Volunteer in Mozambique

Volunteer in Mozambique

Magical Mozambique!

Mozambique is a moving and magical place. It’s a place where giants roam the waters, where palm trees dot the landscape, and where seafarers live out their daily adventures. With such a huge stretch of coastline, this thin slither of land on the edge of Africa’s South Eastern tip makes the perfect destination to enjoy the vast Indian Ocean. Rumoured to be difficult and dangerous, it’s a country that’s very much misunderstood. Anyone who joins us on our incredible marine volunteering program on the coast of Mozambique will fall in love with the off the beaten track feel of this remarkable destination. For real travellers, it’s certainly one to add to your bucket list and if you love white sandy beaches, water sports in crystal clear waters, mind-blowingly beautiful sunsets, unspoilt nature and marine wildlife, laidback beach culture, and that little thing called ‘˜paradise’, then Mozambique is waiting’¦

Tofo Bay: Our marine conservation programs will take you to the peaceful beach town of Tofo in Mozambique’s South East. In beautiful Tofo Bay, you’ll live right on the waterfront; a place to enjoy peaceful morning strolls to watch the sunrise over the ocean or a great place to enjoy a traditional ‘˜Braai’ barbeque under the stars after a day’s work. Tofo Beach is also popular for surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, beach soccer, or just kicking back to enjoy the sun.

Bazaruto Archipelago: A few hours’ drive from Tofo will take you to Vilankulos, the gateway to this dreamy cluster of islands, one of the largest marine national parks in the Indian Ocean. The main attractions are dolphins, humpback whales, endangered dugongs and the endless schools of colourful fish.

Gorongosa National Park: If you’re looking for an extended travel experience, Gorongosa National Park is a popular safari destination with over 4,000 square kilometres to be explored. Set right in the heart of central Mozambique, this magical park is often named ‘œThe Serengeti of the South’ and you can spot everything from lions, hippos and elephants to antelopes, endless birdlife and crocodiles.

Maputo: Located in the extreme south Maputo is the capital of Mozambique. Known for its colorful markets and a thriving nightlife, this harbor city was founded by the Portuguese and became a diverse and vibrant metropolis. Make sure you visit Baixa (port and market), the Tunduru Botanical Gardens, the Eiffel House, Notre Dame Cathedral of the Concession or the National Museum of Arts. Besides this there are some great food places and a must try is the peri-peri seafood!



Mozambique, an incredible place

“Mozambique is one of the most enigmatic southeast African country that is truly off the beaten track. If you want a volunteer destination with a difference then this is your spot! Whats amazing about Mozambique is that it is doesn’t try too hard. The endless coastline is surrounded by turquoise waters with some of the most fragile marine life which includes corals and giants of the oceans such as manta rays and whales. Its colonial past adds to its cultural mix and pulsating life! Mozambique is for those who have a sense of adventure and want to jump in for the journey of a lifetime (along with long bumpy bus rides…!!”

-Ridhi Patel, Founder, Volunteering Journeys

Why Volunteer in Mozambique?


White Sandy Beaches

This off the beaten track destination may not be on everyone’s radar but its blissful beaches are not to be missed ‘“ they certainly resemble paradise for us.


Scuba Diving

One of best places in the world for scuba diving and snorkelling, Mozambique’s waters are rich in marine life ‘“ you can even brave the country’s popular activity of shark diving!


Island Exploration

Enjoy island hopping from Mozambique’s coast and relax into the laidback beach lifestyle by getting to know the friendly locals.


True African Culture

Get to know the real Africa and spend time with Mozambique locals, a humble and friendly nation still getting back on their feet after the war.

Mozambique Volunteer Programs

Marine Conservation in Mozambique
Be a part of our important and exciting marine conservation program at Tofo Bay and work with world renowned scientists and research experts.

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