17 Volunteering Blogs You Should Be Reading

November 20, 2021 | Gap Year

Have you always wanted to volunteer abroad? We have rounded up 17 of the best volunteering blogs that you should most certainly be reading to inspire you. These volunteer blogs feature amazing stories and insights about life changing experiences from volunteering abroad. These really are the best volunteering blogs out there, and we guarantee you will be reaching for your passport after reading them.

Volunteering as you travel is a wonderful way to see the world, learn more about different cultures, ways of life and to really make an impact in the countries that you visit. It’s also a great way to make your travel funds go further. We’re sure our list of best volunteering blogs has inspired you to book that ticket and get volunteering, so after you’re fully inspired, check out the fantastic and life- changing volunteer opportunities at Volunteering Journeys.

  1. Global Gallivanting

Picture credit: Global Gallivanting

With any list of best volunteering blogs, Anna from Global Gallivantingtruly deserves a place. Originally from the UK and now based in Goa, world traveller Anna, a self-described ‘travel addict’ quit her job in 2012 and has been travelling on a strict budget around the world ever since. Her destinations include India and Southeast Asia. Anna writes fascinating blog posts, sharing tips and advice such as the best backpacker hostels in Delhi and 10 tips for your first time travelling in India. Her experiences of volunteering in India are well worth a read and you’ll find her blog packed with useful information on volunteering and travel.

India is an amazing place! If you would like to find out more about volunteering in India, then take a look at our amazing Indian volunteer program.

2. Nomadic Matt 

Picture credit: Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is an expert in global travel and he well and truly deserves his place on our list of best volunteering blogs. Every month, 1,000,000 people visit his site to get inspired and informed about cheap global travel and global volunteering. He certainly knows his stuff- he’s the New York Times best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day and his site is absolutely packed with information on global travel, worldwide volunteering and off beat destination advice. He includes an in depth look at how to ethically volunteer abroad which is well worth a read for any potential volunteer. His blog also features brilliant destination tips, such as a list of 13 favourite things to do in India, including the Raj Mandir Cinema in Jaipur and the Medieval city of Orchha, so you can combine volunteering with travelling for a truly memorable trip.

If you’re inspired to visit India,then take a look at our amazing Indian volunteer program.

3. The Well-Travelled Postcard

Picture credit: The Well-Travelled Postcard

Virginia from The Well-Travelled Postcard has certainly earned her blog name and place on our best volunteer blogs list. At the current count, she has visited over 50 countries. While collecting postcards and pieces of art from across the globe (hence the name!), Virginia makes it her number one mission to share her travel experiences and encourage others to travel. Her goal is to inspire others to take the plunge and start their own travels and experience the world through responsible travel, including volunteering. She is a global volunteer and included in her blog is her experience of visiting, and volunteering in Nepal.

If Virginia’s travels to Nepal have inspired you, then check out our volunteering programmes in Nepal.

4. Flora the Explorer

Picture credit: Flora the Explorer

Get ready to explore with Flora! Flora combines her passion for travels around the world with her passion for ethically volunteering. We think she is one of the best volunteering blogs out there. Flora’s aim is to visit every continent twice before she turns thirty one. While recounting her experiences around the world, including travels in Kenya, Thailand, India and Nepal Flora also explores topics and important ethical considerations in global volunteering. It’s a must read for anyone embarking on their own volunteering abroad adventure.

If Flora’s travels across the world have inspired you, then check out our volunteering opportunities in Thailand, including in Phuket, Khao Lak and Phang na.

5. Mapping Megan

Picture credit: Mapping Megan

Award winning Mapping Megan follows the global travels of couple Meg and Mike Jerrard. Constantly updating us on their journeys, they are definitely one of the best volunteering blogs to start reading if you’re considering volunteering abroad. Since 2007 they have been sharing their consistently adventurous travel, including destinations such as India, Nepal, Thailand and Japan. They are regular volunteers across the globe and their volunteer travel section is a must read, including advice on securing responsible volunteer placements and ups and downs of ethical volunteering, and why it’s so important to volunteer with a reputable company.

6. Tammy and Chris on the Move

Picture credit: Tammy and Chris on the Move

Tammy and Chris are a global travelling couple and write one of the best volunteering blogs. Working in international development, they have travelled across the globe and volunteered abroad regularly. We have lived and worked in countries including Bangladesh, Bolivia, Cambodia, Colombia, Ghana and Nepal. They share their experiences on volunteering abroad, including a useful guide to what to pack for volunteer placements and their experiences of volunteering in Cambodia and Nepal.

Inspired to volunteer in Cambodia? Take a look at our Cambodia volunteering abroad opportunities!

7. Uncornered Market

Full time travellers Dan and Audrey from Uncornered Market are consistently in any list of the best volunteer blogs and ours is no certainly different.  They have been travelling the globe together since 2001 and have a wealth of experience and fascinating stories to share with their loyal readers. Their goal is to inspire and create respectful travellers who seek adventure, travel experiences and want to care for our planet and its people. They are passionate about sustainable tourism and their blog on the good and bad of voluntourism is quite simply a must read- an excellent resource for anyone considering volunteering abroad.

8. Verge 

Although technically not a blog, but a magazine, we think Verge magazine is definitely worthy of a place on our best volunteering blogs list. Verge is an overflowing resource of travel information and experience, believing that international experience creates better global citizens, who can change our planet for the better.  Verge publishes volunteering abroad articles from bloggers across the world, and their volunteering abroad section is highly recommended, including a piece on volunteering for free in India.

9. Staying for Tea

Picture credit: Staying for Tea

Aaron from Staying for Tea has created his blog to share his experiences of ethical, global volunteering. His blog highlights how important it is to approach volunteering abroad and voluntourism properly and responsibly and is an essential blog on our best volunteering blog list. His destinations include India, SE Asia and Africa.

10. A Little Adrift

Shannon’s blog, A Little Adrift is a must read for anyone considering embarking on a journey of global travel and volunteering abroad. Shannon started travelling around the world in 2008 and has since built up a loyal following of readers who love reading about her fascinating stories, insights and experiences of changing her life through travel and ethical volunteering across the world.  She’s also a committed volunteer abroad and her site really is one of the best volunteering blogs to read for any aspiring global traveler. She has volunteered in countries such as Mexico and Nepal and she shares her knowledge in her volunteering abroad pages.

If Shannon’s volunteering abroad has inspired you, then visit our volunteering abroad programs for further inspiration!

11. Nerdy Nomad

Kirsty behind Nerdy Nomad travels there world while earning money through the internet at the same time. Her blog is packed full of destination information, travel information and most importantly- global volunteering experiences. Definitely one of the best volunteer blogs, Kirsty shares her absolute passion for volunteering in countries such as Bangladesh, Nicaragua, Indonesia and Haiti. Her volunteering abroad blog is filled with amazing stories of the rewarding and life transforming nature of global volunteering.

12. Alex in Wanderland

Photo credit: Alex in Wanderland

No list of best volunteer blogs would be complete without mentioning travel blogger Alex in Wanderland. Originally from New York, Alex has been travelling the world for years after buying a one way ticket and inspiring her loyal readers in the process. Alex has a solid plan of following her ‘globe-trotting daydreams’ and her plans will definitely encourage you to get going on your own global adventure. Alex has regularly volunteered abroad along her travels, including volunteering in Hawaii. Alex’s destinations include Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Brazil. It’s a must read for any intrepid traveller in the making!

Check out our volunteering opportunities in both North and South Cambodia for inspiration for your next trip.

14. Hey Nadine

Hey Nadine is a travel blog with a difference- Nadine shares her travels around the globe through funny videos on her travel and lifestyle blog. Nadine is also passionate about giving back through volunteering abroad and her videos include living with lions in South Africa to volunteering in Kenya. Her volunteering archives will fill you with motivation and inspiration.

15. Simply + Fiercely

Photo credit: Simply + Fiercely

Jennifer from Simply + Fiercely is a passionate global traveler and volunteer. Her blog highlights how volunteering can really change your life, inspire you and give you some of your best life experiences. Jennifer shares her best volunteering abroad experiences on her blog, including volunteering in Thailand, China, Laos and beekeeping in Guatemala. Even better, and why her blog is on our list of best volunteering blogs, Jennifer also features blogs from other volunteers abroad, including how you can volunteer and make an impact for just short periods of time. Her post about the unexpected lessons she has learned from travel and volunteering is really recommended.

16. The Broke Backpacker

Picture credit: The Broke Backpacker

Will Hatton is The Broke Backpacker, a ‘professional adventurer’ and prolific global traveler. He is passionate about what he describes as ‘real’ adventures and we love reading his blog capturing his experiences! His blog, originally started as a way to keep in touch with friends and family is now an authority on how to travel the globe seeking adventure. As part of his adventures, Will has volunteered abroad in various countries, including India and Nepal.

17. The Happiness Plunge

Photo credit: The Happiness Plunge

Adam from The Happiness Plunge writes a truly motivational blog about seeking happiness and fulfilment. After quitting his job, Adam embarked upon his Happy Nomad Tour, traveling off the beaten path and volunteering abroadaround the globe. Adam documents his experiences volunteering abroad in places such as Laos, Colombia, Peru and Vietnam. It’s a fascinating and inspirational read!

We’re sure our list of best volunteer blogs has inspired you to start planning your own volunteering abroad experience. Volunteering Journeys will help you plan your next adventure, from marine conservation to medical volunteering to teaching English. We organise responsible and sustainable opportunities for volunteering abroad, including in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Cambodia. Contact us today– we can’t wait to help you plan your trip.

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