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December 18, 2023 | Volunteer Programs

Embarking on a volunteer trip abroad is often associated with the exuberance of youth, but the trend is shifting as more adults are discovering the transformative power of giving back while exploring new corners of the world.

Unlike younger folks, adults come with rich life experiences that can add tremendous value to a program. Whether it’s teaching, healthcare, or conservation efforts, there are diverse opportunities that cater to a range of skills and interests.

Beyond the altruistic motives, adults are drawn to volunteering abroad as a way to break out of their comfort zones, challenge themselves, and gain a fresh perspective on life. The camaraderie formed with like-minded individuals from around the world fosters connections that can last a lifetime.

Am I too late to volunteer in my 30s?

Absolutely not! Volunteering at any juncture of life has its own rewards. Volunteering in your 30s is more than just a selfless act—it’s a strategic investment in personal and professional growth. Volunteering in your 30s allows you to apply your skills in a different context, enhancing your professional versatility and leadership abilities.

Whether it’s a career break, retirement goal, or a simple desire for a change, volunteering abroad offers adults a chance to make a difference while creating unforgettable memories. The world of volunteer opportunities is broadening, and adults are embracing the idea that, indeed, age is just a number when it comes to giving back and exploring the globe.

In this blog, discover the compelling reasons why embracing volunteerism during this pivotal decade can reshape your life and discover some of the best programs we have to offer.

Our Top Adult Volunteering Programs Abroad

Senior volunteer in india

Explore Asia like never before!

Traveling solo, as a family, or a gap year student – Asia has an adventure in store for everyone. It is one of the most geographically diverse and historically rich continents making it the perfect crossroads to discover new cultures, contribute to a great cause, and cherish friendships for a lifetime.

A few programs you can explore in each of these countries are listed below:

Volunteer in India: Nestled in the idyllic haven of Kerala, Southern India, our programs include Women’s Empowerment, Teaching Children, Disabled Care, Yoga & Volunteering, and Medical or Healthcare Internships. For those passionate about climate change, our exclusive eco-farming volunteer programs in Assam (East India) provide a unique opportunity for environmentally conscious volunteers.

Volunteer in Nepal: Our programs  include Teaching Monk Children English, Women’s Empowerment, Disabled Care, Teaching English, Medical Internships and Dental Internships, Engineering Internships and NGO Placements for social development. We also have a family volunteering option in Nepal ideal for family vacations during the school holidays.

Volunteer in Thailand: Venturing through various regions in Thailand, our projects are concentrated in the Surin province, celebrated for its magnificent elephants, aromatic jasmine rice, and ancient Khmer-era ruins. Immerse yourself in our core volunteer opportunities in Thailand, spanning the impactful Elephant Conservation program to immersive Medical Internships.

Volunteer in Cambodia: Nestled in the enchanting locale of Phnom Penh, our hub for volunteer programs, explore diverse programs such as Teaching English, Collaborating with NGOs, assisting Special Needs individuals, and engaging in Medical & Nursing Internships. 

Volunteer in Sri Lanka: Discover our volunteer programs in Sri Lanka centered around beautiful locales of Galle and Wasgamuwa. Galle, a historic city boasting colonial architectural wonders, invites you to engage in Monk Teaching, Dog Care, and Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy Internships, along with Medical Internships and Electives. In the scenic landscapes of Wasgamuwa, immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience with our award-winning Wild Elephant Conservation project.

Volunteer in Maldives: Delve into the charm of volunteering in the Maldives, stationed on the captivating island of Naifaru. Immerse yourself in our meaningful sea turtle and marine conservation programs, offering volunteers the chance to play a vital role in the protection of endangered sea turtles. Expand your horizons further with our Medical Internships and Placements in the Maldives, providing opportunities to learn from experienced doctors, contribute to home visits, and raise public health awareness.

Experience the magic of South Africa

Adults volunteers in South Africa

Embark on a remarkable journey with volunteering opportunities in South Africa. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or dedicated to community welfare, this destination has something special for you. 

Along its expansive coastline, dive into coaching youth in surfing and watersports, while the bustling urban centers provide excellent avenues for engaging in teaching and women empowerment programs. South Africa boasts a variety of well-received volunteer programs available throughout the entire year.

Some of these are:

  • Sports coaching and development
  • Animal care
  • Childcare
  • Surf, skate, and swim workshops
  • Working with street children
  • Wildlife conservation

Volunteering opportunities are mostly centered in and around major urban centers like Cape Town, Durban, Kruger, and Johannesburg. 

Volunteer across South America


Engage in impactful programs supporting crucial wildlife and community initiatives through a range of volunteer programs across South America. Secure your place now for programs in popular destinations like Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Ecuador, each offering unique opportunities. 

Whether you’re passionate about wildlife and nature conservation or eager to work closely with local communities on projects involving education and women’s empowerment, there’s a fulfilling adventure waiting for you.

Peru beckons volunteers to the historic city of Cusco, nestled in the Peruvian Andes and once the heart of the Inca Empire. Engage in impactful projects, from Teaching and Child Care Programs to Medical and Nursing Electives, Dog Shelter and Veterinary Programs, and internships for those seeking longer-term commitments. 

Costa Rica, a nature lover’s paradise, welcomes volunteers to experience its unparalleled biodiversity and vibrant culture. Engage in community development projects like Education, Women’s Empowerment, and Healthcare or Medicine in San Ramon de Alajuela and neighboring towns. Alternatively, participate in wildlife conservation initiatives such as Sea Turtle Conservation and Environment-based programs along the Pacific coast and Fortuna Area. Our volunteering programs in Costa Rica are suitable for all age groups and are open year-round.

In the realm of volunteering abroad, the misconception that it’s an endeavor reserved for the younger generation is rapidly dissipating. Beyond the realms of teenage wanderlust and college summers, adults are increasingly recognizing the profound benefits of embarking on volunteer trips later in life. 

Volunteering abroad is a testament to the enduring spirit of humanity, reminding us that the call to serve knows no age boundaries. It’s a universal journey that continues to inspire, proving that the rewards of giving back and broadening one’s horizons are timeless and open to all who seek them.

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