Volunteer in India

Volunteer in India

Incredible India!

There are few places in the world quite as enigmatic, colourful and diverse as India and you’ll get the chance to be inspired by the sights, sounds and flavours of this majestic country when you volunteer in India. Volunteering is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things you can do in life, and we invite you to come take a walk with us to explore incredible India with our expert team at Volunteering Journeys. This is where it all began for us and we now offer volunteering programs across a two distinctly diverse regions, Kolkata in East India and Kerala in South India. Our volunteer in India programs range from teaching English, medical volunteering in hospitals including nursing or dental placements, and community work involving women’s empowerment or disabled care.

Safety and Support in India:  We understand that India can be overwhelming and intense in many ways. For this reason, our India locations, staff and projects have been carefully handpicked.  Once you apply to any of our India programs we will be in touch with you immediately to prepare you. A comprehensive guide will be sent to you so you are aware of cultural differences, and things you should prepare for (including visas). Introductions to local Program Managers will be made so you know who your ground support team will be. Your airport transfers, home cooked meals, project transport and accommodation will be pre-arranged. Your accommodation will be with other volunteers and housing will be near amenities and for emergencies we ensure hospitals are nearby. On arrival you will be given an area orientation, culture talk, and health and safety briefing. Above all our friendly local program team are experienced and always be around to help, guide and ensure you get the most out of your experience in India.

Volunteer in East India: Kolkata (or Calcutta), affectionately referred to as the ‘City of Joy’, is a popular destination made famous by Saint Mother Teresa, who spent a lifetime here serving the poor throughout most of the 20th century. As the capital of British India, Kolkata served as the main commercial and cultural hub for nearly three centuries of colonial rule and still retains much of it’s rich colonial history, as evidenced by it’s magnificent architecture, thriving art community, continental cuisine and english-speaking population. A place where old meets new, you’ll experience a true India with the best from both worlds. From Kolkata, you can explore the  beautiful tea town of Darjeeling, the raw untapped beauty of northeast India or the amazing Sundarban Jungles to spot the infamous Royal Bengal Tiger.

Volunteer in South India: Kerala, also known as “God’s own country” has a special place in our heart as this is where our journey began in early 2014 and remains the most popular destination for our volunteers. It is the only state in India which has been influenced by three major European cultures (Dutch, Portuguese and British) and is one of the most secular places in the nation with Christians, Muslims and Hindus living in harmony with one another. Our programs are located in the historic port town of Fort Kochi, known for it’s rustic beauty and unparalleled old-world charm. A tropical destination famous for it’s stunning backwaters, gorgeous beaches and  serene tea gardens, as well as being the home of Ayurveda & Yoga, and a haven for seafood lovers, Kerala is undoubtedly one of the most gratifying places to visit in India.


India with a Difference

‘In India every sense is alive, the smells range from spices, marigolds, incense, to smells not so pleasant, the colours are vibrant and the sound is mostly of constant talking and car horns.You find mouth watering food that is sweet, salty and everything in between! People still wear traditional clothes like saris and lunghi’s and over 10000 languages and millions of dialects are spoken. There is no country in the world as diverse and enigmatic as India. It will truly blow you away…”

Ridhi Patel, Founder, Volunteering Journeys

Why Volunteer in India?


Amazing People

India is a unique country where people of many different religions and cultural backgrounds live together in unity. Experience this diverse culture for yourself and immerse yourself in these incredible communities.

Language and Culture Travel India- Kathakali

Diverse Culture

India is a unique country where people of many different religions and cultural backgrounds live together in unity. Experience this diverse culture for yourself and immerse yourself in these incredible communities.


Exotic Destination

Experience the exotic and volunteer in one of the most colourful, diverse and culturally interesting places on the planet. From the backwaters of Cochin to the Himalayan Mountains, there’s so much to see when you volunteer in India.


Tasty Cuisine

Travelling in India is a taste explosion and it’s one of the highlights. But don’t be fooled by the dishes that you’ve tried in the West. When you volunteer in India you will get to taste real, authentic Indian cuisine.

Volunteer in India Programs

Teaching English in India
Come join us in beautiful India and teach English to children in local schools or community centres. You can choose from two fantastic locations- Kerala (South India) Or Kolkata (East India). Suitable for anyone over 16 years!

Women’s Empowerment in India
Help with gender inequality and work with local women to teach them English, healthcare, life skills and income generation skills. You can join us in Kerala (South India) or Kolkata (East India). Suitable for over career breakers and over 50s in particular !

Yoga and Volunteer in Kerala
Combine two passions to create the perfect India travel experience; volunteer with local communities and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul through the power of yoga. You will be living and volunteering in the idyllic yoga capital of India – Kerala (South India)

Family Volunteering in India
Bring the whole family and volunteer for anything from 1 to 2 weeks whilst travelling, learning and growing together. This program is based in the family friendly and safe location of Kerala (South India). Suitable for families with young children and those interested in community work such teaching in schools, childcare, painting/refurbishing schools, adult or women’s education program.

Medical Placements in India
Join us in stunning Kerala (South India) or Kolkata (East India) and get hands-on medical experience in any medical area of your choice. Working with medical experts in field you will be exposed to a lot and learn from preventative and curative care. Expect to work in busy local hostpials. This is a great program for medical students seeking experience in field or professional medics as well.

Disabled Care Volunteer in India
Join this rewarding program in Kerala (South India) where you can help with disabled care (teaching and playing with children with physical and mental disabilities) and helping to tackle mental health issues head on while providing direct care, and psychological help for children, as well as their families.

Dental Electives in India
Gain real experience working in dental clinics with local dentists in their surgeries. There is a lot to learn from dental treatments and patients in India. This program is based in Kerala South India where you can get to work and explore a very unique part of India.

Social Work in Kolkata
Kolkata is famous as the city where Mother Teresa spent a lifetime serving the poor. This is your chance to come and make a huge difference, enhance your CV and get vocational hands-on experience in social work with local grass root organisations. Ideal for social work students looking for in field experience

Multi Country Combos with India

Teaching in Kerala (South India) & Sri Lanka
Both Sri Lanka and Kerala are a dream destination and a must do if in South Asia. Join our amazing teaching programs where you can immerse into the soul and culture of these two amazing destinations.

Teaching in Asia
India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. This is as diverse as it gets- Nepal serenity in the mountains, India bustling and crowded and Sri Lanka a tropical paradise.

Medical Electives in Kerala (South India) & Sri Lanka
Kerala and Sri Lanka are famous to have one of the best public health systems in South Asia. A medical placement in both these regions will give you exposure like never before.

Medical Electives in Kolkata (East India) & Nepal
Both destinations are unique and different and this medical program will expose you to medical practice in two amazing destinations.

Medical Electives in Asia
Three beautiful countries India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, and three unique medical systems. If you are looking to travel in Asia and gain medical experience this is the ideal program for you!

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