Internships Abroad

Internships Abroad: Placements in Development

Interning is a great way to learn, grow and develop within your career or on a personal level. It’s focused on training on the job, getting fully hands on and adding new skills to your CV, whilst building on your interpersonal skills. But our volunteering internships are a lot more than that. Our volunteering internships offer the appeal of travelling to new places, meeting new people, and most importantly of all, helping poor, disadvantaged communities along the way. Our internships are internships with a difference; they give you the unique opportunity to give back. We’ll take you to the most beautiful, moving and exotic destinations with a truer purpose. So that you can find deeper meaning in your work and touch the lives of those you meet.

But the biggest part of your internship experience with Volunteering Journeys is all about broadening your own horizons, expanding your mind and enhancing your experience of life on our planet.

We’re big believers in community living and having the chance to socialise with likeminded people, so providing seamless and exhilarating cultural immersion is at the top of our list. Our internship programs abroad will allow you to make amazing friendships as you travel and all of our volunteers are notoriously friendly, compassionate and kind. So no matter where you take your internship with us in India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Mozambique or beautiful Cambodia you’ll never feel alone.

Our internship programs include teaching abroad available in various locations, Social and International Development workmarine conservation, animal conservation work, medical placements for medical or pre-med students in any field, disabled care volunteering or sports coaching with children. You can also get human rights and legal work internships with charities and established local grass root organisations.

All our internship programs are for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Why Intern Abroad?


Hands on Experience

Get hands-on experience in a real work environment; train on the job and put your skills into practice under the supervision of industry experts.


Friends For Life

We’re all about teaming up with likeminded people and you’ll get to surround yourself with friends who share similar interests and the same passion to help others.

Language and Culture Travel India- Kathakali

New Culture

Immerse yourself in a new place and in a new culture. If you want an interning experience with a difference, our programs are perfect for you.


Travel & Sightsee

Intern and travel at the same time; our programs offer ample free time on evenings and at weekends so you can travel, sightsee and explore your surroundings.


Our Internships are a double whammy

“The direct correlation that internships have to potential career paths, make internship opportunities a great fit for students who want to maximize their investment in an experience abroad. If you are drawn to sharpen your soft skills, but also wouldn’t mind coming home with some new professional skills in your repertoire too, then interning abroad is the international experience for you.Top that up with living in exotic locations- thats killing two goals with one adventure!”
Ridhi Patel, Volunteering Journeys Founder

Internships Abroad Programs

Teaching English in India
Come join us in beautiful Kerala on India’s tropical Malabar Coast and teach English in local schools or community centres.

Legal and Human Rights Work in India
Come join us in India for amazing placements for human and legal rights work. Ideal for law students and social work students.

Women’s Empowerment in India
Change the lives of women in East India and volunteer at local community centres, women’s colleges, school and orphanages.

Disabled Care in India
Work with children living with mental or physical disabilities in schools, orphanages and hospitals.

Medical Electives in India
Join our team in stunning Kerala or the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas and get hands-on medical experience, supervised by experts.

Dental Electives in India
Gain real life experience in real life situations in the Kerala region or Dharamshala in the Himalayas.

Sports Coaching in Sri Lanka
Nurture the talents of young sports stars and work with kids playing volleyball, cricket, swimming and more.

Internships in Community Development in India
Enhance your CV, take a career break or get vocational hands-on experience with our community development internships.

Marine Conservation in Mozambique
Work with marine scientists and biologists for marine research in East Africa. This is a great opportunity to learn from experts in field and get hands on work experience in marine field. Ideal for marine biology students and anyone who loves the ocean!

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