Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Soulful Sri Lanka!

There’s a lot to be said about the beautiful country of Sri Lanka, but most who have travelled here will agree that it’s a place full of soul and character. And anyone who enters will learn so much from its communities and be touched by the warm hearts of its people. Sri Lanka is a destination of outstanding natural beauty and it boasts everything from paradisiacal beaches and wild jungles to remote villages and amazing national parks. Within this small, humble and developing country, there’s a whole world waiting to be discovered and our volunteer programs are designed to provide you with an immersive travel experience, whilst doing your bit and helping others along the way. During your time with us, you’ll have plenty of free time in the evenings and at weekends to explore this wonderful country. A true tropical paradise, here are some of our favourite places..

Kandy: Famed for its Temple of Tooth, this mysterious city set in the picturesque highlands is a true highlight for volunteers and is also one of the most significant places of Sinhalese culture. Whilst here, be sure to explore the Kandy Lake, visit the Royal Palace and head out to the Knuckles Mountain Range for some fresh mountain air and unbeatable scenery.

Pinnawala: This small village in the Kegalle District is simply not to be missed. Home to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, visitors will have the rare opportunity to watch baby elephants bathing in water and even take part in feeding time. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and your visit will fund the ongoing work of the orphanage.

Adams Peak: Adam’s Peak is without a doubt one of Sri Lanka’s most spectacular landmarks and the 7km track from Dalhousie village in the Chamba District is well worth the climb. Sri Pada Mountain is the most sacred mountain in the country and it will take you around 4 hours to complete the 5,500 steps to the summit.

Galle: Sri Lankas most perfectly preserved colonial townscape, with sedate streets of personable Dutch era houses enclosed by a chain of ramparts. A must visit if in Sri Lanka.

Mirissa: If you love beaches, surfing or anything in-between this is it. Crystal clear water, beautiful sandy beaches and  great waves to ride, make Mirissa a beach lovers paradise and is one of Sri Lanka’s must do beach towns.



“There is warmth in the air, smiles on people’s faces and culture that you will fall in love with. Sri Lanka has been through some tough times with 30 years of civil war followed by the disaster caused by the Tsunami of 2004. It has pulled itself up with the help of relief efforts by local organisations that you will get an opportunity to work with when you volunteer in Sri Lanka with us. Join us and help make a real difference in the lives of locals.”

Ridhi Patel, Founder, Volunteering Journeys

Why Volunteer in Sri Lanka?


Land of Serendipity

Coined as ‘œThe Land of Serendipity’, Sri Lanka is a destination of surprising beauty and off the beaten path travel. You’ll be blown away by the sights, the temples, historical museums, and the amazing natural beauty especially the endless coastline.


Friendly People

Sri Lankans are a warm, friendly and humble people. They’re notoriously shy but they’re always kind and giving and you’ll meet some great people along the way. You will meet and work with many locals when you volunteer in Sri Lanka – its the best way to learn and immerse yourself!


Multicultural Society

Immerse yourself in the multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural society of Sri Lanka. As well as being the motherland of the Sinhalese, the country is home to Sri Lankan and Indian Tamils, Moors, Burghers, Malays, Kaffirs and the aboriginal Vedda.


Fusion Food

Curry and rice is a staple here but you’ll be blown away by the amazing spices brought over from India, Malaysia, Portugal and the Middle East. This is fusion food at its most authentic! With delicious seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes, don’t leave without trying fish ambul, wood apple and kottu!

Sri Lanka Volunteer Programs

Family Volunteering in Sri Lanka
Get involved in Sea Turtle Conservation, Teaching or with Sports Coaching in the beautiful country of Sri Lanka with your children. Travel and experience a different side to Sri Lanka!

POPULAR! Sea Turtle Conservation in Sri Lanka
Do you want to boast about super fun volunteer work?! Well this is your chance. Work with sea turtles, helping to conserve the turtle population in Sri Lanka. You live right on the beach and help a local hatchery and even look after sick and disabled turtles. No prior experience is needed and any age group can apply! GREAT FOR FAMILIES!

Sports Coaching in Sri Lanka
Are you super active? Then help an amazing local sports facility with sports coaching for community children who were affected by the Tsunami. Help with cricket, volleyball and swimming classes. You may just meet real sporting celebrities as this facility is supported by the Sri Lankan cricket team!

Teaching English in Sri Lanka
Help to impart a crucial life skill with children and young adults who are desperate to learn, grow and develop. You will be working in local schools in Sri Lanka!

Medical Volunteer in Sri Lanka
Whether you’re taking a career break or looking to advance your vocation, our medical elective program will give you the chance to do meaningful work in a developing country.

Midwifery Electives in Sri Lanka
This is a great program for midwifery students who want to get relevant work experience in field. You can expect to work in local hospitals and clinics.

Nursing Electives in Sri Lanka
This is a great program for nursing students who can work alongside experienced nurses in Sri Lanka in busy hospitals near Colombo.

Psychology and Mental Health in Sri Lanka
Join a team of specialists and work in special needs schools, clinics and communities to get international psychology work experience. Ideal for psychology students.

Multi Country Combos with Sri Lanka

Teaching in India and SriLanka
Teach English Abroad in India &Sri Lanka gives you a chance to travel and explore two incredible countries and volunteer teaching English to children.

Teaching in Sri Lanka, India & Nepal
Volunteer in Asia teaching English in Nepal, India & Sri Lanka. Give help for education programs as you travel and explore the best of Asia.

Medical Volunteer in India and Sri Lanka
Enjoy your medical electives in two amazing countries India and Sri Lanka where you will work in local hospitals or community centres with local doctors.

Medical Volunteer in Sri Lanka, India & Nepal
Medical Internships abroad gives medical placements in local hospitals in India, Sri Lanka &Nepal. Ideal for pre-med and medical students & to explore Asia!

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