Volunteer in Bali

Volunteer in Bali

Brilliant Bali!

Everything about Bali feels somewhat surreal. From the picture perfect scenery and the glorious white sandy beaches to the spiritual temples that rest on the water, this place is soothing for the soul. But what really makes your volunteer in Bali experience special in this secluded little island is the unique customs and cultures of the Balinese people. Anthropologists believe them to be a hybrid community influenced by the Chinese, the Indians, the Arabs and of course the people of Java. But whether you believe them to be true Indonesians or not, there’s no denying that there’s no other community in the world quite like theirs. When you volunteer in Bali you’ll fall in love with their colourful, exotic and truly alternative way of life.

Our volunteer programs not only allow you to explore the incredible sights of this beautiful Island, but we encourage a fully immersive experience so you can eat, sleep and breathe the whole Balinese lifestyle. Whether you are teaching English in Bali or volunteering for sea turtle conservation, this fascinating destination awaits and there are some unmissable sights to see along the way’¦

Ubud and around: The pretty village of Ubud is known as the cultural and spiritual heart of the island and here you’ll find peace in the alternative world of bohemian shops and vegan cafes, all set amongst picturesque rice paddies and romantic forests. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to explore the many ancient sites including the Royal Palace, the Goa Gajah Elephant Cave, the GunungKawi Temples and the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

East Bali: Amed and Candidasa are just over an hour apart in distance and these popular beaches make up East Bali’s best dive spots. If you’re after the ultimate diving experience, East Bali is a must!

North Bali: Head to Lovina during dolphin season so spot dolphins by boat or canoe or head to Sekumpul for the most spectacular waterfall walks.

West Bali: For secluded beaches and unspoilt wildlife, go to West Bali National Park. Located right on the edge of the Buleleng Regency, you’ll get a taste of rural life outside of the cosmopolitan and spiritual centre of Ubud.



Bali more than just a beautiful landscape. As a volunteer in Bali, you will get to know its warm-hearted people and their vivid and magical culture. Our volunteers support social organisations by teaching English in local schools or help underprivileged youth or women to improve their job perspective. Our Sea Turtle conservation Program helps to preserve Bali’s endangered species and support in raising environmental awareness among locals and tourists. Come and expand your horizon through exploring Bali’s local community.

– Laura Korwa (Program Manager, Bali)

Why Volunteer in Bali?


Spiritual Relaxation

There’s no denying that Bali is soothing for the soul. From bohemian Ubud and sacred temples to laidback beach living, life here is perfectly serene.


Stunning Beaches

Bali is probably best known for its beaches and you’ll be spoilt for choice with great diving in the East, awesome surf in the West and secluded spots in the North.


Balinese Culture

The unique and interesting Balinese community will charm you without a doubt. And they don’t call them the ‘smiling Balinese’ for nothing. Everyone is friendly here!


Sacred Forests

Lush greenery will surround you in Ubud and dense jungles make up a large percentage of the landscape. Trees and flowers thrive in villages everywhere it’s natural beauty at its best.

Bali Volunteer Programs

Teaching English in Bali
Share your passion in teaching with the friendly, smiling Balinese and help to impart an important skill to help communities thrive.

Teaching English in Thailand and Bali
Our Teaching Volunteer in Thailand and Bali gives you opportunity to explore the most beautiful parts of South East Asia as you volunteer to teach English.

Sea Turtle Conservation Bali
Support the conservation’s vision and mission, to conserve the wonderful species of marine turtles.

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