Internships Abroad

Internships Abroad

Internships Abroad: Work Experiences

Experience A Life Changing Internship Abroad

If you’re looking for a life-changing volunteering experience while also developing new skills, then interning abroad offers the perfect solution. Interning abroad is the perfect way for you to develop your career, add unique skills to your CV and expand your horizons and experiences for life, all while experiencing amazing travel too. You’ll meet new people, experience fantastic opportunities and create memories for life. Our internships give you the opportunity to travel to new and exciting places across the globe whilst being able to make a lasting positive impact to these disadvantaged communities. You’ll be able to truly give back through your work, so you can ethically travel to beautiful destinations and make a true difference.

We offer amazing internships for all interests in diverse countries including India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Peru, South Africa, Cambodia and Mozambique. You’ll be able to choose from opportunities including medical internships, teaching placements, social development opportunities and animal conservation internships.

Make New Friends and Lasting Memories by Interning Abroad

Interning abroad will give you amazing life experiences and brand new connections. Our internship programs abroad will allow you to make new friends from across the globe. Community living and cultural immersion will allow you to travel with friendly, empathetic and like-minded volunteers who will enhance your internship abroad experience.

Volunteering Internship Opportunities Across The Globe

We have a volunteering internship opportunity for everyone and for all interests, including teaching abroad, marine biology conservation, construction work, medical placements in Peru, India and Nepal, social and international development and animal conservation internships. We also partner with local NGOs and grassroots organisations to offer international development opportunities. These internships are ideal for gap year students, university students, over-50 volunteering and family volunteering.

International Development & Human Rights

If you want to develop your experience in international development and human rights then our internships offer the ideal opportunity. These placements are particularly beneficial for social work students, law students or professionals, and you’ll be able to effect real change in a rewarding hands-on experience at the heart of local disadvantaged communities. These internships are based in India and Nepal, so you’ll also be able to experience some amazing travel in these countries too.

Animal Internships Abroad:

If you love nature, then our animal and wildlife internships are the perfect way to combine volunteering abroad with travel experiences. Our animal internship program offers a minimum of four weeks in the fantastic South Africa, working to impact the conservation of The Big 5. You’ll be able to make a real impact with wildlife while experiencing the amazing scenery.

Social Work Internships Abroad:

Based in either Kolkata in India or in Cambodia, our social work internships give you the opportunity to be fully involved in rewarding, much-needed social work opportunities at the heart of local communities. You’ll also be able to travel in and experience the beauty and vibrancy of Cambodia and India.

Medical Internships Abroad :

Our popular medical internships abroad are ideal for medical students wanting to enhance their medical experience and knowledge while also experiencing global travel. Our medical internships are a minimum of 4 weeks long and you’ll be able to work with medical experts in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal or Peru. These internships are often described as a truly life-changing experience.

Construction Work Abroad:

If you’re looking to make a real, lasting impact, then our construction internships offer the perfect opportunity, particularly for engineering or architecture students. Based in rural Nepal or Cambodia, you’ll be able to work on challenging, exciting rebuilding and new building projects that will directly impact the local community, such as building new local schools.

Marine Biology internships Abroad:

If you love nature, then our marine conservation internships combine impactful work experience with amazing travel opportunities through stunning countries. All of our conservation projects are a minimum of four weeks long and you’ll be able to experience marine conservation in Mozambique or be able to work in sea turtle conservation in Sri Lanka.

Teaching Internships

If you are passionate about teaching abroad and want to get involved in more in-depth teaching where you would be working independently or with local teachers conducting lessons in English, curriculum design and planning and creating teaching resources this program is for you. You can choose from fantastic locations in Peru, South Africa, India, to Sri Lanka and Thailand for your teaching internship abroad.

Why Intern Abroad?


Real life experience

Develop your CV, boost your career potential and work skills through real-life work experience. Industry experts will train and develop your skills in your chose field.


Make lifelong friends

By placing you with other interns who share your passions and interests, you’ll make new friendships, memories and connections that will last a lifetime.

Language and Culture Travel India- Kathakali

New Culture

Our volunteering internships abroad are the perfect way to be immersed in a brand new culture. You’ll experience a new culture and community first hand through your internship.


Travel & Sightsee

Our internships offer generous amounts of free time in the evenings and on the weekend, so you can combine new travel experiences and sight sighing with your internship.


Our Internships are a double whammy

“The direct correlation that internships have to potential career paths, make internship opportunities a great fit for students who want to maximize their investment in an experience abroad. If you are drawn to sharpen your soft skills, but also wouldn’t mind coming home with some new professional skills in your repertoire too, then interning abroad is the international experience for you.Top that up with living in exotic locations- thats killing two goals with one adventure!”
Ridhi Patel, Volunteering Journeys Founder

Internships Abroad Programs

Teaching Internship in India
Come join us in beautiful Kerala or Kolkata and teach English in local schools or community centres. You will be involved in designing curriculums, delivering lessons and building your teaching skills in the process.

Social Work Internships in India
Enhance your CV, take a career break or get vocational hands-on experience working with local organisations for social work, program development and delivery.

Human Rights & Legal Internships in India
Come join us in Kolkata (East India) for rewarding placements in development, human and legal rights work. Ideal for social work, international development, and law students or professionals.

Social Work Internships in Cambodia
Cambodia has had a disturbing history leaving the need for huge development work. Join in this rewarding program where you will be working with local Cambodian charities and organisations in an effort to improve development of Cambodia.

Construction / Building Internships in Nepal
This high impact project is based in rural Nepal where you will be helping with building reconstruction and school building work. This is ideal for engineering and architecture students who want to get involved in real redesign work and develop something that will last for years to come.

Mental Health and Psychology Internships in Asia
Work with children living with mental or physical disabilities in schools and hospitals in India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka or Nepal. This is ideal for students of social work, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology students.

Medical / Nursing Internships in Asia
Join expert medical teams and get hands-on medical experience as you lives and travel in Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal or Thailand. Our Medical internships are extremely popular with both professionals and medical students

Marine Biology Internships in Africa
Work with marine scientists and biologists for marine research in East Africa. This is a great opportunity to learn from experts in field and get hands on work experience in marine field. Ideal for marine biology students and anyone who loves the ocean!

NEW !! Medical Internships in Peru
Get involved in local clinics in Cusco where you can learn and practice your medical skills and knowledge. This is a wonderful 4 week group placement with excursions to the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and Spanish Classes!

NEW !! Teaching Internships in Peru
This incredible placement involves working together with the Peruvian Ministry of Education to give you placements in public kindergartens as a teachers assistant. Or work in a public primary or secondary school as a English Teacher. You can also take Spanish classes on the side!

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