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You’re about to start an amazing journey in your life! Please read the below before you apply-

  1. To reserve your spot on any program please complete the online form below. We recommend that you read your selected program page to see what is included and excluded in the program fee.
  2. Once we get your application form within 24-48 hours we will email you a confirmation and send you our pre-departure guide and final invoice for payment. The pre-departure guide will help you prepare for your upcoming program and give you essential information such as local address, what to bring, visa information and further details on your destination and project. For tailored/group programs project information will be discussed and shared with you.
  3. All participants must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions before you submit your application form to us.
  4. Please note- this is NOT an inquiry form. If you are not sure about your travel dates, need more information on the program please email us hello@volunteeringjourneys.com or call us on  +44 2070971877 (UK Number) or +1 201 286 3706 (US Number)
  5. All applicants must put in a reference person who is not a friend or related to you.
  6. For Families – only one application form needs to be submitted for the entire family. Please ensure you put in the ages of all family members.
  7. A deposit of £155 will be charged with this application form. This fee is deducted from your final invoice. The reason for charging this fee is to block your spot on your selected dates.
  8. Your final invoice will have a 4% Credit or Debit Card Bank Fee applicable. Our rates are inclusive of taxes.
  9. Participants must come with travel/medical insurance. This is mandatory for all our programs.
  10. If you are applying as a group please get in touch with us first via email hello@volunteeringjourneys.com

All the best and we can’t wait for you to begin! If you have any questions mail us hello@volunteeringjourneys.com

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A deposit of GBP £155 is required to secure your spot in your selected program. We will deduct the deposit amount from your final program fee invoice that is sent to you. Please note that a Paypal/bank processing fee of 4% will be applicable on the deposit.



I understand and agree that the deposit paid via this form will be deducted from the total cost of my trip. My deposit will be fully refunded ONLY if my application is rejected or my selected dates are not available. By submitting this application, I confirm I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions.


Volunteers Us!

  • ‘My experience in India was absolutely fantastic. Having never done anything like this before, Volunteering Journeys made sure I settled in well and supported me throughout my time. Being placed with an amazing family gave me the chance to experience Indian culture first hand.  I was part of the Disabled Childcare Programs for two weeks.  Although short, I felt the time I spent was so valuable for the children. If this is something that you are interested in I would 100% recommend it. The memories, friendships and experiences you will develop will be ones that you will never forget.’

    Fiona Kirk
    Connect with Fiona via our Facebook page
  • ‘The teaching experience was second to none. I was overwhelmed by the respect and politeness all the children have, which made it some much easier to work with them, even with the language barrier. The amazing thing about the schools I visited was that all the children are like little sponges, they absorb everything you say, teach and do! It’s quite outstanding how much they gain from just a small conversation in the playground or in the class room.
    So in general if you are questioning whether you want to volunteer and you don’t know what company to go with, it has the be Volunteering Journeys. You will be well looked after, gain an immense experience and make friends for life!!!’

    Jemima Kershberg
    Connect with Jamie via our Facebook Reviews Page
  • ‘I took a short sabbatical from work in November 2013 and decided to come to India. I was helping at a small school in Fort Kochi, teaching English, Maths, Science and the odd nursery rhyme. The school where I volunteered had amazing teachers and the kids were great. Ridhi and the team organised everything brilliantly – from cycling tours to the backwaters, to hosting me with a family that made my stay feel like home. If you’re going to volunteer in India then I highly recommend Volunteering Journeys’

    Glyn Owen
    Connect with Glyn via our Facebook Reviews Page

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