Career Break Volunteering

November 21, 2021 | Teaching

Teaching has always been a hidden passion and Rainbow Project has made it happen ! Teaching at the school is not only fun for the students, but it has been an ultimate fulfilling and fascinating experience for myself- one to be penned down as a milestone in my life.

Children in the school have a hunger to learn new things and adapt new skills. And that makes our teaching even more worthwhile.

What do I teach ? Where do I end up ? How do I cope ? Who will I meet ? ‘“ These were the questions dashing my mind as I packed my bags & got onto the flight. And yes- I got all the answers to my questions! I felt I was birthing as a butterfly from a caterpiler. Flying free and comfortable into an environment I am not aware off.

The project coordinator Fouziya and Ridhi were always there to give you a hand and sharing their experience with us. They were always creating awareness for us about the environment, projects and just about everything. The projects were about helping others but also about touching a soul.

It is a neat chaos but the experience is worth a million. Apart from the projects I got to meet other volunteers. Meeting people is how you grow. Everyone had different skills and experience-which were brought together. I know somewhat done something right when I received a ‘˜thank you’ card from one of my students on my 3rd day saying  how much she enjoys my class and she looks forward to coming to class. Now that is an achievement for me! Touching lives and making a change- a change-in their lives.

Having a career break and joining Rainbow has evolved me into a whole new level. I have not had any local interaction with the people whom lives here ever before. People welcome you as their own.  My singing teacher Vikas is one of them. I met him whilst walking around town after the day’s project. I always wanted to pick up vocal classes so it was perfect. I go for singing class now after class everyday. I even went to the temples with him and its such a great way to share his culture.

This project is more than a project ! Maybe my soul search- a Journey-an experience- whatever it is ‘“its worthwhile!

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