Volunteer for Women’s Empowerment

Women’s Empowerment Volunteering 

In a many developing countries gender inequality is prevalent with society being male dominated and women having limited opportunities in education, employment and health care. In countries in South Asia such as India abuse of women is common in rural and disadvantaged communities and many are forced into early marriage and face domestic violence.

Our Women’s Empowerment program in India and South Africa addresses some of these issues and focuses on skill building, education and confidence building activities that will help women expand within and beyond their communities to give them access to better futures. In South Africa our women’s programs also focus on income generation programs that equips women from poor communities with skills to earn a living.

On all our women’s empowerment volunteering projects we are giving women an opportunity to discuss issues, learn English skills and even consider livelihood opportunities. As a women’s empowerment volunteer you will be working in local community centres, women’s colleges or schools and girls orphanages to teach numeracy and English classes, life skills, computer skills, and conducting women’s health care workshops. If you have a relevant vocational skill then this can also be taught.

Many women will be shy and speak little or no English. Our bi lingual local staff will be on hand to support you with language barriers and plan sessions with cultural norms and sensitive issues in mind. Women are very keen to learn about volunteers backgrounds and we encourage volunteers to spend time generally interacting with the women, telling them about your life, home country and culture.

Why Volunteer for Women’s Empowerment?



This program will allow you to inspire women to value themselves more, and in the process you will really bond and learn from them too.

Family Volunteer-in-South-Africa

Gain Experience

Get hands-on practice to make your CV shine and embrace this unique travel / volunteering experience for self-growth and personal development.


Open Your Eyes

Learn more about gender issues in the developing world and see the world from the eyes of disadvantaged communities. 



Whether you come to Asia or Africa, this program will immerse yourself into a whole new place, a whole new culture. This is real travel with a difference.



Inspire Someone

“Our daily women’s empowerment classes have been so much fun to say the very least! We have been doing workshops which include enhancing English skills (Reading, Writing, understanding words and forming sentences) personality development and believing in social, political and economic equality of male and female within the community & above all learning how to love and be happy with ourselves.
The passion and desire behind these ladies to learn something new and to be educated so that they are able to lead example to their peers and families was very inspiring!’

Hanna Abdullah, Melbourne, Australia

Women’s Empowerment Programs

Teaching English and Income Generation Projects
This is a unique opportunity to work, connect and help local women in India who face gender bias due to lack of education, financial difficulties or abuse. This program is based in Kerala or Kolkata and starts from 1 week upto 12 weeks.

Yoga and Volunteering in India
Combine two passions to create the perfect India travel experience; volunteer with local communities and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul through the power of yoga.

Women’s Empowerment in South Africa
Join a team of driven women who are determined to learn from our volunteers. Get involved in education and income generation projects.

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