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Healthcare Volunteering Abroad

Change lives and make a difference to people’s lives by volunteering for our healthcare programs in North India, South India or Sri Lanka. The beauty of working on a healthcare program or placement is the hands-on approach and being able to touch the lives of everyone you care for and everyone you meet. There are fewer things in the world more rewarding than being able to see and witness the positive effects that your work can have on another life. Everything you do will have a direct impact on poor, underprivileged communities and our programs can help you develop compassion, an all-important life trait to help you grow and develop as a person both in your private life and working life. Whether you want to volunteer to advance your career and add a competitive edge to your CV, or you want to volunteer to find deeper meaning through philanthropy, we promise that healthcare volunteering will be life-changing in every way.

Our healthcare programs are available in North India, South India and Sri Lanka and we have a number of different healthcare volunteering roles to suit all levels of candidates. Volunteer on a medical placement (suitable for medical and pre- med students of all disciplines), work in disabled care or in a health centre to provide essential help to families who desperately need assistance, or volunteer with children in underdeveloped rural communities who have poor access to healthcare. You can expect to work with flexible schedules between Monday to Friday. There are possibilities to get involved with outreach community healthcare, research work and admin for health centres.

To make a real, tangible difference to other people’s lives and to travel the world at the same time, apply for our healthcare programs today. We can’t wait to have you join our team of fun, friendly healthcare volunteers.

Why Volunteer in Healthcare?


Change Lives

Unlike donating money to charity, this sort of philanthropy will make a tangible and visible difference that you can witness. See the positive effects of your work in action, in real time.

Family Volunteer-in-South-Africa

Gain Experience

Get hands-on practice to make your CV shine and embrace this unique travel / volunteering experience for self-growth and personal development.


Open Your Eyes

Learn more about healthcare and medicine in a new setting and see the world from the eyes of disadvantaged communities. 



Immerse yourself into a whole new place, a whole new culture. This is real travel for the twenty first century traveller.



Make a positive impact

“We get volunteers to conduct health education classes in schools, local organisations, hospitals, or any community center. In m developing countries many people, particularly in low income groups simply don’t know how to prevent themselves from getting sick, so instructing them on things like safe sex practices, healthy diets, and sanitation is incredibly important” –

Sharbani Das, Ektara Foundation, Kolkata Volunteering Program


Healthcare Volunteer Programs

Yoga and Volunteering in India
Combine two passions to create the perfect India travel experience; volunteer with local communities and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul through the power of yoga.

Healthcare Volunteer in India
Become a healthcare volunteer and help children or young adults with special medical needs.

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