Our team

  • RidhiPartner & Director

    Ridhi started Volunteering Journeys because of her passion for travel and volunteering. With 5 years international work experience as a banker in London, as well as 5 years experience in Social Project Development and Volunteer Management around India, she is of ideal background and character to lead Volunteering Journeys. Ridhi has a real eye for detail and is heavily involved in Program Management and ground operations to make Volunteering Journeys a memorable experience. Ridhi believes that travel should be done responsibly and volunteering abroad is a great way to give back to local communities that help in creating those magical ‘local’ moments during ones travel.

Amit Sondhi Director
  • AmitPartner & Director

    Amit is a partner at Volunteering Journeys focusing on streamlining our operations, building credible partnerships and providing senior leadership to the organization. He has over 14 years of global work experience with leading multinational firms in places like New York, London, Israel and India. An avid traveller and adventure seeker who has travelled to over 40 countries across 5 continents, Amit strongly believes that traveling is the greatest form of education one can undertake and truly makes the world a better place.

Volunteering Journeys Kerala Team Geetha
  • GeethaIndia Country Manager

    Geetha is the backbone of our programs in Kerala. Her friendliness, generosity and warmth towards every volunteer will leave you feeling extra special. Having worked as local journalist for almost 10 years, Geetha grew a passion for community development work is very forward thinking. She is instrumental in Program development and is a born leader, giving you the direction you will need to succeed as a volunteer. Her team will look after all your needs from the time you enter Kerala to the time you leave.

Rishad Sri Lanka Team
  • RishadSri Lanka Country Manager

    Rishad is a part of our core operations team in Sri Lanka. Young, energetic and extremely driven, Rishad is central to managing all bookings, organising support teams and handling volunteer projects. He is also key in program development and has led some fantastic community drives including recently helping to start the VJ  Teaching Centre. Rishad is a real gem of a person and you will love his caring and calm nature.

  • FalikSri Lanka Program Manager

    Falik is one of a kind and has one of the most pleasing personalities you will meet in Sri Lanka. With a background of living and working in the UK and then moving back to Sri Lanka, Falik is ideal to help our volunteers feel at home quickly. Falik will not only help you on the projects but will immerse you in the culture and local activities. He loves the outdoors and often takes our volunteers night fishing, cricket or other for bbqs! We can assure you Falik will become your best friend in Sri Lanka very soon!

Manic Teaching Coordinator in Sri Lanka
  • ManushiSri Lanka Coordinator

    Manushi leads our community programs in Galle and is instrumental in leading development for all our teaching projects. She is heavily involved in teaching children, womens empowerment, and monk teaching programs in the Galle region. A beautiful and friendly soul, Manushi is a kind hearted and gentle person who will help you understand the importance of education in a developing country like Sri Lanka. She has grown up around education, with her parents owning several kindergartens and having a passion to become a teacher herself.

  • AnishNepal Program Leader

    Anish has more than 14 years of experience working on social development projects, having different roles in Project Management, Planning & Development, Management Information Systems and Qualitative Research. Currently he is Director of programs in Nepal, where his role is mainly to coordinate the relationships between VolNepal and different international organizations around the world, ensuring having the appropriate volunteer programs and social projects in place.

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