Under 18 Volunteer Abroad Programmes

Volunteer Abroad for Under 18 Year Students

For under 18s and school groups, we offer short term volunteering programs that are designed to fit in around school or college semesters. If you and / or your class of students want to do something amazing this summer, our volunteering programs can take you to amazing places where you will meet new people, see great things, and learn new skills for life. Our summer programs are not only to inspire exploration and travel in school students and under 18s who want to learn, but they are designed to broaden horizons and help young people grow and develop as individuals.

Each of our volunteering projects offers short term options, with 3 week programs across North, East or South India, the Southern region of Thailand, the beautiful and serendipitous Sri Lanka, Port Elizabeth or Limpopo in South Africa, the coast of Mozambique or the exotic island of Bali. With all our volunteer programs, we also offer flexible start dates to fit in with your studies and school / college commitments and there are a number of different programs to choose from.

Whether you’re interested in working with children and helping families in poor communities or you want to get invaluable work experience in a particular area such as teaching, sports coaching or wildlife conservation, our programs are built to foster and develop your skills and your interests, whilst encouraging responsible travel. And we promise that you’ll meet some great friends and see some amazing new places along the way; with free evenings and weekends for exploring your surroundings or sightseeing, you can enjoy a travel experience with a difference. Not only will you get to give back and help those who matter as you travel and see the world, but you’ll learn so much from this eye opening and life changing experience.

Culturally immersive, our programs will encourage integration with the community and young volunteers will get the chance to take part in cultural activities such as cooking classes, yoga lessons, language classes and more.

Why Join our under 18s Program?


Help Others

Make your summer a meaningful one and do something amazing by giving back to poor, disadvantaged communities who need our help.


Travel and Sightsee

Get the chance to enjoy off the beaten path travel, expand your mind and knowledge, and come back with amazing stories to tell.


Cultural Experience

Let all your inhibitions go and enjoy life in a different culture. Build confidence, develop compassion and change your life for the better.  


Friends For Life

Our under 18s travel and volunteer programs are a great way to make new friends; meet people who share the same values and passions as you, and make new friends for life.  



I came to Kerala for two works to volunteer and teach English in the Orphanages and Schools. I had no expectation of what volunteering was going to be like, but I soon found out that it is a very personal experience. The staff at Volunteering Journeys try their very best to make your experience personal to you. They tailored everything around what I wanted to do and what I wanted to get out of the time I had here. The highlight of my stay was the lovely staff who supported me. I hadn’t had much experience in teaching english, however the friendly staff had given me enough information and training to help me teach in the best possible way and also to enjoy it!!! Ujal Bhuva (Oxford,UK), Volunteered in 2015

Under 18s Volunteer Programs

Teaching English in India
Come join us in beautiful Kerala on India’s tropical Malabar Coast and teach English in local schools or community centres.

Women’s Empowerment in India
Change the lives of women in East India and volunteer at local community centres, women’s colleges, school and orphanages.

Disabled Care in India
Work with children living with mental or physical disabilities in schools, orphanages and hospitals.

Medical Electives in India
Join our team in stunning Kerala or the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas and get hands-on medical experience, supervised by experts.

Dental Electives in India
Gain real life experience in real life situations in the Kerala region or Dharamshala in the Himalayas.

Yoga and Volunteer in India
Combine two passions to create the perfect India travel experience; volunteer with local communities and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul through the power of yoga.

Construction Program in India
Have a direct and positive impact on the local communities of South India and volunteer in our building and community construction program.

Sports Coaching in India
Nurture the talents of young sports stars and work with kids playing football, rugby, cricket, cross country and more.

Physiotherapy in India
Get invaluable work experience in physiotherapy in North India and get hands-on practice in schools and hospitals across the area.

Internships in Community Development in India
Enhance your CV, take a career break or get vocational hands-on experience with our community development internships.

Healthcare in India
Become a healthcare volunteer and help children or young adults with special medical needs.

Gap Year in India
Take a year out to explore one of the most incredible countries in the world and do your bit to give back to communities as you travel.

Family Volunteering in India
Bring the whole family and volunteer for anything from 2 weeks – 1 month whilst travelling, learning and growing together.

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