Marine Conservation

Volunteer Program: Marine Conservation

Our marine conservation program in Africa offers sun, sea and sand together with a unique marine volunteer opportunity so that you can really travel with a purpose. Within this program with Volunteering Journeys, you will have the chance to work under some of the most renowned scientists, marine biologists and research teams in the world. These people have dedicated their lives to saving and conserving our planet’s great oceans and now you can join them in their quest with full training and 24/7 support from our team. Set in the stunning Tofo Bay in Mozambique, you’ll feel like you’ve just entered into your own little paradise and the bay’s breath-taking beauty will inspire you to put your heart and soul into this meaningful project.

During the marine conservation volunteering program, you will learn to conduct important research on sharks, manta rays, turtles and other marine life plus you will participate in field work and dive into open waters to observe environmental conditions, study plankton, tag animals or take tissue samples.

But when you’re not working hard at our Tofo Bay research house or attending scientific talks, you’ll be getting fully immersed in the local beach culture and living out the local motto, ‘œWork hard, play hard’. Our volunteers will get to enjoy unlimited surf, enjoy Tofo Braai, beach football, swimming and sunbathing, or take part in various arts and craft activities.

This entire experience is designed to bring you enlightenment and you will feel deeply connected to the local people, your research team, and the new lifelong friends you make.

Throw yourself in at the deep end and team up with the world’s best marine biologist, contribute to critical scientific research, and get involved in community outreach to spread the word about our planet’s endangered marine eco systems. All this and wake up to a beach sunrise everyday’¦

Why Marine Conservation?


Beach Life

Live right on the beach and enjoy the most amazing views of the ocean every single day whilst doing your bit for marine conservation.  


Research & Science

Make your contribution to science and assist in important marine research that will be used in positive and beneficial ways.


Marine Animals

Get the unique opportunity to work with amazing marine animals such as sharks, manta rays and turtles and spend time monitoring them with top scientists. 


Amazing Diving

Become PADI Open Water or Advanced Open Water certified with full training during your time here at Tofo Bay.  


Protecting Great Oceans

We hoped by integrating young aspiring scientists and passionate volunteers into our dedicated research programs we could gain new perspectives, build capacity, and extend our reach along the eastern African coastline.’

-Andrea Marshall, Marine Scientist, Mozambique Program

Marine Conservation Volunteer Programs

Marine Conservation in Africa
Take part in an important conservation project, explore the beautiful country of Mozambique and immerse yourself into a new culture.

Sea Turtle Volunteering in Sri Lanka
Help baby sea turtles and a local hatchery in Sri Lanka with conservation efforts in helping turtles. No prior experience is needed and you get to live right on the beach in beautiful Sri Lanka!

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