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Volunteer Destination : Bangladesh

Enigmatic Bangladesh!

Bangladesh is awash with more than 700 rivers flowing through this small country. Its no surprise that its lush landscape has more shades of green than you ever imagined. With regular flooding particularly during the monsoons, there are parts of Bangladesh that are submerged always. Scientist have warned that global warming and sea levels rising will completely submerge almost all of Bangladesh.

Despite the extreme poverty, Bangladeshi people are famously friendly, and you are almost certain to receive a warm welcome everywhere you go. In Bangladesh, you will also find amazing cuisines that are very similar to Indian food.

Our volunteer projects are in Dhaka. With poor infrastructure, an undeveloped tourism industry and many slums, there is a real need for community development. On this program you will work with some of inspiring and dedicated locals from Dhaka.

Tea estates: Not many are aware but Bangladesh has some lush and wonderfully green tea estates in Sylhet. Here you can really the heat of the plains and a stroll around tea-growing estates before putting your feet up with a top-class cuppa. The most popular place to use as a base for your tealeaf explorations is Srimangal.

River trips: With more than 8000km of navigable waterways, boarding a boat is a quintessential Bangladesh experience. The most famous boat trip is aboard the old paddle-wheel cruiser known as The Rocket – Dhaka to Khulna has to be done!

Sunderban Jungles: A world heritage UNESCO site is home to the world famous Royal Bengal Tiger. 40% of this jungle lies in India and 60% is in Bangladesh. There are about 400 royal bengal tigers roaming the region, and boarding a boat in search of them is an undisputed highlight of a trip to Bangladesh.




“Famously poor and heavily prone to flooding, Bangladesh is not really in the tourist radar. What I love about Bangladesh is that this is one trip that is certainly off the beaten track. If you’re happy to leave behind your home comforts and willing to get out and explore, this beautifully green and wonderfully welcoming country could be one of the most fascinating places you ever visit.”

Ridhi Patel, Founder, Volunteering Journeys

Why Volunteer in Bangladesh?


Natural Beauty

Bangladesh can boast of the nature beauty. Virgin tropical jungles with bamboo, water lilies and orchids, tigers and leopards, elephants and crocodiles. In this small country there is the evergreen mangrove forest Sundarbans.


Great hospitality

Your first impressions will no doubt center on the unstoppable curiosity and unrelenting enthusiasm of Bangladeshi people, followed by subsequent insights into their never-ending hospitality and graciousness towards foreign guests.



The unique and interesting Bangladeshi community will charm you without a doubt. Everyone is friendly here and its common for foreigners to feel like a celebrity as its not very common to see tourists walking around.



As a country full of colour, life, sound and vibrancy, photographers will find no shortage of material to work with, whether they be extraordinary river landscapes or dozens of beautiful faces, all of whom are rather eager to be photographed.

Bangladesh Volunteer Programs

Teaching English in Bangladesh
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