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Volunteering programs for under 18s

If you’re under-18 and keen to experience a life-changing volunteering abroad program with amazing travel experiences, then there are many volunteering abroad opportunities available to you. High school students and volunteers under the age of 18 make up some of our most passionate and engaging volunteers and we love to help you organise your perfect volunteering abroad program. Under-18s are able to volunteer in locations such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Peru, Cambodia and Thailand.

Our programs suitable for under-18 volunteers cover a variety of interests and opportunities, so they’re the perfect programs for developing life experience, skills for your CV and self-confidence. They’re also an ideal way to travel and experience the world in an organised way, creating life-long friendships and memories.

Develop your skills through under-18 volunteering

By interning abroad, you’ll be able to make a real difference to developing countries and local communities across the globe, while also developing your own skills. Opportunities for under -18s include teaching in India, helping with construction projects in Nepal or teaching, coaching sports and even working with sea turtles in Sri Lanka.

In Peru, South Africa, Thailand and Cambodia you can also volunteer abroad if accompanied by an adult or anyone 18 and over. These projects include teaching children in Thailand or Peru, working with elephants in Thailand and working in animal conservation in South Africa. There is an ideal program for everyone!

Your perfect volunteer program

Our volunteer programs for under 18s are based in some of the most amazing countries in the world, including:

India: In India you’ll be able to teach English or help with construction projects. You’ll also be able to combine the placement with travel across this amazing country, including seeing the beautiful Himalayan Mountains, the Taj Mahal, and bustling cities, all while being fully immersed in fascinating culture.

Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is the stunning location of some of our most popular volunteer programs, including sea turtle conservation, sports coaching and teaching English. You’ll be able to travel across this tropical paradise, exploring national parks and places such as Kandy and Galle.

Thailand: While volunteering in Thailand, you’ll be able to experience this wonderful country while being immersed in true Thai culture, including bustling cities, friendly people, wonderful nature, temples, Khmer ruins and Thai history.

Peru: Peru is a vibrant and exciting country. While volunteering in Peru, you’ll be able to visit Machu Picchu, explore the colonial history in cities such as Lima and Cusco and visit the magical Lake Titicaca. Peru has something for every traveller and it’s the perfect place to have an adventure.

South Africa: In South Africa you’ll be able to volunteer in wildlife conservation, working to help conserve The Big Five. At the weekends you’ll be able to visit the Kruger Nature Reserve, experience beautiful coastline or visit cosmopolitan cities such as Cape Town.

Why volunteer as a teenager ?


Learn New Skils

Volunteering abroad will give you amazing skills and real life work opportunities to enhance your CV and work experience, allowing you to really stand out from the crowd!

Volunteer Teaching in Thailand Surin

Help Others

You’ll be able to truly give back and make a real difference to disadvantaged communities. Your volunteering will really make a difference to vulnerable communities across the globe.


Travel Abroad

As a volunteer abroad you will have the chance to experience life-changing global travel and adventures in some of the world’s most amazing countries, including Thailand, India, South Africa and Sri Lanka.


Make New Friends

Our volunteer program allows you to travel and volunteer with people who share your values and passions, so you’ll make new friends and new connections that will last a lifetime.




“I have my time teaching girls 15-20yrs old very much. They attended school each day full of comitment and enthusiasm. It was a joy to both encourage and observe them discovering new concepts. I advise all volunteers to go with no expectations as the programme can change to suit the needs of the attendees.

Geetha, Midhu, Lakshmi and Geena were very supportive and I will miss their company. Geena is a fab cook and I encourage all volunteers to take her cooking class. I took many excursions and I recommend them as they fill the ling afternoons and were very enjoyable. Fort Cochi and Kerala is filled with many splendid beauties.I have made lifeling friends here and memories I will treasure forever.”

Joanne Yeo Volunteered in April 2017 (Read her review here)

Under 18s Volunteering Programs

Teaching English in Kerala, Southern India
Come join us in beautiful Kerala on India’s tropical Malabar Coast and teach English in local schools or community centres.

Renovating Schools and Teaching in Nepal
Help with making classrooms brighter and with basic construction work and assist with education programs in Nepal. This is great for teenage boys and girls who like to get their hands dirty!

Teaching Children in Nepal
Help with primary and pre-primary education at local community centres, school and orphanages around Kathmandu.This is great for first time volunteers!

Pre-Medical Placements in Sri Lanka
Do you want to get into medical school? Then this is ideal for you if you want to get a taste of life as a medic.You will be working in local hospitals on a general rotation following doctors and assisting medical staff.

Volunteer with Sea Turtles in Sri Lanka
Help with critical turtle conservation efforts in Sri Lanka on this fun and easy volunteering program where you will be assisting a local team at a hatchery in Sri Lanka! On the side you can also get involved with teaching children!

Sports Coaching in Sri Lanka
Nurture the talents of young sports stars and work with kids teaching them cricket, swimming, volleyball and more.

Under 18s Programs with Adults

Due to health and safety reasons you can only join the below programs if you are accompanied by an adult. So bring your older sibling, friend or family member who is 18 years or over!

Elephant Volunteering in Thailand
Our elephant program is a really enjoyable and ethical experience where you can get up close and personal with elephants without the damaging effects of ‘touristic’ activities.

Teaching and Sports in Peru
Help with basic primary english education and sports for primary school children. You can also take Spanish classes on the side! This is ideal for students who want to learn Spanish and volunteer abroad.

Teaching English and Sports in South Africa
Experience a really rewarding volunteering program helping a local school with sports and education in South Africa. This program is near the Kruger so you can also enjoy a weekend safari camping trip!

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