a fantastic option for teaching abroad. Getting a job should be fairly easy as there are many opportunities for English speaking people and there is a huge demand for English teachers in the country. You can teach in language centres or public schools or international schools, so make sure to do some internet research before you book anything to find the right opportunity for your specific travelling wants and needs.
  8. Teach English in Bali With our teaching opportunity you will be set up in a local primary school where you will spend the length of your teaching period. You’ll mainly be required to work with the children on their listening and conversational skills, as English is initially taught in schools from a young age. You will also get the chance to work with the children on extra curricular activities, so if you have a particular interest or skill you’d like to teach, talk to the learning mentors to arrange this. This way you can personalise your trip to your own interests! You can also have access to wifi, so you can keep in touch with family and friends during your trip. You’ll live with other volunteers at the house in a quiet and peaceful village where you’ll be able to take in the local culture around local families in their communities.
  9. Teach in Columbia Levels of tourism are growing in South America, and there is a high demand for English speaking teachers in Columbia. The government has a goal to integrate English education for all students by the year 2020, as they now recognise the importance of teaching the English language to push the country’s development in modern society. You can sign up to work with students from disadvantaged backgrounds to give them access to life changing learning styles and information. You can make a big impact while travelling the beautiful country of Columbia. While you’re there, you can even work on perfecting your Spanish skills!
  10. Sports coaching in Sri Lanka If teaching English doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of other options you can sign up for! Working as a sports coach in Sri Lanka involves many responsbilites including arranging coaching sessions and matches for the young people in your care. These will often happen after their day at school, and children will be appreciative of your time and effort. You’ll find the experience extremely rewarding due to the players enthusiasm and often, because you will discover a level of talent you may not expect! Help to see their skills improve day by day and leave feeling like you’ve truly made a difference in the children’s lives.
  11. Teach in Cyprus You can arrange to work in a private international school if you have two years’ teaching experience. In some places you may also need to have a Bachelors’ degree or the equivalent in your field. This country draws thousands of tourists every year, and has a depth of history behind it you can learn while you teach there. You can immerse yourself in Cypriot life while you live there, and you may even spot some turtles! This wonderful place to teach abroad has beautiful beaches and many places to explore when you’re not teaching.
  12. Teach English in Nepal In our Nepal teaching opportunity, you can teach English and other subjects in the beautiful capital of Kathmandu. You can choose to teach for 2 to 12 weeks, depending on your commitments back, but however long you choose to teach with us you’ll help to improve Nepal’s education system and improve the lives of those you teach in your time there. You’ll be immersed in a hands on teaching environment where you will learn as much as you teach! The most successful candidates will be positive and enthusiastic throughout their time in Nepal, keeping in mind the team goals and group dynamic. Many say that Nepal is soothing for the soul, but you can be the judge of this yourself! It’s an amazing place for trekking, as it’s home to Mt Everest, the highest peak. You can make your teaching experience a part of a wider journey through Nepal, and add on a travelling experience at the end to complete your journey. Have a browse of our website for more of our options in Nepal.
  13. Teach in Russia Teachers are often required in Russia, whether you want to teach in a public or private school. Interact with young people and add a valuable experience to your travels, that will help to improve your CV and make you more employable upon your return. September and January are the most typical starting months for Russian schools, so work out your travelling timings around when the school terms will be beginning to make it easier for yourself. High English skills are a must, and often you’ll need a previous TEFL course to commit to any role. You’ll also need to apply for a working visa before you arrive. Make sure you do plenty of research before you go!
  14. Teach English in China Work with other like-minded individuals in your teaching journey in China, and choose between primary schools, secondary schools or colleges/universities depending on what sort of experience you wish to create for yourself. Some opportunities will offer you free living accommodation during your stay, so do a bit of research first to make sure you’re signing up to the best deal. You can go for a longer period of time, or simply go for 2-4 weeks. It completely depends on your own personal requirements and travelling goals.

To sum up, there are so many different ways you can teach abroad and in so many different countries. Whether you want to teach English, sports, music, or whatever else you might be passionate about, there’s always a way you can arrange it. It just takes a little bit of research and talking to the right people to work out the plan of your dreams. Have a browse of our website to give you some valuable inspiration, and to find out which is the perfect country for you. The list truly is endless!

We would love to hear about your teaching experiences abroad, so please get in touch! Happy teaching.

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